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    Anyone have any idea what this is?

    Very interesting. Thanks for the help. It's definitely a reproduction, being perfectly round without any distortion that would be expected in a real coin. Which aligns with having been found in a school yard. It was probably someone's gift-shop souvenir. Thanks again
  2. T

    Anyone have any idea what this is?

    I found this very small, metallic object the other day in an old school yard. It is very small (look at it in comparison to a Penny), but does contain what seems to be tree or flower motifs. There are letters, but nothing that seems to spell anything. Anyone have any idea as to what this is?
  3. T

    Massive gold ring

    What was the TID on that hit?
  4. T

    Bullet Identification

    Thanks for the info!
  5. T

    Pinpointer Button Thoughts

    Not a Equinox-specific question, but.... The two pin-pointers I have (Both garrett brands) have a single on-off switch. On both units, you press on and press again fo off. And if you want to recalibrate (to better find your target), you must turn off/turn back on inside the hole. Wouldn't it...
  6. T

    Bullet Identification

    I was hoping for some silver, but found this bullet. It is just over an inch long and weights 10gms. Any thoughts?
  7. T

    People's Choice for Headphones

    What are people's favorite headphones?
  8. T

    Not todays but.....

    Always amazed in how they stacked the stones that line the walls in those wells.
  9. T

    Whoa...Didnt expect this bucket lister!

    Great Fine. And the sands shifted just right for a surface find.
  10. T

    Non-Ferrous "ghost" target ID at pivot of sweep

    Ah, ok. So it's probably the arc of the sweep being to large, as opposed to the speed. When it's too large there is a tendency to rotate the wrist which tilts up the edges of the coil. Thanks for your help
  11. T

    Non-Ferrous "ghost" target ID at pivot of sweep

    I'm fairly new to the Equinox and want to know if anyone else experiences this phenomenon, and what it may mean. At the point my coil pivots (either from left to right, or vice versa), the machine produces a non-ferrous "ghost" target ID. Of course there isn't anything there upon further...
  12. T

    SLQ / Silver Dimes / Old Nickels and Tokens

    That's really unbelievable. A pure dream of mine to find even a fraction of that. Great job!
  13. T

    FE vs FE2 Iron Bias Settings

    That makes sense. Thank you for your help!
  14. T

    FE vs FE2 Iron Bias Settings

    Can someone explain the difference between FE and FE2 iron bias? Even after reading summaries on the internet, I'm not sure of the difference. What are the pros/cons of using FE2 over FE. Thanks for your help
  15. T

    Hartford CT Area Detecting Clubs

    Does anyone know of any active Detecting Clubs in the Hartford Connecticut area open to new members?
  16. T

    Farmington Connecticut

    Is there anyone in the Farmington Connecticut area that is looking for a hunting partner?