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  1. G

    Ghost signals

    Got the D2 with 11" coil and WS6 and have come across some anomalies, I dont usually hunt by numbers but untill i can trust this machine I am going too. Repeatable 35s but removing the first spade full its gone, have flicked through a few programs and its the same every time. Any thoughts?
  2. G

    Try again? mmmmmm!!

    May have to bite the bullet and give the Nox another chance. I bought one when they first came out (pre fe2) and as with all machines duly went out too what at the time was a 15 year old test bed. All I will say is it failed miserably and a day later was returned. For those of you who are going...
  3. G

    Whites tdi control box

    How is this fitted to the shaft? Don't have it in front of me at moment, but guess it's bolted?
  4. G

    Mars MD universal shaft

    Anyone tried these?
  5. G

    2nd attempt with tdi, beach and land

    Well, took the p.i to the beach for my 2nd session with it and turned up the usual rubbish, about 25 bits in total, most between the low and high water mark, best 2 bits if you can call them that were the ring and bracelet, tat!! However I changed my route home and to my surprise they were...
  6. G

    Sorry still learning, but why

    does signal appear to improve with a faster swing speed when using the tdi sl. Noticed this a few times but never paid much attention to what the target was or how deep it was at the time. Am out again on Saturday on what should be a more productive part of the beach, so any pre search help...
  7. G

    First trial on beach with Tdi

    Happy with results, went to a part of the beach that has no fairgrounds or amusements so didn't expect many coins. Bracelet is junk but I really enjoyed the morning.
  8. G

    New machines first finds.

    Omen or not? You be the judge! Took delivery of a Tdi sl this morning, little used and way lighter than I thought. So got my jobs done and took it out to the test garden, which is literally my lawn. 1st target was the US item (fluke?) Its copper alloy and is about 40mm square, my guess is off...
  9. G

    Tdi sl batteries

    Can anyone recommend a battery upgrade for this machine? Gaz.
  10. G

    Whites Tdi sl query

    Hi all, just found a little used 2017 model of this machine at a decent price. Watched a few videos and seems straight forward enough, however have a couple of questions. 1. What generates the depth of pulse machines, gain, number of pulses, etc etc? 2. Does using the gb to eliminate nails lose...
  11. G

    Z- lynk problems

    Hi, has anyone ever opened up the transmitter or receiver to replace power cells or would it be easier to buy new. Out of warranty so not an issue.
  12. G

    Where to start?

    It's not very often I get this sort of opportunity, but this is going to be drilled later than usual due to the crop that's going in. Plenty of hot spots, flat as a pool table, and there's as much behind me as I can see in front, hence big coil.
  13. G

    Sef coil difference

    Hi all, been a while since I posted. Got a question if anyone can help. Just bought an explorer se with Kellyco stickers on, and it came with an extra sef coil that also refers to Kellyco. Anyone know if there's a difference in capabilities to the sef coils we get here in UK? Gaz.
  14. G

    Tecknetics t2 se advice needed.

    Picked up this lot for $455, never had one before, any tips appreciated. Gaz.
  15. G

    Garrett z lynk

    Anyone used these on the etrac? If so what's the sound quality like, as have bought the headphones with transmitter. Gaz.
  16. G

    First time out with etrac

    Few bits, nice 1839 silver shilling, lead trade weight (medieval/Tudor) But now a question, this machine seems really slow with its recovery rate, way slower than my XS, any ideas? Thanks.
  17. G

    Need some help please.

    A little long winded but bear with me. Am retiring my explorer XS, had it over 15 years and it's never let me down (software Dec 99) Over the years I've run other machines some good some bad some terrible, but never had an etrac. Had the CTX but had to let that go as separations don't come...
  18. G

    Deep/Fast vs on/off

    Just musing through some threads on here, noticed people posting programs that include fast/deep and wether to switch them on or off. I've always run with them both off, as being computerized I've considered them to be a type of processing filter that could only slow things down.
  19. G

    XP MI 6 probe

    Had to remove the thin o ring sat in the threads, end cap really hard to remove to gain access to charging port, this time I could feel the body flexing. No idea what it was doing to the internals so when I finally got the cap off, o ring had to go. Have I got a bad one or have others found the...
  20. G

    X35 11" coil power consumption

    Ran for 4 hours straight at 3.7khz, from full charge to half in that time, seems a lot for a new coil.