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  1. D

    Finally Struck Park Silver

    I have made some pretty incredible finds with the Deus 2 so far, but I have struggled with hunting old "hunted out" parks. I keep thinking back 7-8 years ago when I would take my Explorer SE to some of these parks and find a handful of wheaties , a few Indians and silver almost every outing...
  2. D

    Deus 2 Field Hunt

    Finds from last Saturday. Deus 2 still impressing me in the field. This site had not been hunted as far as I know so I can't really say other detectors missed these coins. House site in the middle of a cut bean field. Heavily infested with iron... Running fast program, 9 inch coil, pitch...
  3. D

    First Hunt Hunt With The Deus 2 - Buckit lister 😳

    Took the new Deus to an hold house site deep in the woods. The place is loaded with iron. I’ve been hunting this place off and on over the last 8 years. First time I hunted it with the Explorer SE I pulled two large cents. I have been back multiple times over the years. I take every new...
  4. D

    Solid day 🙌🏻

    Hey y’all it’s been a while! Met up with my old buddy Jim this morning. Started off half the day swinging the old SE and managed to hit a merc, 2 Indians, few wheat pennies and 2 buttons. Once my arm wore out I switched over to the nox and managed to hit a few more keepers. Another merc...
  5. D


    Man, I haven't fired up the detector in a while... My last good hunt was January 2017 when I found a 1822 large cent and a 1945 washing quarter.. I know that because I was looking at old pictures on my Facebook thinking man.... I used to find some cool Sh#$ :detecting: lol Well that got the...
  6. D

    SE Screen Repair??

    Hi everyone!! Been a long time since I posted here.. Hope everyone has been great! I have a huge problem... Does anyone know if Minelab will replace the screen on an Explorer SE? If not, where are me best chances? I tried calling this evening but they were already closed.. I fired...
  7. D


    Second hunt of 2017 was a success! Ive never gave metal detecting this little park next to my house much though until recently... The park was built around 2007 and i'm not much of a clad hunter.. I found a 1938 map of the property and noticed a house sat right on the edge thats no longer...
  8. D

    Birthday weekend hunt :thumbup:

    Last weekend September 5th I celebrated my 27th birthday. The wife asked me what I wanted to do all weekend.... I said go metal detecting :detecting: Its been a long time since I posted in the Explorer forum. Heck its been a long time since I touched my explorer. I was just looking through...
  9. D

    Feels good to be back :detecting:

    I haven't posted any finds on the forum in a while. Haven't been out detecting much either... Believe I did a couple water hunts last year and that's it. I decided to head back to an old cabin site deep the woods where I have found two large cents in the past. Back in 2012 I walked in with...
  10. D

    It's been a while.. :wacko:

    I have been so busy with work, getting married, and weight lifting I have slacked off the coin hunting a bit... I have to admit.. When I turned on the CTX it took me minute to remember how to navigate around :wiggle: I'm glad I didn't forget how to dig old coins :) I was able to pull one...
  11. D

    Using the 6 and 17 inch coils :smoke:

    They both are keepers in my opinion! First off the 17 incher is an absolute monster! I didn't really know what to think of it when I first opened it up. Raymo made a post talking about how it hammers the deep coins.. He isn't blowing smoke! In a friends test garden it made a 10 inch...
  12. D

    Anyone using GG DMC headphones on their CTX?

    If so, do they work? Trying to figure out if a problem im having.. Let me know Thanks Derrell
  13. D

    :thumbup: Ill be receiving my CTX06 & 17 tomorrow

    Got emailed the tracking info. Scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Cant wait to get them out in the field... I have perfect sites for both coils.. It sounds like a lot of the dealers only got a few of each.. If you want one make sure you get on the phone quick! Be prepared to :yikes...
  14. D

    My hat is off to you water hunting guys!!!

    I got my new under water Grey Ghost headphones in the mail on Saturday.. It being extremely hot outside I figured it was a perfect opportunity to give them a try. I spent a few hours Saturday evening wading through the water chasing targets through the gravel, sand, and muck... Tell...
  15. D

    Saturdays quick hunt :detecting:

    Got the chance to get out for a quick little hunt this morning. Only had about an hour, so I decided to head back to the old farm house located on park property that has been hunted to death. Its funny, when I pulled in and parked another guy pulled up and parked next to me. I see him every...
  16. D

    :thumbup:A FIRST FOR ME

    One if the biggest things that has been on my mind about the CTX 3030 is how well will it perform at old house sites that are just littered with nails... That's one place where my E-trac always seemed to shine while hunting in two tone ferrous... Well let me tell you... This machine again...
  17. D

    :minelab: Very impressed by this machine! :thumbup:

    WOW... I have yet to find a detector I like as much as my Explorer SE until the CTX 3030!!! But that doesn't mean I'm going to follow the trend and get rid of my Explorer or E-trac. This machine runs extremely smooth, the balance is amazing, and the target ID and screen display is awesome...
  18. D

    :drinking: Few more finds with the Deus

    Still learning alot about this little machine.. I do know one thing, its nice to hunt with while the temperatures up!! The headphones allow a lot of air to flow through. Kinda nice not having your ears all sticky and nasty when your done hunting! Went back to an old house site I have been...
  19. D

    First Deus finds :detecting:

    WOW I have had a blast taking the Deus to a couple of my hard hit sites!! If there is a piece of metal in the ground, the Deus will find it. It's almost too sensitive. I have never dug so many little pieces of copper and brass that hit so hard. Seems to have pretty good depth with...
  20. D

    Two keepers this weekend :minelab:

    Had a busy weekend.. Between attending my cousins wedding and spending some time with mom.. I was able to snag a pair of Indians from one of my favorite parks. Indians are one of my favorite coins to finds... As good as silver to me! Hope to have a little more success this week...