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Search results

  1. Odanscoils

    Finally bit the bullet…..what O.S. ?

    That guy is really fast and good. Watched many of his videos.
  2. Odanscoils

    Found Aggie ring returned today.

    Awesome No better felling. Congratulations on a job well done.
  3. Odanscoils

    The GTI 2500

    A nice machine for the money.
  4. Odanscoils

    Been super busy. Catchup Post #2

    Awesome hunts. No wonder you don't have time for anything. Your always digging. 😊
  5. Odanscoils

    Learning curve?

    Your welcome. Look at the Affirm credit option. I used it a few times now.
  6. Odanscoils

    Concentric coils…

    I bought this new Tejon but it came with the 8×11 DD coil. A lot to learn on this machine. I've since bought the Nel Sharp 3.5×6 DD coil. And the 5.75 concentric coil. Love to find the old browny 8 inch concentric coil. Any tips for running it ...
  7. Odanscoils

    Saturday, in the park, thought it was a dime.

    Finally. Nice one. Conggratulations
  8. Odanscoils

    Concentric coils…

    Thanks for the reply.
  9. Odanscoils

    Learning curve?

    Great company out of Michigan. Legend pro pack.
  10. Odanscoils

    Hunting the Privys

    Man I do miss the good oll days. M80's and cherry bombs make quick work of any critters in the oll outhouse. 😁😅 Great for gofers and ant Hill's too. We won't talk about the hornet's nest. Let's just say I hate hornets. 😅😅😅
  11. Odanscoils

    Back on the river 19 silvers! Lots of barbers! Dime trifecta!

    Wow Your gonna need a vacuum to get em all. Awesome location. Great diggins.
  12. Odanscoils

    Thursday in the Park

    Maybe they have their own Minni CERN. Shootin particles out the window.
  13. Odanscoils

    Thursday in the Park

    Ronstar Try any am radio there as I've posted. Can't hurt to try.
  14. Odanscoils

    Concentric coils…

    On my oll MXT the concentric 950 coil seemed to work best. The 5×9 DD not so much. Always found more with 950. Though the little hockey puck 5" DD was fabulous in the trash. And still rather deep.
  15. Odanscoils

    Concentric coils…

    You wouldn't have a Compadre or Mojave you'd be willing to part with ?
  16. Odanscoils

    Hunting the Privys

    My grandpa lost his wallet in ours back in the 60'$. Had his whole pension CK in it. Just cashed it. Fished it out. Washed the money. And I came home from school to find poop stained money drying on the clothes line. 😅 Grandpa sitting there guarding it. 😁 I have a few oll stories of...
  17. Odanscoils

    Greek coin from 466 BC

    Really cool find. I heard of people. Possibly old disgruntled detectorist planting things like this. Just get your goat. I've actually thought about it with a box of inexpensive gold rings. Hey still be a fun find. 😁
  18. Odanscoils

    Found in stone wall...Whites Coinmaster

    Thanks for the reply. Beautiful watch. Be cool to see it working again.
  19. Odanscoils

    Found my second Thimble! Same home!

    Some really cool finds. Never found a thimble and silver at that. Apparently mom enjoyed sewing outside ? Interesting little lock. Maybe a jewerly box lock.
  20. Odanscoils

    Just got a like New MXT

    Man what a deal. I paid $500 used 12 years ago with 3 cools. A very good machine. When the confidence blocks are high. Dig it. Still use mine. Just a little heavy anymore. Comes along on every trip. Comes out when nothing else is getting it done. Congratulations.