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Search results

  1. 2

    Another short hunt with the T2

    Lot of iron in this area so I hunted in 2a tones 95 sensitivity 0 disc.
  2. 2

    Got in a short hunt the other day. It was fun.

    A mixture of relics
  3. 2

    Why it’s hard for me to give up the T2

    I know that to many the T2 is now considered old school. With the newer more advanced machines that have come to market the past few years I have to agree. As of late I have come very close to upgrading to a newer more popular detector and will more than likely do so. But I’m still a little...
  4. 2

    Between snow storms

    Snuck in a couple hours between the snow and ice. It ain’t much but it sure beats sitting around the house just thinking about it 🤪
  5. 2


    Any you pilgrims find any relics this summer? 😄
  6. 2

    New g2 coil

    Fisher has a new coil coming to market shortly. It’s a 12” dd and very light weight, lighter than the stock coil. It is supposedly going to be available for the f75, t2 and g2 and a few other Fisher products. From what I understand much deeper that the stock coil. The g2 is an awesome detector...
  7. 2

    Found my Great Grandfather’s headstone

    Means a lot to me
  8. 2

    The T2 in an iron infested spot

    Went back last week to one of my old stomping grounds. Spent 3 hours getting skunked. So I decided,on the way out, to hunt this mutant iron patch that we’ve mostly ignored because we’ve be doing so well in other areas. Didn’t have my smaller coils with me Used the stock 7x11. I hunted it for...
  9. 2

    It pays to keep finds together according to the site they were found

    I’m sorry to post about this plate again but I thought you guys might like to see this. I’ve tried for the past several years to keep my finds together according to where I find them. But sometimes they do get mixed up. I told my relic hunting buddy on the way home yesterday that I was sure I’d...
  10. 2

    A good find today

    Went back to the spot I found the CS wreath a week or so ago looking to find the tongue. Still didn’t find it but was able to stumble across a nice Yankee buckle. A bucket lister for me.
  11. 2

    Civil war bullet

    I was just wondering, why it appears to be for most folks, that finding a nice clean dropped bullet is a better and more exciting find than finding a shot one. Wonder why that is? To me, the shot one really tells it like it is, or was. ,
  12. 2

    Ugly lead but a pretty button

    Tough hunting for the first hunt of the year. Not much to show except the eagle button. It was the last signal of the day not 10 feet from my jeep thought it was aluminum. I cleaned it up in some warm peroxide and then coated it with petroleum jelly. Came out pretty good.
  13. 2

    My best find of 2020

    Happy New Year guys
  14. 2

    A little lead, a little brass this morning

    The T2 sniffed out a few
  15. 2

    T2 in all metal

    I’m a diehard t2 fan and user. But are there folks here that use all metal mode on a regular basis and how in the world do you do it?😩
  16. 2

    Just want y’all to know

    Hope all you folks have a good Thanksgiving 🇺🇸
  17. 2

    First hunt since March with the T2

    Took the T2 out a couple days ago. Hunting under huge industrial power lines the emi was pretty tough. Hunting in BP mode but setting sensitivity at 60 and disc at 40 quieted things quite a bit. Found a few goodies most of which were deeper than the pinpointer. Ground balanced around 60 in 3 bar...
  18. 2

    A few finds from yesterday

    First time out digging since March. Went to a hunted to death spot but was able to snag a few. Some bullets, lead poker chip, lead canister shot and a base cap from a hotchkiss shell. Felt good to finally dig some holes.
  19. 2

    Went relic hunting today

    And didn’t find squat! :cry:
  20. 2

    Confederate camp finds

    Been working a Confederate campsite a couple of times a month for the past several months. Some of this I’ve already posted but thought i would put it all together up through the last hunt from the other day and show you guys Thanks for looking.