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Search results

  1. J

    Any whites vx3 users how do you compare it vs a v3i

    Any succesful happy vx3 orwer that want to share their settings? How do you vompare it vs a v3i?
  2. J

    My wierd but fun hi tone settings effective for me

    I dont know if this is right but ive been having a blast with this settings 2tone gain 70 then bump it at the place Disc5 Notch from 6 to 27 33 to 71 Notch v 3 Tone z1 75 z2 80 Tone v 5 T break 27 I sat 1 3 tone Gain 80 Disc 7 Notch 8 to 23 to 34 Notch v 2 Tone z1 75 z2 50 z3 80 Tone v 5 all T...
  3. J

    whites tdi sl vs all ?

    Hows this conpared to other pi? I do most hunting in hot rocks areas near the river, should i keep this detector?
  4. J

    Cz all metal check trigger?

    I have very good luck hunting in 5 cent disc, but some times i have to go back to check different sounds do you think it would be a good mod to do a all metal trigger switch to check if its iron?
  5. J

    Mx7 mx5 coinmaster gt battery mod

    Anyone has made this mod? Li ion? Lipo?
  6. J

    silver sabre or eldorado?

    I have a silver sabre and its a fun detector, I got an an offer on the eldorado so I bought it, should I sell my silver sabre? ive been reading some reviews and it seem that they are the same detector except eldorado has freq shift and ground balance thanks in advance
  7. J

    5 tones and 4 tones tips

    How are you using them? Were? Parks field? I heard 5 tones is deep than 2 tone? Tips setting please show what you have
  8. J

    how do you use 5 tones and 4 tones

    can you tell me were are you using them? how are you using them? settings tips and tricks
  9. J

    first time on a seedes hunt with anfibio

    this is going to be the first hunt Im taking the anfibio last time I took the kruzer and it was great any ideas would be great
  10. J

    Nokta makro please do a sound notch update for the kruzer

    im very happy with my kruzer Please guys do an update, you can just add it to a blinking notch in the menu using the iron volume value, IMO it still adds tons of info on a target even if its notch out, just like the deep mode, i know is doable
  11. J

    Barely sound from speaker from new anfibio

    Just got my anfibio and the speaker i can barely hear any sound, ive tried the following steps: Factory reset Wireless off Fully charged Volume to 10 Notch vol to 10 Any ideas please let me inow
  12. J

    What settings are you running on your anfibio?

    Can you please tell me what settings are you running in the anfibio
  13. J

    Kruzer with notch volume option? Any ideas?

    Was talking to dilek about adding a notch volume option for the kruzer, the idea i have is to add a press time to the notch option to enable the notch volume option and use the fe vol setting for the notch volume, dilek said it could be added so any more ideas would be awesome, i would love to...
  14. J

    About the coke button in sprite at maximum discrimination

    Ok guys if you press the coke button at maximum discrimination it will reject all items If you set it in the middle of the last segment it will knock out new version pulltabs but the older ones are visable For me this is enough because i like to detect musket balls or lead bullets Rusty crown...
  15. J

    Fox programs on v3i

    Ive been trying them but cant get use to them, are they good? Abyone have more settings? What do you recommend me to use?
  16. J

    If you could keep 3 what would you pick and why?

    have the following detectors from whites Xlt last version Mxtpro M6 Idx hot version A like new in box idx V3i Mxsport Was rhinking of keeping the m6 and v3i, im a hardcore fan of the mxtpro all the way but i think the v3i can be complemented
  17. J

    Equinox shaft issues fixed?

    I have a wobbly nox 600, is minelab doing a revised shaft? Also it seems that some people are having some pod issues, is this just a batch problem?
  18. J

    Small concentric coil

    Is there gonna be any small concentric coil coil for the nox? Im having issues with dense bottlecaps sites
  19. J

    Mxt dual discrimination

    You guys think that it would be a good idea to add dual discrimination feature? Would love to had one installed on mine
  20. J

    Classic classic 2 coil will fit an idx pro 6240179 1

    Can this 8 inch M#: 6240179 1 coil fit and work on a idx pro?