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    Great find with the Legend SILVER!

    Good thing your recovery speed was high…..Generally speaking, in a heavily hunted park, you would look deeper for old Silver…Barbers are a really nice find….The old parks that I hunt are hunted to death !….You’re lucky to pull a Barber these days…Good for you !
  2. S

    Coin shooting programme

    Nice find !…..I enjoy finding stuff like this !….
  3. S

    Legend 60 tones-tone break

    Perhaps showing some settings and explaining how one has derived at these settings would help others understand what’s going on with this detector and it’s capabilities…..It would help everyone reading these threads…An example was showing how running in 4 mhz allowed good targets to shine thru...
  4. S

    Thanks to Nokta for Listening......

    It was certainly in Noktas best interest in fixing their updater….The one thing in particular that drew me to Nokta was the fact that they listen to their customers and have frequent updates….a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link !! …..but still commend them for the fix !
  5. S

    VDI numbers

    I could decipher different style pull tabs with my ML detectors, but they were all in the range of gold rings, so you were still digging them…I was digging on a beach, so no big deal to dig everything…
  6. S


    sprchng, the jy100’s are faster than 45 ms……there is a very slight perceivable lag, but not bad…short of using wired headphones, they’re probably as fast as you’ll find…
  7. S

    VDI numbers

    Your Minelab tones are way more nuanced, and way more telling than the tones on the Legend….the vid scale is also wider
  8. S


    Thanks guys….much appreciated…..Jim
  9. S


    Ok….I got it working….I had to UNlink what the detector was paired with earlier…While in the Bluetooth mode, I had to hold the Pinpoint/Accept reject button until ”Fd” appeared…..This procedure deleted whatever was paired earlier (my nokta headphones)…I then paired my jy100 phones with no...
  10. S


  11. S


    I bought the jy100 ear buds, and for whatever reason they don’t want to pair with my Legend….Is there some kind of trick to get them to pair ?…..They pair just fine on my ipad and sound great…The only setting I see on the legend is Bluetooth on/off….Am I missing something? The jy100 tells me...
  12. S

    Considering a Legend and wanting some feed back from those that have used them

    If you watch his video’s you will see that he’s a diggin machine !….He digs pretty much everything so that he can show that he can name his targets…If I carried a shovel like he does, the police would lock me up here in NY…
  13. S

    Considering a Legend and wanting some feed back from those that have used them

    I have even MORE detectors than what I listed …..Paystreak might have me beat, but not by much…😂
  14. S

    VDI numbers

    I updated from 1.05 to 1.07, and then on to 1.09…….When doing this ( it was a LOOOONG day) the sequence that FINALLY worked was using the 1.07 updater tool for both the 1.07 update, and the 1.09 update….hope this helps The updater tool files, and the actual .bin files for each version are...
  15. S

    Considering a Legend and wanting some feed back from those that have used them

    I have my early model xs with the honkin old coinsearch coil…..can’t part with it !…..and also an sx2 pro model with 2 coils and everything that it came with when it was new…I’ll probably sell the newer sx2 pro and kit, but the early one stays right next to my Etrac…The Etrac might go up for...
  16. S

    Legend in modern trash

    Thanks for that Del…….“the hurrier we go, the behinder we get”
  17. S

    60 and 11 VDI

    When you guys report these numbers, please include what mode you are in….When hunting gold nuggets and such (smaller gold) its advisable to hunt in higher frequencies…Is the vdi scale the same in all modes ?
  18. S

    Legend in modern trash

    The higher fidelity phones have a wider bandwidth that with my hearing (or lack thereof) is nice for music, but the mids, and highs, of cheaper phones seems more pronounced, and if there are nuances from metal detecting, I can hear them more clearly on the cheaper phones…. I took apart a set...
  19. S

    Audio gain.

    Sven……Didn’t know you were on this forum….Good to see you here ! thanks for the pinout !
  20. S

    Best (cheapest) place to get the PRO PACK?

    I custom make a lot of my accessories out of Sunbrella material…It’s tough, light weight, and waterproof….I also buy nylon webbing and plastic clips to make my own harnesses….A lot of manufacturers products don’t fit me…I’m a little guy at 275 lbs ..😱…Luckily Grandma taught me how to sew when I...