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Search results

  1. TechBill

    Best solder sucker I ever used

    How long had you had your? I got mine last summer.
  2. TechBill

    Type of shovel for relic hunting.

    This what you're talking about? Radius Garden 22411 Root Slayer Mini-Digger Shovel, Red
  3. TechBill

    Best solder sucker I ever used

    As an electronic hobbyist, I have done lot of modification on my metal detector over the year like changing transistors on Minelab Excalibur to increase the sound on deeper target so it generate a brighter led to my diving mask (as some of you know I am Deaf). I have gone through many solder...
  4. TechBill

    Type of shovel for relic hunting.

    Anyone use this shovel or one similar to it for relic hunting? Is the size comfortable and the weightiness of carrying it all day long? Lil' Digger 29" Heavy Duty Double Serrated Shovel
  5. TechBill

    Deleting classified ad

    Post are not editable or deletable after 30 minutes from the time it was posted on the forum. it to prevent anyone to abuse or commit fraud by changing the wordings during a sale or hiding after making an attack post against another user on forum.
  6. TechBill


    An new code was placed on Findmall Forums where it checks member statuses to grant members certain privileges due to increasing spammer abuses. New members will need to be registered at least 14 days and made at least 14 public posts on Findmall Forums before they could use Findmall Forum...
  7. TechBill


    Thanks you .. they all been cleaned and banend.
  8. TechBill

    how do I search the forums

    Are you still having this issue? I just tested it and it seems to be working fine for me.
  9. TechBill

    “Marking all forums read” problem.

    Try logging off Find's and logging back in to see if that fixes your issue. Your browser cookie may be corrupted and logging off and back in should reset the cookie.
  10. TechBill

    “Marking all forums read” problem.

    I am not familiar of this issue and you're the first to report this so I will need to find someone to borrow an iPad from and see if it something that can be corrected. May I ask what generation iPad you have? Thank you
  11. TechBill

    enable push notifications

    It will pop up a notification box on your computer screen if someone make a post in a forum which you selected to watch, mentioned your name in any of the post, a new message for you, or someone replied to any of your post which you started.
  12. TechBill

    Where is the link to pm a member?

    When you see a member avatar (photo) or a link to the members' username, click on it and it will open up a menu. In the menu is a button [Start conversation] . This will allow you to send message directly to the member that is in the conversation. You can actually add more than one member into...
  13. TechBill

    Classifieds Rules

    General Rules The Finds Treasure Forum Classifieds is for individual use only with the exception of banner advertising buyers. Those buyers may advertise their traded in, discontinued models, etc. Individual sellers may post their normal unwanted detectors on here, But they cannot exceed (1)...
  14. TechBill

    New Forum, lot's of questions

    There is an inbox button on the upper right corner next to your username. Bill
  15. TechBill

    Is possible for users to set/reset the timestamp or clock?

    Click on your username in the right upper corner of the forum, a menu will pop up Select preferences and click on it. You will see where you change timezone setting to match the timezone you are in.
  16. TechBill

    Cool Pix of Landscapes

    You can post as many picture as you want as long if either your picture or you have express permission by the person who took this picture or own the copyright to the picture to post it on here. If the other site states it's okay to share it with other sites then we are fine with this but be...
  17. TechBill

    What I'm looking for-Editing

    The edit button is only available for 30 minutes after you submit your thread or post for the first time.
  18. TechBill

    Let's throw some advice on stuff to do during self quarantining at home. Share what you are doing and any good advice...

    Coding and building my home automation system. I also watched that movie "Ford vs Ferrari " It was a really good movie .. Spring cleaning around the house. I did take advantage ordering some home automation parts online that was going on sale because what happening now. One order even...
  19. TechBill

    I have learned...To support Forum Sponsors.

    Thank you In this thread is a list of the current forum sponsors
  20. TechBill

    How to filter to only the thread which you participated in and if there are new posts in it.

    You can have your last filter choice saved as default, the option is on the bottom box.