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Search results

  1. J

    New xp deus user question

    I like the number 6 deep program on the deus, but I am not crazy about the screen. Is there some way to change the screen to the screen with the horseshoe on it? Just wondering. Oh I have a 2019 model and not the new Deus ll.
  2. J

    Changing coils?

    Just wondering if you want to switch coils and go to say a 15 inch coil, do you just put it on and go, or do you need to do anything special? Same for say a smaller than stock coil. For the equinox 600 or 800.
  3. J

    Equinox and SD 2200?

    Which one of these would make a better cache hunter? Thanks
  4. J

    How long do charge the rechargeable batteries?

    I just bought a White's mxt all pro and my rechargeable batteries went down. I don't see anywhere in manual about how long to charge them. I don't see a light on the charger either. May be one comes on when it's fully charged but if there is I don't see it. I am asking if anyone can tell me how...
  5. J

    Good coil aftermarket coil for the F75?

    Just bought a new f75 also ordered a magic 13 coil to go on it. Tested the magic coil today and it was so chatty you could not tell what a target was with all the chatter. I know there is no emi at my test garden. The factory coil did fine there as all my detectors have. Thinking on either a Nel...
  6. J

    Whites mxt all pro, which coil?

    I just bought the mxt all pro with the extra 13 inch ultimate coil. My question is do you prefer this coil over the 12 inch concentric coil that whites make? I am impressed with the ultimate coil, but don't have a 12 inch to compare it to. I am not worried to much about separation as I am sheer...
  7. J

    Equinox 800 gold mode?

    I wanted to know if you have tested yours to see if the gold mode is a little deeper than the other modes. Not the all metal, just Field and park and beach. The reason I am asking is because I am either going to get the 800 or the 600. If the gold mode goes a little deeper than the other modes...
  8. J

    Equinox vs ATX

    Are these two detectors about the same on depth?
  9. J

    Garrett ATX ?

    This question is for anyone who might have used the Garrett recon aml 1000, then upgraded to the ATX. I am sure the atx is better than the recon, but by how much? Is the atx deeper with the stock coil it comes with? What is other advantages to me upgradeing?My recon only has an 8 inch m mono...
  10. J

    Sea hunter or tdi sl

    I am going to buy one of these detectors and would like to hear from people who have used one or both. It will not be used in salt water or fresh water, only on land. I have zero experience with either one. Only what I have seen or read on the internet. the sea hunter with 10 x 14 coil and tdi...
  11. J

    Garrett sea hunter ll compared to other PI

    Just want to know how the sea hunter stacks up against other PI's. Especially with the 10x14 mono coil on it. Is it close to a Whites tdi sl?
  12. J

    Garrett sea hunter ll ?

    Will this detector, with the 10 x 14 coil keep up with a whites tdi sl in the depth department? I have never used either one but am curious about this. I have an ace 350 with a 13 inch coil on it and it works ok for me. I am thinking i can get more depth with a pi.
  13. J

    Nel coil question?

    Which of the Nel coils do you relic hunters like? What size and dimensions , gets the best depth?
  14. J

    Ace 350 with a larger coil?

    Want to hear from the ones who have tried this. Put an oversized coil on your ace 350. Like the Nel or Mars or something similar. I would like to hear from anyone who has put a larger coil on any Garrett ace line. I really like my ace 350 but would like to try a larger coil and go back over some...
  15. J

    Quattro and E ll?

    I have been reading some older postings on these two detectors. One person had bought the Quattro and hunted with his friend who owned the explorer ll. He mentioned that he wished he had gotten one instead because it sounded off better on deeper fringe targets then his did. Is this true?
  16. J

    Which is better for relic?

    I want a back up for relic hunting and the choices are Fisher f4 or garrett ace 400. Its for a backup or if someone goes with me. Which is better (deeper) for relic hunting?
  17. J

    Explorer depth compared to ?

    Looking for users who have experience with both the explorer and Safari. Is there depth close to each other? What is the major difference between them? Thanks
  18. J

    Ace 400 or Eurotek pro?

    Going to buy one for my cousin to get him started in dirt fishing. Which one of these will out perform the other? Which is the best starter unit? If both were running in no discrimination and near max sensitivity, which is the deeper unit? Thanks
  19. J

    X-terra 705?

    I am wanting to know some info on this detector. I have been reading about this detector and have some questions about it. There are certain things i have read about it that i like. Right now i have a Racer 2 and while it is a deep machine it has its faults. One of them is falsing or false...
  20. J

    Infinium, ATX, recon?

    Does someone know if the coils for the ATX will fit the Garrett recon? I have looked on there web site and the coils for both have the same numbers, so i am thinking they should work. Also is the infinium close to the Recon in depth or is the Infinium a better machine? I am pretty sure the...