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    Face Book DeepTech Vista -X

    Vista -X Owners Go and Join "Deeptech Vista -X " For Details, Test, Y-Tube and Best Info on Vista -X and Post Your Finds
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    Great News for Loyal Nautilus DMC2B Users. Owners

    I had new 10 inch Coils made for my DMC2B. I call it the "Black OPS" Coil. This coils seem to be super stable and can be set at high Transmit Power setting at max 44m super stable thesholds and no EMI. The great news seems getting 2-3 inches in depth vs may old coil. Also Wanye Lee is...
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    X-70 Sen Settings Vs All Metal Sen/ High Tech ??

    I Have had my X-70 over the years and found lots Deep Relic Hunting in Tow Tones [ Low Tone Iron/ High Tone } with 10.5 DD 7.5 freq. I always wonder if the Sen Settings also affect the all Metal Sen or both are the same or both work at same Gain ??
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    Minelab Repair Service. Grade" A" my book

    I had send my out of warranty X-70 to Service Center in ILL. . I first was called when my until was received then call by tech and repair out warranty to replace keypad only $88.00 included shipping. The entire turn around from mail here from V.A. and mailed today from factory only 13 days...
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    Vista Delers In U.S.A

    I have few friends whom wish buy Vista Gold for Relic Hunting here in V.A. The USA Web site been down few month and don't see much posing whom main USA Vista dealers is know?. Can anyone know any Vista dealers in V.A. / M.D. Area?? Chuck
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    Vista Gold Vs Smart Relic Hunting

    Im get very close talking my wife let get another machine. I leaning toward the Vista Gold to hunt bad/hot soil relic hunting. The smart look pretty much the same as Visa but I think higher Feq Vista will work better in bad soil. So what folks opion Smart Vs Gold use as pure only Relic...
  7. B

    TDI- Pulse Settings For Relic Hunting - No Iron Switch!!!

    I been very pleased with the White TDI -Pro in bad and good ground. Most all whom Relic Hunters I talked to hunt in ALL Mode. The most hottest subject that most relic hunters talked and "Don't Agree' on with is settings the the Pulse delay. White's Manual say set at 10s and maybe bump up an...
  8. B

    BMW Hunt Finds From Sat

    The TDI pro work great in the nasty Orange Co Va soil in First BMW Hunt . The Eagle Plate was mixed in with Hot rocks and also under old farmers road bed that was also hard packed with gravel. There where lots rare Conf. items found also the Gen Jackson HDQRS and many units camp in area. Chuck
  9. B

    Best Relic Finds -2010

    I had pretty good 2010 finding Relic Hunting . In Va/ M.D. area which I hunt is best area in USA for Relics to be found, but there also lots completion and getting permission to hunt is even harder!! Remember all way get permission and be honest with landowners. And remember folks...
  10. B

    Rare Button - M.D State

    After 35+ years of Relic Hunting i final found State button that i never dig an Maryland State Staff!!. It cuff not best condition I wish for still very rare button. It was deep in hole with nail but my trusty Nautilus DMC2B still give high tone at 10 inch. There calling for more SNOW this...
  11. B

    What A Perfect Day To Relic Hunt In Va

    The weather and conditions could not be better to Relic Hunt in Va. An nice cold windy day, Temp in 40s and nice soaking rain this week made perfect Condition to sniff out relics. I pulled this deep U.S. Box plate with Nautilus DMC2b from Smoked our Stafford Co Va. Winter Camp.
  12. B

    Rare 1840s U.S. Belt Buckle- A First!!!

    I located this very Early war 1840s small U.S. belt buckle in unhunted civil war camp in M.D. Over 10+ plus years researching, walking woods, Fields, swamps, many other Relic Hunters gave up finding this camp over 20 + years ago and walked away. As with most unfounded or unhunted camp its...