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Search results

  1. D

    Whites TDI waterproof detector

    Shhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone,but Whites has an Underwater TDI detector---but they don't want to tell any potential customers.
  2. D

    Pulse frequency of ML 2200

    Does anyone know the pulse frequency of the 2200? Thanks.
  3. D

    Waterproof headphones

    When?? After all it is a waterproof machine--isn't it??
  4. D

    No comparison videos/tests

    I was called a FT fanboy on another forum,But the question remains: WHY isn't the F75 included in any of the depth tests vs the Nox??
  5. D

    Another delay

    Was just reported by a caller to KellyCo that he was told that there was going to be another delay--he said KellyCO suspected a "bug".
  6. D


    There is NO Santa Claus---Christmas has been cancelled.
  7. D

    All black buttons

    The new Kruzer is a real winner----EXCEPT the all black buttons!!!!!!! Make them white with black symbols--PLEEEEEASE. MS. Dilek if you are listening PLEASE don't allow this oversight to detract from from a winner. Just look at the all black buttons and try to guess which does what.
  8. D

    new rod section for 22oo with hand grip

    The hand grip broke on my ML 2200---anyone know where I might get a replacement? Thanks.
  9. D

    Dr Kevorkian

    IF the Equinox Doesn't live up to the expectations,Dr. Kevorkian is going to be a busy fellow.
  10. D

    Prayers for Houston

    The people of Houston needs our prayers.Please remember them.
  11. D


  12. D

    Sealing a coil cover

    Question: Do you ever seal your coil covers and if so what sealant do you use?
  13. D

    11/15 DST upgrades

    Can someone please tell me if the 11/15 DST upgrade was ok---did it have all the latest electronic tweaks? Thanks a million.
  14. D

    coil cable wear

    Has the issue with the coil cable cracking been resolved?
  15. D

    Wireless headphones/systems for F75

    Looking for info on wireless systems used on your F75. 1. battery life 2.delay in target location--does it keep up with sweep speed 3.Interchangeable with other detectors 4. Thanks for feedback
  16. D

    Civil War Shells

    My primary goal is detecting deep Civil War shells,big iron. Also minie' balls. Would the Deep Tech Warrior be deeper than my Whites TDI Pro in medium soil? Thanks for your input.
  17. D

    lowest KZ on a Garrett detector

    During the middle 70's Garrett made a detector with a stacked coil,about 8"/10", orange in color and the frequency was either 1 or 2 KZ. Was the Deepest VLF Garrett ever made. Does anyone remember this detector and the name? Thanks.
  18. D

    whites mx sport for the beach

    Have always wanted to hunt the beach and now looking for a detector--would the waterproof whites mx sport be useful for dry,wet sand and shallow wading? thanks for your time.
  19. D

    military model of atx

    Does anyone have any info on the military model of the atx? The owner of the Ford dealership here claims he has one that he bought from the surplus military sales for 2400.00 This was Directly from the military--not the Army/Navy store.