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Search results

  1. Mark kus

    Do you ever find any keys?

    Yes I do not that many! I think squirrel on the forums here found a huge amount of brass ones like a 5 gallon bucket full he just picked tgel Up In one area … Mark
  2. Mark kus

    Why did my coil unpair on the Deus 2?

    I've had the battery die from just sitting for a few weeks went to use it got to my spot coil battery was dead!!! Mark
  3. Mark kus

    Back of remote peeling off

    I've had problems sometimes getting mine to snap back on!? Mark
  4. Mark kus

    Deep History

    Awesome finds in great condition also! Mark
  5. Mark kus

    Back on the river 19 silvers! Lots of barbers! Dime trifecta!

    Thanks everyone It’s a crazy spot it used to by a old Yacht club from the old maps so I know now why there’s so many coins here and mostly they’re in the rocks so it’s all shovel and low tide. Mark
  6. Mark kus

    Back on the river 19 silvers! Lots of barbers! Dime trifecta!

    Hit the old spot again and the moon low tide was just what I needed to uncover more coins! I was able to get out farther this spot is tough to wade and dig just too many big rocks so I use only a shovel. The total was 5 barber dimes 8 mercury dimes 3 rosies 2 barber quarters 1898 1912 one...
  7. Mark kus

    Saturday, in the park, thought it was a dime.

    Nice find I like the design on the reverse the old style! Mark
  8. Mark kus

    Unexpected results from a silver dollar and a silver half?

    It does not matter
  9. Mark kus

    Unexpected results from a silver dollar and a silver half?

    Yes Jeff a modern silver dollar it also does the same with a Morgan dollar I tried both .. Mark
  10. Mark kus

    Unexpected results from a silver dollar and a silver half?

    I checked to see what I heard was correct used general mode with a modern silver dollar and a walker you would think the silver dollar would come up 97 not the half?
  11. Mark kus

    Short hunt

    Congrats Ted I love the color of your silver than my beach silver awesome franklin! Like your nox settings Mark
  12. Mark kus

    Broken ears on stock coil

    Yes JB weld is one of the best to use and when you epoxy the stiffener on you can heat up the epoxy a bit in the microwave it makes it easier to mix and fill. I epoxied mine on right away and check the washers replace them they're probably worm to. Mark
  13. Mark kus

    Found my second Thimble! Same home!

    Some nice old artifacts! I've never found a silver thimble. Mark
  14. Mark kus

    More gold!!! Deus2!!! The new WSA2.

    I saw the guy Detecting NY do the test so I tried it and I had the same results I always turn down discrimination on mine factory programs are set too high IMHO. Mark
  15. Mark kus

    More gold!!! Deus2!!! The new WSA2.

    Thanks you see the video with the test on a silver dollar and a silver half? silver half comes in at 97 the dollar 94!!! with the deus 2 I checked it yesterday with two that I found sure enough same results! Mark
  16. Mark kus

    Well, I’m back…..

    Happy birthday glad your better! Amen! Mark
  17. Mark kus

    More gold!!! Deus2!!! The new WSA2.

    Awesome salt beach? what settings are you using? Thanks Mark
  18. Mark kus

    My buddy's find today....

    Sweet find did he find it on a beach? Mark
  19. Mark kus

    Monday in the park. Fought the demons and won!

    Awesome finds love barbers hit a half two weeks ago buddy got one to on our river trip! The spot is still giving up silver we ended up finding 6 halves! Mark
  20. Mark kus

    Sunday in the park! Thought it was the 7th of August.

    Nice finds keep going back!. Mark