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  1. L

    XP Deus Not blowing my equinox away

    I have a coin at around 10inchs. My equinox is giving me better ID. Deus 2 has a 10inch coil. And it’s struggling to hit it. Even in program # P6 deep HC . The 800 smacks it with a very good Signal. I’m wondering if my DS2 is bad. I have set the reactivity to one with no better results.
  2. L

    update version 0.7

    I went to XP Metal -Detectors-Deus l Update. And I can only find a version 0.6 Did they take the 0.7 off
  3. L

    One to mark off on my bucket list!

    1833 5 Cent Read 20 go 21 on 800.Park 1 F2 0 50 tones. Recovery 4
  4. L

    Iron Bias

    Iron Bias is only available when the operating frequency is Multi.So what is it set at in the single frequencies
  5. L

    Could these be real

    Found at Civil War site. But don’t know if it is Civil War.They look fake but what would they make them out of. There pretty hard I can’t scratch them.Maybe they’re low grade diamonds
  6. L

    Like for someone to do a test with nox 800.

    Do a speed test. 3 nickels and 2 quarters. Lay down nickel quarter nickel quarter nickel.Now use the setting of seven or eight and see if you can get the quarters. Put the coins 3 inches apart. Like to know if you can hear the quarters do they give you a ID. I have the 600 Nox it won’t do...
  7. L

    Park 2

    Every body is implying that part 2. Is the best for deep coins. I live in Western Kentucky. We have 2 bar dirt. According to my racer 2. It’s been really wet here. But field 1 is the best for the deep coin’s.Does anybody else have the same results.
  8. L

    Equinox hits Low conductors hard ,Is it missing high conductors

    Had a dime and Pull tab ring 1/2 inch part. Very hard to hear the dime with the nox. Went and got my CTX 3030 and It hit the dime a lot better.?
  9. L

    It’s not hunted out !

    Went to a spot that I’ve hunted before. This place has been pounded. I’m pretty sure a metal detecting club has hunted it. Last time there I didn’t find anything. Nox did pretty good for an 1 1/2 hour hunt this Evening.
  10. L

    Equinox can find the big stuff too.

  11. L

    First Siver whit Nox 600

    Hunted old ball park. The coins here were very deep. 8 to 10 inch’s well pleased with the Nox.
  12. L

    Equinox 600. Giving error code 11

    Turn it on and six seconds it goes in to Er 11. Has anyone seen this before. I guess it will have to go back to my to lab
  13. L

    Equinox 600. Giving error code 11

    Turn it on and six seconds it goes in to Er 11. Has anyone seen this before. I guess it will have to go back to my to lab
  14. L

    Need somebody to do a test with the equinox.

    Run your detector over 4silver half-dollars stacked together and tell me what the readings are.
  15. L

    EM I. Will kill the Nox

    I’ve been to two different places. nox will not run quiet in multifrequency.We’re talking 50 foot from Powerline. Reminds me of whites DFX it was bad about EMI. if you don’t hunt around powerlines you will be all right.
  16. L

    Equinox 600 pin point

    One of the things, that I really like about the equinox 600 is the pinpoint. It’s a whole lot better than CTX 3030, to me because I like to use normal pinpoint on the 3030 and not sizing. The equinox is set up like 3030 in normal . But when you find a large object it doesn’t go to one spot so...
  17. L

    Equinox 800 in salt water New video
  18. L

    Setting the 3030 for three tone

    I hunt mostly in the combined mode. So you have five tones. And I usually listen to my iron signals.that means I hunt open screen. No discrimination. I have found out that I usually ignore some of my lower signal tones. Which makes me think I may be missing some good targets. Like gold ring's...
  19. L

    Little Civil War relic hunting this weekend

    I don't think the ring is Civil War. It looks like it was made later . Maybe, off of farm equipment. Did the soldiers in the civil war set around chewing bullets? You think they were hungry.