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Search results

  1. O

    Quest detectors

    I have used a Quest Pro for years, works well. Ground balancing on wet salt beach must be done manually, once done No drama. GB on dry sand is within auto settings. :cheers:
  2. O

    Fisher Impulse AQ

    Anyone use the AQ 8" coil, never seen any video of this coil in use. ?
  3. O

    Spending time learning AQ LTD discrimination

    Experimenting with settings is a key factor in using any detector successfully. Impulse AQ is best when all settings are utilised for the beach and its intended targets. I use Tone Mode as our $1 and $2 coins have low tone like silver rings and coins. Large 9ct (k) "Gold" rings can be in the...
  4. O

    Fisher AQ Impulse PI

    Is the ACT lockdown getting to you ? Qleensland residents are free to travel the AQ is doing Well up here in TNQ. 🥰 One item at the time. :cheers:
  5. O

    Impulse AQ in TNQ !

    Kind of sad to see interest in the AQ have diminished. On the other hand when one have a PI detector that give you an advantage on the beach, then there is no need to be sad. 🥰 :cheers:
  6. O

    Impulse AQ in TNQ !

    I see some people do and some that do not, I have tried both ways. Guess my ears are to old to notice any difference.
  7. O

    Bit of gold with the AQ LTD

    Lovely collection, I kind of favour the pocket tools more than the gold.
  8. O

    Impulse AQ in TNQ !

    I will give your suggestion a try. (y) :cheers:
  9. O

    Impulse AQ in TNQ !

    Despite a few hurdles with obtaining an Impulse AQ earlier on, conditions changed for the better when it became available directly from Fisher FT. ;) Now in use on our northern tropical beaches. (y) :cheers:
  10. O

    Some wet sand sweeping at a sanded in beach

    Am working on obtaining one of those Impulse AQ detectors, there are a lot of hurdles to negotiate around. When it does get here my still working slightly aged Fisher Impulse will have a companion. :cheers:
  11. O

    Some wet sand sweeping at a sanded in beach

    Lovely to see someone is using/reporting on the Impulse AQ.
  12. O

    Anybody hear anything about ATX getting Retooled ?

    A user in Oz have his ATX housing chest mounted when water hunting and prospecting. Saw a picture of his 12 y o grandson using it.
  13. O

    Check coil icon

    Have seen that before, hopefully this will help. :cheers:
  14. O

    ATX coils

    Infinium LS DD coils can be used on the ATX. . . . and the original supplied ATX DD coil can be used on an Inlinium LS.
  15. O

    Atx coil cable

    After 7 years of use my ATX coil cable coating is now starting to crack. :cry2: Not to worry, I have given the cable a new outer coating of a different material it's likely to last another 10 years. :clapping: :cheers:
  16. O

    Managed to find 1 gold w TARSACCI last Monday

    Lovely detector to use ! :cheers: :ausflag:
  17. O

    Tarsacci metal detector

    The reason one have to fill a request sheet is, it's sold in US with shipping included. When one reside off shore from US the price of shipping is slightly different but likewise included to that destination. The purchase of a Sarsacci MDT 8000 is dead easy, just leave payment information and...
  18. O

    Fisher Impulse Inquiries

    I would purchase one if it was freely available, but apparently it can only be obtained from one dealer and it's restricted to selected users. :shrug:
  19. O

    Fisher Impulse Inquiries

    A finished product at our local dealer would be lovely, then the real results will be seen !!!