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Search results

  1. Mike K (Ohio)

    NOX 800 Water Issue

    My 800 finally had an issue with water some how getting inside. Shipped it out Last Friday afternoon they received it Monday at 11:32am and looked at unit and Determined that it had to be replaced. Shipped it back Tuesday afternoon to me and I just received the new controller/head unit. Talk...
  2. Mike K (Ohio)

    How I Choose To Preserve My Detecting Coins & Relics

    I figured I would share a short video I made for my Instagram channel as I had many requests for 1. Figure if it helps a few people then not all was wasted... Mike Coins & Relics Preservation
  3. Mike K (Ohio)

    How I Choose To Preserve My Detecting Coins & Relics

    I've talked to allot of people that use their home made units. I though I would share a recent video I had posted to my instagram as I had allot of requests from there. Figure if it helps a few people out then not all was wasted... Mike Coins & Relics Preservation
  4. Mike K (Ohio)

    Lidar Mapping

    I live in Ohio and was curious if anyone could point me to a place on how to get the lidar map and secondly how to use it. I've heard people use it to find old cellar holes and or foundations. Thanks for any help... Mike
  5. Mike K (Ohio)

    Old Coins / Relic Preservation How To.....

    This is a short video I did to show how I do some old coin / Relic Preservations. Its up to the coin / relic owner if they choose to do anything. But for me its much more enjoyable to look at and from the few I have shared the before and afters with. Liked it as well. So I thought I would share...
  6. Mike K (Ohio)

    Finally Found Some Silvers Been 4 Long Weeks.... :)

    Since the TRIME I haven't been lucky enough to find any silver till this weekend. Late December Hunting Old Churches & Houses
  7. Mike K (Ohio)

    First Attempt At A Detecting Video....

    My First crack at making video hunts got allot to learn. Stay tuned for future videos as if you have an equinox you will get to here what the coins / relics sound like before the plug is cut. Subscribe for future updates. Dirt Fishing Mid Nov In Ohio
  8. Mike K (Ohio)

    My Second Only in 24 years

    Well I found most of the usuals over the past few weeks. But I'm gonna post what I liked the most. It's a Type 1 3 Cent Silver and a few years ago I found a Type 2.... The NOX locked onto it in about 5-6" in a bean field using the 6" coil Park 1 FE2 - 0 Sen 25 and Recovery 3. Still would love to...
  9. Mike K (Ohio)

    New NOX Update VS IRON

    Well I went out yesterday and put the F2 setting on 3 and will work my way down to zero. But It just amazes me how well this machine can see through the iron trash in the ground. I put all the iron trash around the barber that came out of that hole with the coin just to give viewers an idea of...
  10. Mike K (Ohio)

    1 Lonely Indian

    Got Out Today With Rick and He scored Some Silver and I got this Beat Up / Worn Out Little Indian hahaha. Well I was glad to get him so I didn't get skunked lol... But I did Manage to secured a few more permissions to some really nice early 1800s Sites :) So all in all was a good evening.... It...
  11. Mike K (Ohio)

    Got A Little Rain Over Night Look What Popped Out

    Well signals were far and few in-between. I'm still learning this NOX but having a good time doing it... The Lock Part looks like its an 1879 and Hair Pin No Idea except OLD Lol... Barber was about 5" down and when I pulled the plug out the quarter was in the hold and this Iron nail or bolt was...
  12. Mike K (Ohio)

    New Permission

    Got Another New Permission and hit it for a little while. Guy said couple old guys hit it a few years back but no one since. Got a couple keepers which makes me wanna go back :) All 3 items were 7-8" down.
  13. Mike K (Ohio)

    Old Site Finally Yields Some Silver

    Have been playing around at some of my old sites and the house pictured gave me over 50 IH's and Buffs and Wheats over a couple years.. But never 1 piece of silver till today :) Thanks For Looking Mike
  14. Mike K (Ohio)

    Went Back To A 2003 Site To Try Out The NOX

    Well got out today. Went to a place I've hunted since 2003 and I'm sure plenty of other people have hit the same place over and over over the years lol. The Civil War Era Store token came out of the hole with a couple of nails. But sounded off like a nice sweet target to dig. Its an 1863 and...
  15. Mike K (Ohio)

    Got A Couple New Permissions

    Got a couple new permissions and man we need some rain! I'm surprised we found what we did. You cut a plug and it crumbles apart before you can set it down. Anyway at least Rick and I didn't strike out. Also have started cleaning some of my clad coins that were piling up and gonna buy a gold...
  16. Mike K (Ohio)

    It Was A Button Kind Of Day!!!

    Well got out for a few hours today trying to make the transition from water hunting to dirt hunting.... Kept wanting to dig just low tones lol... Anyway Found a few buttons I'm gonna guess they old and I will post them on another forum for possible ID. At least I found some that are not the...
  17. Mike K (Ohio)

    Probably Last Water Hunt For The Year

    Well Rick and I got out for probably the last water hunt of the year. Found a couple little goodies. Left to Right Stainless Steel Ring, Another Stainless Steel says "FAITH Heart Sign MAURA 9-4-17" I guess a bible passage, Then A Pandora Ring with the hallmark ALE R 50 This was from Pandoras web...
  18. Mike K (Ohio)

    Old Silver ID

    Well this wasn't a find from today. But I'm sharing something a friend showed me and wasn't sure where to post it so it had the most impact as far as helping others ID some of there old worn out silvers. So please excuse me if I'm doing something wrong. Well Back in Oct 1st of 2010 I asked the...
  19. Mike K (Ohio)

    Short Few Hour Hunt Landed 1 More Prize For The Box

    Got out for a few hours this morning. Watering hunting season is gonna wrap up shortly found another one for the box. Not pictured the clad and pull-tabs and foil.
  20. Mike K (Ohio)

    Weight vs TID

    I seen where another guy posted a chart with the weights and TID numbers and I thought I would do it for Gold, Stainless, Tungsten, Plat as you will be able to see where the numbers fall out I believe there is some useful information with this chart. If someone knows how I could do something...