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Search results

  1. Always..Lookin

    Ever find one of these??

    Pretty strange find in the woods. I want my country BACK! Chris
  2. Always..Lookin

    Couple more nice captures.

    Bald eagle fledgling waiting for a parent to bring some breakfast. I opened the back door and the cat next door was flying by with this gray fox right on his tail,I startled it and it just looked at me,then moved back into the woods and kept looking at me. GOD Bless America ONCE...
  3. Always..Lookin

    This is all Mike and I fish for..

    I couldn't help net and get a video at the same time,next time we fished Mike had a bigger net. GOD Bless America ONCE again Chris
  4. Always..Lookin

    Always be ready..

    Even metal detecting,she had no idea what I was. GOD Bless America ONCE again Chris
  5. Always..Lookin

    Nice surprise capture.

    My Nikon goes where ever I go,I see one last year that came down to the river while fishing about 10 feet from me,all I could do was look at it,if I had tried to get a shot it would have vanished before I even touched my camera.I got a shot of one 6 years ago quite far out in the same area as...
  6. Always..Lookin

    Wife frustrating??

    Explained perfectly to me.You will either agree,or disagree WITHOUT hate,anger,resentment,hurt feelings or condemning judgement. What do you have to loose,you may see something in yourself you never saw before. GOD Bless America ONCE again Chris
  7. Always..Lookin

    Last two hunts.

    I have hunted a turf farm for six years now, mowed it for two years.Before it was a turf farm it was used for growing crops and goes back to 1635 when the first building in town was erected there.I mowed 90 acres for two years every 3 days,got some incredible wildlife pictures of...
  8. Always..Lookin

    Chicken eating squirrel.

    GOD Bless America again. Chris
  9. Always..Lookin

    It's Time-VIDEO! Banned everywhere.

    This 7 minute video has been BANNED,you just may see this happening yourself. GOD Bless America Chris
  10. Always..Lookin

    What is sin?

    SIN is not something,sin is SOMEONE. GOD Bless America Chris
  11. Always..Lookin

    The Cause of Human Suffering

    GOD Bless America Chris
  12. Always..Lookin

    Were We Created to Die?

    GOD Bless America Chris
  13. Always..Lookin

    Do you create your thinking??

    I think thoughts,I do not create them. GOD Bless America Chris
  14. Always..Lookin

    Anyone ever hear of this fella?

    Jesse Lee Peterson,interesting fella,strikes a chord in my heart. GOD Bless America Chris
  15. Always..Lookin

    Silent Prayer...

    GOD Bless America Chris
  16. Always..Lookin

    What the news tells me.

    Ephesians 6:12 It is so obvious,you have to be BLIND not to see it.,not only in the news,in human life,right in front of your face. Evil has NO power,only what people give it,and,that happens through HOW one thinks. What are humans able to do about it,other than Christ has won...
  17. Always..Lookin

    Psalm 46:10...Be still,and know that I AM

    How is one able to be still with all the mental activity constantly bombarding us? GOD Bless Chris
  18. Always..Lookin

    Pictures of everything..

    I really enjoy photography.There are some I would have skipped,once there they are permanent. GOD Bless Chris