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Search results

  1. L

    T2+ scores a Silver ring on first trip!

    The CORS Shrew coil in a trashy park nailed this silver ring at 7 inches. Loud and clear 91 repeatable signal. That little coil is a hammer...and is deeper than I ever expected. It will stay on this machine unless I hunt wide open field that aren't trashy. Can't say enough about how good...
  2. L

    Giving the T2+ a try!

  3. L

    Rechargeable Batteries &G2+

    Amazon, just search for EBL 9v li-ion.
  4. L

    Giving the T2+ a try!

    I have been using variants of the F75 for year now and decided to give the T2+ a try. I primarily relic hunt in iron littered sites and this will be its primary use. I will keep a shrew coil on it 90% of the time to be able to sift through the iron and look forward to hunting with this...
  5. L

    T2/F75 coils

    Will do Ron, glad to see you again...been a while!
  6. L

    T2/F75 coils

    Mostly hunting in iron infested ghost towns. Once in a while I hunt local parks and the stock coil is fine for that. I will likely get a 5" DD or the CORS shrew coil for the iron infested sites that I hunt.
  7. L

    T2/F75 coils

    Guess I need to get the checkbook out for a sniper coil. Thanks!
  8. L

    Anyone using the larger type coils on G2+,GBP or f19

    I use the attack coil on my G2. Can swing it all day no problem....and it detects deeper than most folks care to dig. Best purchase I have made for the G2. Love it!
  9. L

    Rechargeable Batteries &G2+

    I use the EBL lithium ion rechargeables in my F19's , G2 and my pinpointers. They last all day and then some. Haven't bought a throw away battery in years.
  10. L

    They’re small but I’ll take ‘em.

    Always dig zincolns...they have many targets they mimic...small silver pendants for example.
  11. L

    T2/F75 coils

    Are the coils interchangeable between the F75 and T2 machines?
  12. L

    F19 does the job in iron!

    Hunted for a few hours this morning at my sisters place. Started out with the Etrac and had constant iron nulling using the factory coin program. Fired up the F75 and emi was unbearable...even turned down. Pulled out the F19, max sensitivity and 35 disc and it was pretty quiet...moved the...
  13. L

    G2 or F19?

    Which is a better machine to use for small gold detecting? I have a G2 but haven't used it specifically for gold detecting yet. Do they run the same frequency? Thanks LittleJohn
  14. L

    F75 with the Ultimate 13 coil anyone?

    Anyone use an F75 with the ultimate 13 coil? Likes or dislikes?
  15. L

    Birmingham Roller Pigeons!

    It's a hobby I have had since I was a young boy 8 years old, always fascinated by the birmingham roller pigeons that spin like acrobats in the sky. Besides metal detecting that is pretty much my hobbies that take up the majority of my free time. Littlejohn
  16. L

    Anyone tried the NEL BIG coil on the etrac?

    If so what is your opinion of it as a relic hunting coil in open fields. Thanks LittleJohn
  17. L

    G2...gotta give it a try.

    99% of the detecting I do is for relics and old old coins. I'd much rather be in a farmers field finding an old button or CW relic or whatzits. When I first started detecting it was all about clad in the parks and that got old for me really quick. Since that time I have been changing...
  18. L

    short hunt in a horse pasture...

    Went to a new spot and ran TTF . Spent a little over an hour hunting and targets were few but did manage my first silver for the year...and my first silver with my etrac. Didn't think it would take a year for that to happen but better late than never. LittleJohn
  19. L

    Finally found silver with the etrac

    [No message]
  20. L

    Found a cool cufflink with the F75 today.

    Any ideas how old ?