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Search results

  1. M

    Deep coins

    I run my equinox in park 2...sens 23...50 tones... you really have to listen to all the noise and pick thought it... the way the tones mix is a trip.... I do dig more nails than with the 3030 and Etrac... it’s just sorta fun to use the equinox...I almost think you have to dig some nails with...
  2. M


    Anybody get a usb is not recognized?
  3. M


    Do the wireless headphones sound not loud enough?... Maybe .. I am just used to the 800 ????
  4. M

    Equinox coil

    The Vanqish is coming with a 8" coil V8..does that mean that theres a 8" coil in the future for the Equinox?...They will already have the mold!..Come on Minelab!
  5. M


    What does AU mean on the screen? Shows it on noise cancel
  6. M

    Equinox big coil...

    I guess there here.... mines going to be here on the Oct 31
  7. M

    800 coil

    Got mine today .. they had three at show..think they where betting on how fast they would go!
  8. M

    Exquinox 800 Deep Silver

    Do you Guys or Girls....think that the Exquinox 800..has the Explorer Warble on 50 tones?...To me it sounds pretty me deep Silver or Wheats jump out....I have been using 5 tones...but think I like the 50 tones WAY better on Silver!!! The Warble is there..Then check out ID..If it stays...
  9. M

    Explorer II

    Man Club had a silent auction..for a Explorer II..with extra 8 " coil.....Great shape..went for 180.00..I didn't know it was a silent auction...AHHHH!!!
  10. M

    800 mmmm

  11. M

    Shaft wobble 800

    Well time for the 800..To go back to Minelab....Wobbly Shaft....Seems like each swing..The coil is going to keep going..You can feel the thunk at each swing....I know this can't be to good on Wrist! Coil sorta feels like a brick on the end! Anybody else feel this?
  12. M

    Minelab repair time

    Well .. I have to say great job.. by Minelab.. 10 days total time to repair CTX.. don’t like the price to fix .. but I guess you have to pay to play...GREAT JOB Minelab!!!
  13. M

    Well new 600...sounds like coil bad?

    I sure like Minelab...But to send a machine out (with a bad coil) AHHHH!!!!......Time to send it back ..I guess...Back to the E-trac(Which I think is the Best)......Did a factory a code FP......then some other code?
  14. M


    It says in the manual..that the 600..only uses 3 frequencies in Multi....and 5 frequencies on the 800? Multi-IQ Technology EQUINOX 600 offers 3 single frequencies of 5 kHz, 10 kHz, 15 kHz in addition to Multi, giving a 3 times (×3) range or ratio from 5 kHz to 15 kHz, hence the 3F×3...
  15. M

    Ctx repair

    How much do you think it would cost .. to replace screen and back end of 3030( the power pod?).. Anybody know where I can get a loan on my house to pay for this?
  16. M


    Send off the 3030 ... again.. Man I wish these things would stay together!!!.. First pixels on screen bad... Then now no power.. ahhhh
  17. M

    MI6 Pinpointer

    I guess the MI6.. does not do tone in ground ... like the Sunrays do?
  18. M

    New White coil

    Well...I will check it out....should be here four or five days!
  19. M

    LCD GPZ 7000

    Know ..I see some of the 7000...LCD's..going bad....BAD news!!!
  20. M

    Deus air test ?

    If ..I took a 14k average mans ring....what do you think it should air test at?...........just got another a trade...and this thing air test way out two feet....9" coil..................I was SHOCKED!!!!