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  1. B

    Flying to the Bahamas, looking for tips for taking the detector

    I have been on cruises and took my Equinox and travel scoop with no issues. But we are planning to fly to the Bahamas in a few months, and I am wanting to take my Equinox and Travel scoop. The Equinox I can disassemble and it fits in a large backpack, the travel scoop will fit in a standard...
  2. B

    My beep and digs...

    I have some of the newer top of the line detectors, including the Equinox 800 ), Anfibio Multi and the Simplex+. I have been detecting for several years now, and own some beep and digs as well such as the Garrett Seahunter Mark 2, Tesoro Stingray 2, DetectorPro Pirate Pro, wader and Underwater...
  3. B

    Simplex support is amazing!

    NM has really focused on the Simplex. For an "entry" level detector, they have turned it into a real powerhouse, from adding the 2nd park mode,ground mineralization scale and more levels of sensitivity, to the new coils now available for it. It is much more than "entry" level. I own it and the...
  4. B

    Maiden Voyage with new to me TDI Beachhunter yields 2 rings!

    Picked up a Whites TDI BH here from the Classifieds. Took it out today to a lake swim area. Also took my Equinox, hunted with the Equinox 1st, found a silver ring, a costume jewelry ring, a couple earrings, some coins and some junk iron digging low numbers looking for gold. Then I ran the TDI...
  5. B

    Took the Vista X out for a quick trial

    Picked up a Vista X last week, I wanted it to try in some really iron infested places, figuring maybe I would dig some stuff with the analog audio that I may have missed with my "screened machines". Now its hotter than blue blazes right now, and Im mostly a relic and old house site hunter and...
  6. B

    Got out with Nokta Relic for an hour this morning

    Visited one of my permissions, this was a recently harvested tobacco patch. Spent about an hour, got a fired 3 ringer and a buckee ball. This small patch has always been hit or miss. I was just happy to get out and that I didnt get skunked!
  7. B

    Scored a Bucket Lister with the Equinox 800!

    Went river hunting for civil war relics. Researched a battle that involved a river crossing. Found Side loader Confederste 10lb reed parrot shell!! Fuse adapter still in place! Got a lot of junk, a horseshoe and a zippo lighter in addition to the shell. Hope to get back to...
  8. B

    Good deals on DetectorPro Pirates right now....

    Guys I knew if anyone would appreciate this it would be folks perusing this forum. Right now a certain dealer is closing out the Priate for $139 and the Pirate Pro for $159 both free shipping. I ordered a PiratePro. I didn't "need" it, but for that price, i couldnt pass. Just do a google...
  9. B

    Finally got out for 1st lake hunt this year, it was "AU Right!!"

    Finally made it out for my first lake hunt this season. Super late, but we've had over 7.5" of rain this month here! I started to go yesterday but severe storms were forecasted to move through sometime during the day, and I woke up and talked myself out of going " probably not been many people...
  10. B

    DetectorPro Wader

    I picked one of these up when they were closing them out. It's never been assembled. Check it out in the classifieds if you have any interest. They are great machines. I have a DetectorPro Underwater so don't feel the need to keep the wader. Thanks!
  11. B

    Got my 6” coil a couple days ago

    Hope to get out with it soon. It’s a tiny little thing and weighs nothing. Will be good for tight spaces and super iron or trash infested places.
  12. B

    Vdeo of my 4 ring hunt with the DetectorPro Underwater

    Took my new to me DetectorPro Underwater out to a local lake and found 4 rings with it. Here is the link to my YouTube video :
  13. B

    2 lake hunts= 7 Silver and 1 Gold ring!

    Finally got started water hunting at the local lakes a few days ago. Been out twice and so far I've found 7 Silver and 1 10K ring. One of the Silver rings was for a fellow that lost his wedding band pretty much right in front of me. He asked for my help and I found it for him in less than 5...
  14. B

    2nd time out with my Equinox 800, More Silver!

    Got out again today to the same place I went last week. Got my first nickel with the Nox, a 1936 Buffalo Nickel, a 1956 Rosie, a 1918 Wheat a little clad, 2 thimbles, an old straight razor, a couple of tent grommets, a big piece of brass, possibly off a spur and few other odds and ends. It was a...
  15. B

    Equinox 800 maiden voyage, roaring success 4 Silvers!

    Got out to a couple old homesites that my hunting buddy scored permisssion for us on. Hunted the Equinox in field 2, 5 tone, iron Audio on. Got a 1940 Merc, a 1947 and 1957 Rosie’s, a 1944 Quarter, a World War 1 Great Seal button ( the backmark dates it to 1910-1930 so could be post Ww1 but pre...
  16. B

    Got my Equinox 800 this last Monday the 12th

    Assembly was a snap, without even looking at the instructions. It’s very intuitive and if you’ve assembled other Detectors this is very similar. Very ergonomic, swings nice and not front end heavy. I charged the battery and it took 5 hours with an ac walls art and the included usb charging...
  17. B

    Minelab hello, is this thing on????

    Hey Minelab, Remember that detector you teased all of us with 3 MONTHS AGO???? Give us a release date I’ve tried to be patient but this is a bit ridiculous. How hard is it to pin down a date??? That is all.
  18. B

    You are all invited.....

    To join "The Official Minelab Equinox users group" on Facebook. Got tired of the other so called Equinox groups which were actually Equinox haters. All that was on there was "it won't do this, it can't do that, the Deus is better" blah blah blah blah blah. So, this group is for the discussion...
  19. B

    Will the Nel snake and Nel attack coils work on AT Max or not?

    Please, anyone that has actually tried it let me know frommpersonal experience. I’ve searched this topic and see a lot of topics about it but always come up with “some will some won’t” I need to know about these 2 coils specifically and from someone that has tried both on it, not just...
  20. B

    In on the Ground floor.....

    5th on the preorder list with my preferred Minelab dealer, and on the first page of a new detecting forum! Love my CTX, but this thing will be a game changer, Mark it down !