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  1. O

    Research from the Sky,

    A 1858 Butterfield stage stop has eluded us for over a decade, an orinigal 1892 map shows two creeks, side by side about 1/2 mile apart. One of these creeks, supposily had an 1858 Butterfield stage right beside. Today, only one creek remains. And it's the orinigal Setters Creek now known as...
  2. O

    Rifleman 2-piece button, Sometimes use single Frequency instead of Multi -IQ

    Went back to the area recently pulled a bust quarter and 1846 $5 dollar gold piece, no coins but did dig a few musket balls and a neat Rifleman 2-piece button. Beat up but a nice find, This is the second Rifleman button from here, a good friend found one last month same location same size...
  3. O

    Another piece of gold, 14 grams total for Equinox

    Dug my third gold with the equinox recently, here's a group shot of the three. One coin, two 14k rings. Tomorrow, meeting with the property owner to hand him his 1846 $5 gold piece. Then will hunt with the equinox tomorrow (Friday) will be two weeks of digging the gold coin. Two weeks prior...
  4. O

    Made a headphone adaptor

    Been using the wireless module, but once in a while audio cuts out and I'm thinking the issue may be from the small headphone connector inside the module, when I bump the module or small connector audio cuts out for a split second. Pass experience with using small headphone plugs, too many...
  5. O

    School yard gold today

    Started to rain, okay Equinox is waterproof so out I go to a local school yard to see how the Equinox operated as a coin jewelry hunter. Ran both field and prospecting mode, Iike them both and prospecting mode may be a bit more sensitive. Had one target ID 15, knew it had to be a pull tab but...
  6. O

    Equinox headset plugs into Deus controller

    My Deus headset hockey puck battery needs replacement, tried the Equinox headset plug with Deus controller and it works great. This is great, Hope this is OK to post here. Just thought this was neat to share. Paul
  7. O

    First target with Equinox, and to boot didn't have a clue what I was doing. 1846 $5

    An exciting and confusing day, Equinox arrives late in day with only a couple hours daylight left. Charged Equionx for 30 minutes, raced out to a nearly site one of our two oldest in my area. Not a clue what the heck I was doing, stayed with Field 2 mode. Tried to Ground balance and don't...
  8. O

    Outlaw 3-coil bundle, didn't realize the widescan 10"x12" was DD.

    Someone local from my area had a mint Outlaw 3-coil bundle on Craigslist, asking $350.00 and after about a week was still there. Even at this price was a good deal especially unit appears it was never used, Offered him a price and he accepts. Wanted an Outlaw ever since selling my Bandio II...
  9. O

    Out west, these are tough to find. Blisstool v6 nabs one.

    Out West, Bust coins are a rare find. Long overdue for one, In my career today's bust is my forth. What makes the bust find even more special, it was dug off the old trail first used by Native American Indians. Later, 1830-1880's this same trail was used by pioneers traveling up or down...
  10. O

    Mojave & Pantera, starting to be two favorites.

    Acquired a Tesoro Pantera from UK last year, good operating unit love the notch and two tone feature. Prior to the Pantera, Was using the Modified Mojave for coin and jewelry hunting. The Mojave has a manual GB, and extra discrimination pot used for jewelry hunting. Found my self using both...
  11. O

    Compass Depth Doubler, finally got one!

    Recently, On eBay seen a complete clean Compass Depth Doubler for a great price. Buy it now, combined with shipping $70 bucks total. Should be here early next week, maybe sooner. Believe retail was around $459.99 back then, that was one of two reasons I didn't buy one. The other reason, felt...
  12. O

    Compass 13.77 kHz coils, modified thinner and lighter.

    Recently, Picked up a Compass Prototype thin line 13.77 kHz coil from a friend, only a few were made and to get one is extremely rare. From the moment I tried the prototype, Was so impressed with the light weight and thin line appearance. From there was on a mission to modify my own, after...
  13. O

    Nice flash of silver surprise, Trusty old Sovereign back to land use.

    Went out this morning to a local park, very tough to get a wheatie from here and a piece of silver even tougher. Within an hour, one wheat penny and a deep 1901 Barber dime. A good 9" inches down, measured it with a Periscope probe before digging the coin. The wheat Penny, only 6" inches still...
  14. O

    Found a piece of my equipment on Craigslist,

    Yesterday morning, couldn't find my Periscope probe. Had used it a day earlier (Sat) well at least it made it to my pickup that I remember, The next day (Sunday) it was missing and I was going to meet a friend at an old park. Seached every room, Garage, Cabinet's behind couch, etc. Have a spare...
  15. O

    Cortes setup, And using All Metal

    I'm finding more of the Cortes strengths each trip out, always been an all metal user for most types of hunts when conditions allow. Cortes has a very good working all metal threshold feature, With target ID to boot. Another neat feature, Toggle to quickly switch from all metal to disc mode I...
  16. O

    Question on Cortes, surface targets not detected?

    Recently, Purchased a nice Cortes. Operates great but I've noticed it'll not detect surface targets especially low conductive, coil completely passes over target with broken or no beep. Tried three different size coils, same broken target response with all three coils. Notch is off, As if a...
  17. O

    Little Mojave, darn good detector

    One of the Mojave strengths for my type of hunting, Are school yard or park type setting hunts. Dig all or cherry picking targets it does very well. When coin hunting, or digging low conductive targets have a second discrimination pot with toggle switching from one to the other. This works...
  18. O

    Another Gold Master, From OreMaster days.

    Picked up another Gold Master, Very similar to my early 1960's working Oremaster GoldMaster only this model I believe is a 1963 or 1964 model. Both have a set of three coils, One small, one medium and one large. Waterproof wooden coils, think the latest is 18" inches. These require one 67.5...
  19. O

    Getting PI depth with the Deus, Relic hunting

    Spent about three hours today with the Goldfield program, truly wanted to understand this program as it's one of my favorite features to use for Relic hunting with a couple of other top end detectors. Have used the Goldfield before mainly in a river, worked great especially handling our tough...
  20. O

    Jewelry and clad hunting with HF elliptical, 14k

    Been detecting a few School and park areas before work this week, and a sidewalk demo. Using 28.8 kHz, ID is great especially on clad yet very sensitive on low conductive. Quarters are clearly spaced from copper pennies and dimes, low conductive little above normal but not too bad. Found a...