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Search results

  1. J

    Found one of my all-time favs!

    Anyone who reads my posts knows I'm a collector and big fan of Standing Liberty quarters. Took a trip yesterday to my old home town and, during a dry spell between all the rain, hit a park on the other side of the bridge. I was grabbing quite a few wheats and a pretty cool silver marine pin, but...
  2. J

    Nearly a repeat of last week- more silver...

    Last week I headed off the Cape before sunrise, to my old hometown, finding 4 silvers. Did the same this morning and hit another favorite old park. Slow and steady, listening carefully for sounds previously missed, I was able to nab 3 silver dimes- 2 Mercs and a Rosie. The heart attack was...
  3. J

    Best silver day in over 2 years!

    April 30, 2017 is the exact date of the last time I nabbed 4 silvers in one hunt, until today! Left the Cape before sunrise to beat the heat and headed to one of my favorite old hometown parks. In a matter of minutes I had a wheat and a Merc. Added another Merc, but the best 2 signals were both...
  4. J

    Almost able to start my own baseball team!

    Kind of a lame intro, and let me apologize for the lack of pics, but I took an early ride (to beat yet more rain!) to a park near Boston where I've enjoyed good success in the past . Today was no exception as if you exclude the DH, I was 2 Indians short of my own starting lineup- can't ever...
  5. J

    Nice mix of Silver!

    Got out to a park on the South Shore between raindrops, and found these silvers- a real sweet 1913 Barber dime, one of the nicer ones I've ever found, and some silver jewelry. Enjoy the pics and HH all! -- Jeff --
  6. J

    Finally knocked one off the bucket list!

    After a soaking rain yesterday, it only made sense to get out today. I took a long drive to a park in a town just outside of Boston, where I've had very good results in the past. First couple of good signals were an old wheat and an Indian, then I got a very high tone that was giving me a hard...
  7. J

    Really nice 1873 Indian, silver & more..

    I took advantage of a holiday off and great weather and drove off the Cape to a park on the South Shore, where I've have good success in the past. Seems all the recent rains brought out lots of previously-missed signals. Was going along with a bunch of wheat pennies and one Indian, then hit an...
  8. J

    Interesting Silver Ring!

    Ventured to my old hometown, which required the obligatory, albeit brief, visit to Seated Park. Hit one small area at basically a crawl swing speed, and, although the soil was very dry, I was getting quite a few good signals. The best were a 1919 Merc and this pretty cool silver ring. The inside...
  9. J

    Productive "Rhode" trips!

    Hi All, Had the week off, so any time it wasn't raining, or SNOWING, I tried to get out. Took 2 road trips to our neighboring state of RI, and re-visited a couple of parks where I've had previous success. Didn't find any silver, but did manage a bunch of Indians & wheats. The 16-D in the pic...
  10. J

    Few finds and ID question

    Hi all, Visited a favorite old park and found a few keepers- a nice 1840 LC, a 1920 Merc and what appears to be a Chinese coin or token- anyone know what it is?? HH! -- Jeff --
  11. J

    Finds from a 1779 house

    My buddy and I were given permission to hunt a 1779 house on the south shore- lots of EMI and mineralization made it very difficult- had to turn the sensitivity WAY down. First decent signal turned out to be my first shield nickel in quite a while- appeared to be 1866 or 8, until the dirt dried...
  12. J

    Nice Overdate Draped Bust LC!

    Got out for a while today, and although finds were few, the one keeper I managed was this beauty- an 1807/6 Draped Bust LC. I only washed it in water, as I could tell it was starting flake, although the obverse is in really nice shape. I included pics on 2 different backgrounds, and I'm pretty...
  13. J

    1905-O Barber DIme- ?? Micro-O ??

    My vote is YES! I took a picture of 2 other O mint Barber dimes I have, and although the pic isn't perfect with them being in holders, I think you can clearly see the difference in the size of the O. My micro-O is in the middle. Also included pics of a nice 1920 Merc, beautiful religious medal...
  14. J

    Presidential Campaign Brass Button

    Found this over the weekend- Stephen Douglas/Herschel Johnson Brass Campaign Button. Found one sold on Ebay for $175, others, like new, listing for over $600. It appears the middle of this item must house those photos in an iron plate of some kind, as mine has rust on both sides. Picture of what...
  15. J

    Mother's day trip to Seated park

    Took a trip to my old hometown to see mom a day early for Mother's day, and naturally had to stop at my favorite old Seated park, to see if all the rain might bring a few keepers to light. I wasn't there 2 minutes when I got a signal that sounded like silver and junk together. Flipped a plug...
  16. J

    A little of everything, including a Seated!

    Took a trip to a town about 50 miles from the Cape, to a park I've hunted a couple of times before. Had some decent luck there previously, including a nice seated dime. As soon as I got started, on the hill near the monument pictured, I began noticing a lot of filled plugs, and they were fairly...
  17. J

    3 Better date finds in one hunt!

    [color=#000066]Ventured off the island today to an old town near Plymouth, to a place that I have hunted previously- looks like the front yards of several people's homes, but it's actually a public green. In the past, I've found a couple of Seated quarters and several other oldies there, so I...
  18. J

    Not one but TWO 5-coin spills!

    Unfortunately only one was old! Took a trip to hit one of my favorite old parks, and re-worked an area where I've had previous success. First good signal was what sounded like a quarter, not deep. In the hole were 2 quarters, 2 dimes and a nickel. Not long after, I got a signal that was...
  19. J

    What a difference some rain makes!!

    We finally got some much-needed steady rain here in Mass, so I took advantage of that, a rare day off during the week and a break in the rain to take a road trip to an old park I had hit previously in RI. It seemed like the wet ground brought the coins to life! Started off with a war nickel and...
  20. J

    Nice old Large Cent!

    Since I moved down to Cape Cod, and NOT being a beach hunter, I have found it nearly impossible to find any decent, non-permission-required places to hunt. My better half showed me this small park in the next town over, and it's probably about 150 or so years old. I've been to it twice and have...