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Search results

  1. Bud-sc

    Need a little help on this weird occurrence with my D2

    Donna have a beach program (24 )and a bench sensitive (40) program. You can check the target with either one. I forget which program but one of them hates bobby pins.
  2. Bud-sc

    More gold!!! Deus2!!! The new WSA2.

    Your so right!!! There is no idea where gold items come in at on this machine. I found a ring not gold but still make you wonder that came in at a 23!!! I have found dental gold at a 26/27 on the D2. So I have mine set at 6 on discrimination.
  3. Bud-sc

    More gold!!! Deus2!!! The new WSA2.

    Interesting 🤔🤔 I am founding that when you use certain programs with the D2 like beach programs on land there not as sensitive as if was on the beach.
  4. Bud-sc

    More gold!!! Deus2!!! The new WSA2.

    Yup salt water....beach sensitive...2 tone ... Sensitivity 93 salt sens 8.
  5. Bud-sc

    More gold!!! Deus2!!! The new WSA2.

    The new WSA2 are working great!!! Big differences running them than the WS6. The EMI issues went away the first day!!! Been out and got gold too...last few hunts....14 gold rings now... can't wait for winter it gets better here in the winter.
  6. Bud-sc

    Rings found with the Deus 2 since February

    Yeah all junkers. The Deus 2 is a beast on the beach. I hunt beaches with lots of Equinox users. Besides the junkers have 12 gold and 19 silver rings. This is hunting 4 days a week not the usual 6 days because taking my wife to chemotherapy and spending time with her. On days she works I go on...
  7. Bud-sc

    What are your beach settings.....??? Any EMI issues??

    I figured out some of the EMI issues watch out what type of ear buds you use with the puck. I got a pair of Sony earbuds made a world of difference!!!
  8. Bud-sc

    What are your beach settings.....??? Any EMI issues??

    Thanks 👍 my wife going to make it....thank you!!
  9. Bud-sc

    What are your beach settings.....??? Any EMI issues??

    Seen them....winter time no issues it's summer time I guess with everyone having a cell phone... WiFi boosters on the hotels cranked up ect... I will just have to hunt in regular beach program which is not affected. My buddy who using a Equinox can't hunt in Beach 1 because of all the EMI...
  10. Bud-sc

    What are your beach settings.....??? Any EMI issues??

    Nevermind after a few test it didn't work...still lots of chatter....oh well...
  11. Bud-sc

    What are your beach settings.....??? Any EMI issues??

    As some of you know my wife has stage 3 breast cancer and is now half though her chemo treatments she has a very good outlook and been working. So on the days she works I go to the beach after I get off work. Ok summer time with the Deus 2 is a different animal for sure with all the people with...
  12. Bud-sc

    Another Gold for the Deus2!!! 14k...

    Yes he is. He doesn't hunt as much probably 2 times a week....he been running in the senior marathons.
  13. Bud-sc

    Mind blowing finds on beach!!!!

    Years ago a guy posted he found a 3 oz lead sinker attached to the sinker was a man's gold wedding band. Yeah weird stuff happens....
  14. Bud-sc

    Mind blowing finds on beach!!!!

    97 on the D2. They all were around from 9 inches not that deep. Was hunting a area heavy eroded out to.
  15. Bud-sc

    Mind blowing finds on beach!!!!

    They were all in a 100 yard area. The other guys found some about 1.5 miles from where I found mine.
  16. Bud-sc

    Mind blowing finds on beach!!!!

    Maybe they were in the mud until the beach renourishment??? I have found other older coins in mud that looks mint. Now the edges are definitely black so make me think that maybe they were "stacked together in something" ???? I have more questions than answers.
  17. Bud-sc

    Mind blowing finds on beach!!!!

    For me this is mind blowing!!! Who can go on a beach and find this in one hunt!!!! Some of you dirt diggers might only run across 2/3 in a lifetime!!! One day I get 6!!! Did went back found another for a total of 7 Questions: A beach renourishment hit a area where a ship wreck was??? Or any...
  18. Bud-sc

    Detectors unfinished before release

    I agree!!! I really don't want to call these "updates" but rather fine tuning.
  19. Bud-sc

    Watch this on bottle cap rejection

    Watch out!!! To much bottle cap rejection and you will knock out gold rings. Especially the gold diamond rings...