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    Cleansweep coil and bottlecaps

    How does the Cleansweep coil read bottlecaps ? Being a wide scan coil do they register as coins ? Just wondering as one of the places I hunt is just absolutely loaded with Corona caps, rusted and not. Being a jewelry hunter on sports fields this seems like an excellent coil to have. Any comments...
  2. G

    Ace 350 Battery Life Surprise

    The manual says to change the batteries when one segment is remaining. Curiosity got the best of me so I experimented just how long the Ace 350 could still detect with only one battery power segment remaining. Well, my Ace 350 went 8 full hours before it shut down. I was amazed to say the...
  3. G

    Ace 350 pinpointing

    If you use the tip of the coil for pinpointing does it always pinpoint at the same place regardless of how deep the target is ? Shallow or deep targets pinpoint the same ? I have heard about bottlecaps reading as coins sometimes. Does it usually indicate the same type of coin, say a quarter ...
  4. G

    Do the GTI1500 and GTI2500 have VCO pinpoint ?

    Trying to figure out if they have regular pinpoint or VCO pinpoint. Thought I would be able to find the answer easily but not so far.
  5. G

    Time Ranger Questions

    I have looked over the manual for the TR and have a few questions that those with experience may be able to help me with. 1. Say you get a foil reading of 10. Sweeping from all directions would that reading change at all if it's trash depending on how the coil goes over it ? Would it tend to...
  6. G

    Coinstrike on rings

    Will the Coinstrike lock on gold rings similar to how it does on coins ? By checking from various angles is it possible to improve the odds somewhat when searching for rings in the foil range ?
  7. G

    Beginners Luck [extremely long post]

    In August 2004 I came here in search of Sovereign information. Through a series of emails with Rick and Art I was loaded down with all kinds of great information. Finally got a XS2 with 8" and 10" coils this past April. Sent it to David at Dixie to do his mod and to check it out as it looked...