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Search results

  1. Mike K (Ohio)

    It has been hot (in the 90's) and Mercury is rising!

    Silver is always Sweet!!!!!! but I love the token!!!!! Borden :) Congrats Buddy!!!!!! MK
  2. Mike K (Ohio)

    Back to the old school yard

    I thought the minelab technican was going from VA to CT to tune up there machines!!!! Congrats on all the silver great day!!!!!! Mike K
  3. Mike K (Ohio)

    More Equinox finds today

    Heck yea bro!!!!! Congrats! Whats off to the Right? Mike K
  4. Mike K (Ohio)

    2 road side silvers to start 2021

    Hats off to Yea for manning up and braving the cold weather! I know you just love it lol. Congrats on the Barber and Merc!!!! Just the start of many more I’m sure of it 🤣
  5. Mike K (Ohio)

    My silver count for 2020

    Now that's a great picture :) Congrats! Nice pile of silver to add to your collection :) I think I'm with okierebel I could use some pressure like that as well hahaha :rofl:
  6. Mike K (Ohio)

    9th trip with a few more silvers and a neat token

    Your kicking some tail their Jimmy! Your getting closer to that 100 silvers for the year! I know a guy that’s going congrats again 😎I need to teach my NOX to find silver instead of coppers lol 😂🤣😂 Mike K
  7. Mike K (Ohio)

    8th trip to my "new" park and I can't believe others gave up on this place.

    Well they probably did quit a little bit to early but don't sell yourself short. Your very very good with that equinox 800 especially lots of these tones are crappy! Sitting in and next to iron and hitting those areas from multiple directions just shows your experience detecting!!!! Glad to see...
  8. Mike K (Ohio)

    10-17-2020 assortment of goodies from a beaten park (6th trip)

    Well I just got off the phone with that southern squirrel!!!! I was poking him to get busy!!! and Just like Biden was told Never Concede!!!!!! Lol....:rofl: Mike K
  9. Mike K (Ohio)

    10-17-2020 assortment of goodies from a beaten park (6th trip)

    Damn dude your equinox is so HOT I would keep running it till it drys up!!! or Freezes you out Lol :) Love the pendants!!!! They are very cool finds as well.... You've found more silver as of late your killing it!!!!!! Love looking at your finds!!! Got a hundred yet? Mike K
  10. Mike K (Ohio)

    My fourth trip to the "new" beaten park

    Congrats SilverMan!!! You killing it!!! Your definitely hot on those beaten to death parks!! 😂🤣😂👍 that’s an incredible amount of wheats as well. Keep after it I enjoy looking at all the silvers you have been finding! Mike K
  11. Mike K (Ohio)

    2nd voyage to my "new" park

    Your in the ZONE my friend. Stay there as long as you can :) Better watch out for that guy down south!!!!! Congrats!!!! I get to live life through you guys as I'm silverless for the time being lol.... Mike K
  12. Mike K (Ohio)

    Maiden voyage to another beaten park....

    Congrats on the boat load of silver :) That machine is smoking hot lol. Wish I could find a honey hole around this place hahaha... Mike K
  13. Mike K (Ohio)

    Equinox finds today...

    Congrats Felix that's allot of nickels which could have easily have been GOLD :) Mike K
  14. Mike K (Ohio)

    Equinox still impressing me...

    Congrats Felix on the silver :) Hopefully you find some today :) Mike K
  15. Mike K (Ohio)

    Not bad for a hunted out ball park

    Well it's not the first time this has happened with Mark! So I don't think so! Just some people just have to have the spot light on them! Been a member here a long time and I've seen people like these come and go.. I have no hate just why can't he just be happy for Jim's good luck? and I wish...
  16. Mike K (Ohio)

    Not bad for a hunted out ball park

    Mark can't you just be happy with another mans/womans finds instead of always trying to one up them? To quote you "I probably pulled 30 silvers out of that park a SLQ and Ben Franklin half also mostly dimes a crapload under one tree!" WHY DOES SOMEONE ELSES POST TRANSLATE INTO HOW YOUR DOING OR...
  17. Mike K (Ohio)

    Not bad for a hunted out ball park

    Well done Bro!!!!! Your skills with that NOX are second to none!!!!! I'm sure if you hang around there a little longer you will add more to 2020s total silvers :) I haven't found a silver since I quit water hunting but do enjoy seeing you find these as it just makes me want to get out there and...
  18. Mike K (Ohio)

    Hit a brand new (to me) park....part 4.....Gold?

    Very Nice Find Their Buddy!!!!! Keep slaying them!!!!!
  19. Mike K (Ohio)

    Hit a brand new (to me) park....part 3 - Hi Ho Silver!

    Yea I think him saying it was hunted out was just to keep the sharks out of the park lol.... :ROFLMAO: Your on a hot streak ride it for all its worth!!!!! With all that clad and silver and token Id say I'd be there till the ground froze lol.... Congrats Bro!!!!!!
  20. Mike K (Ohio)

    Hit a brand new (to me) park....part 2

    Damn good day bro in the beat to death park that there is nothing left! Did you find that broken rake the last guy left behind when he cleaned it out? :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO: Your Burning It Up!!! Your:detecting: is so hot I can feel it here in Ohio Lol..... All BS aside great day!!!!! hope it's...