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  1. M

    Sunday's Silver

    I found everything in the pic at one small park, all the other places I checked out I didn't find anything good. The I.W.L.A lapel pin is Izaal Walton League of America and is from the 30's or 40's. I can find brass ones on the Net but not silver ones.
  2. M

    My 2016 coin totals

    2016 was my second year using the etrac and I'm getting a lil better at it, but I have a lot more to learn. I hunted in parks, school's, yards, farm fields and some woods an some times I would drive a few hours before I started hunting. I like road trips... I got a total of 103 silver coins and...
  3. M

    You never know what your going to see while out MDing

    Last Monday I was checking out a new park and it was a waste of time so I went to another park that I've done ok at in the past. I Only found 1 wheat penny and I was getting tired so I went home. On my way home I could see on the horizon that the clouds were clearing some and I could see what...
  4. M

    I found a couple of masked coins

    Sunday I was doing a 1RSH and found my 100th silver for the year. It was a 1920d Merc, I also found 2 IHP’s 1904 1891. Later on in the day I was doing a curb in town and found 35d Washington quarter and 5 wheat’s. Wed I was at a very old parks. I’ve only been there a few times in the past...
  5. M

    My past few hunts

    Last Fri I hit a 1 room schoolhouse and found my oldest fish scale, a 1872 Canadian 5 cent piece and a Excelsior button. The place was picked over pretty good but they left a few nice ones. Sunday I was doing a public lawn and found a 1875 Seated dime, a 1901 V nickel and a 1880 IHP. Monday I...
  6. M

    Fall field hunting has started

    Sunday night I got permission to MD a farm field that use to have a 1 room schoolhouse in it. I got started on it Monday morning and I wasn't out there 10 min's before a guys drives up to me in the field and ask me if I had permission to be there. I told him that I did and he told me that he...
  7. M


    Fri I hit a couple of parks that use to be schools. Both places have been picked over pretty good but I managed to find a few goodies I was super happy when I found the SLQ, it's my second one for the year. I don't find them very often. The silver ring is my 8th one for the year. I also found 7...
  8. M

    This weekends finds.

    Sunday started off kinda rough. The first town I checked out the city park and the courthouse there and both places were picked clean. The next town I checked out the park and the fairgrounds and both were picked clean. In that town I checked out a curb strip in front of a business and found a...
  9. M

    A couple of nice Barbers

    Sunday I went to a park that I have not been to for about 4 years. I get there an turn on the Mder an make 2 swing an get a nice high tone. I check the depth meter an it says 6" deep so I dig it... It turns out to be a really nice 1910s Barber Dime. After that I went a good 2 hours before I find...
  10. M

    The etrac turned a worthless park in to a good park

    Wed I stopped at a park that I have been to a few times with my old xterra505 and didn't find anything. Now don't get me wrong, I think the Xterra505 is one great MDer and it has found over a thousand silver coins in the 10 years I used it but that dog could not hunt at this park and the etrac...
  11. M

    2 pretty lady's out for a walk

    I found the 2 walker and 2 wheat's while working some curb strips. I found the token in a school yard. The center part must be made of zinc and it's ate up real bad. I found a couple of them on the Net and one was for 25 cents and the other was 10 cents. Thanks for lookin and HH
  12. M

    Nickel Trifecta

    Wed I started off at a place I've never been to before. It was pretty much a wide open area and it was getting hot an humid by the time I got there. I started off just wondering around and that didn't last long before that sun was really getting to me. I could see over to the south end of...
  13. M

    Sunday's roadtrip silver

    I took a long roadtrip an for most of the day I was not doing very good until the last place, It was an older school. I found 4 silvers and 7 wheat's. One of the wheat's was a 1909 VDB, it's been awhile since I found one of those. Now if I can just find one of those with a S along with the VDB...
  14. M

    Finds from Fr and Sun

    Fri I found a Merc, rosie and 5 wheat's from a park I have been working on an off the past few years Sun I found the dog tax tag and 2 wheat's at a yard that was hit a month ago by 2 other guys. I guess they found some IH's and a token when they did it. Later in the day I was at a park an...
  15. M

    I found 8 but I only have 7

    Yesterday I was back at the Fairgrounds and I found 8 silver dimes, but after I got home I realized I only had 7 silver coins, I lost one, oops. I always put silver coins in that lil change pocket on the right side of your jeans, that lil pocket that you never use for anything. I guess I was...
  16. M

    Yahoo, Seated Quarter

    Sunday I went back to the Fairgrounds that I have been doing pretty good at and found me a 1875 Seated Quarter. It been years since I've found a Seated Quarter and I'm really excided about it That makes 4 Seated coins so far from this fairgrounds. I also found a real crusty 1901 IH, 3 wheat's, a...
  17. M

    Sat I found another Seated dime

    From the fairgrounds I have been working the past month. I also found a Merc, 5 IH's and 15 wheat's. This makes 3 Seated dimes from this place so far. If it's not raining I'm going back tomorrow to see what else I can find there.
  18. M

    I thought I had this park picked over

    I've been working this park that use to be a school on an off for the past 5 years with my old Xterra 505 to the point where I wasn't finding anything. Well, the Etrac is finding coins that the X505 missed. Last Fri I went there and found 3 IH's and 13 wheat's. I went back today and found 2...
  19. M

    I'm back online with a few finds

    I've been having computer problems for the past 3 weeks and was unable to get online until today. With all the other things going on in my life right now I haven't had much time to figure out what was wrong with my computer but I made sure I had time to do some MDing :smile: I hit a couple of...
  20. M

    My first time using TTF and I like it

    Yesterday I was at a older school and my first target was a clad nickel, my second was a 38d Buff, I like this start. As I get going along I start running in to a lot of iron hits, 35-46 and it was driving me nuts, lol. I set the MDer up to run TTF for my first time. It was a lil weird at first...