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Search results

  1. dirt doctor

    A great 1hr. hunt

    I hunted my next door neighbors for about an hour last night . I hit the two main lawns (weed patches like mine ) and found nothing. I hit the third smaller lawn and things started happening .2 clad dimes , 2 wheats , 1 memorial ,1 car wash token and the best of all a very worn 1900 Morgan . It...
  2. dirt doctor

    A decent hunt

    My Brother in law was able to obtain permission for us to hunt a fenced off sports field which is getting a new sprinkler system and lawn .I hunted for almost five hours . and got $10.92 in coinage and two nice little silver rings . No silver coinage but I did manage to get a 1944 Wheat and...
  3. dirt doctor

    7/03/2018 A Saint and 47 cents .

    I decided to hit a wood chips tot lot I hadn't hit in a few years . Although large it has never been very productive .I spent an hour and a half there and these are the results . The broken medallion is of Saint Toribio Romo , a Martyr and the patron Saint of border crossers. If you...
  4. dirt doctor

    Another trip to the old school

    I had an opportunity to get out for another hour and a half tonight and took it .The top row on the picture of all the finds is where I went back to that old cleared patch one more time .This time I used the tone ID from the CJ mode and switched to relic . I dug everything that wasn't...
  5. dirt doctor

    A fun little 1+1/2 hr. hunt

    I know I wont be having a chance to get out for a few days so I hit a spot that I've beaten to death for a few years with a lot of different detectors . They weren't that deep but they were surrounded by a lot of trash and I think a few might have been heavily slanted or on edge...
  6. dirt doctor

    Beauty found .

    I've been hitting this little 20x20 patch of raw dirt that was recently cleared of a carpet of foot tall Ivy .So far with several other brands of my detectors using different coil combinations on different evenings , I had pulled out a couple of silvers and several wheats ,a couple of...
  7. dirt doctor

    Explorer II dying ?

    Recently , I lost about a quarter of my screens visibility . Has anyone ever come across this problem ? Other than that there are no other problems I'm aware of .
  8. dirt doctor

    Last 2 evenings , 6 hrs.

    Last night I got out for 2hrs. Last night's hunt (bordered ) is at the upper right of the photo .Garbage from that hunt not included in the picture ( included in that garbage was a demolished , waterlogged , older cellphone .No silver but two wheats. Tonight's 4 hrs. gave me two silver...
  9. dirt doctor

    Happy New Year !

    Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year .
  10. dirt doctor

    Fiddy-one cents and a little funk !

    I was going to do a little experimenting with the 5.3 concentric coil at a iron infested area of "my tired old spot". It must have been back to school night as there were no nearby parking spots . In this day and age If I can't be close enough to see my car and be within short reach of it...
  11. dirt doctor


    I wonder if there's going to end up just being two forums here , one being "The Equinox Forum " and the other being called " The Outdated detectors Forum " ?
  12. dirt doctor

    80 minutes worth of hunt

    Targets are really getting scarce at the old spot . The best find was the pen I eyeballed . I used the 10" DD stock coil . I prefer the 950 concentric for large coil use , I'm going to stick with that .
  13. dirt doctor

    A little gold !

    Went to my old usual spot and brought the Explorer 2 with the 5x10 Joey coil . I hunted for about an hour and a half and found this 10K cross ( The diamonds aren't real ) .I also found 4 clad dimes , 1 nickel , 1 copper memorial , 5 stinky zincs and the usual junk . For this...
  14. dirt doctor

    Enter the Dragon !

    I put in another 1+1/2 hrs. tonight at the same spot I've been hunting lately . Tonight I put on the 10" stock Pro coil to see how I would do with that .Only one coin tonight and that was a rotted Zincoln . Again I dug all the signals as you can see by my junk finds . The "A"...
  15. dirt doctor

    A much better result !

    Tonight's 1+1/2 hrs. was much more productive than my last posted hunt .Tonight I ground balanced and the put it in "LOC" rather than let it track on its own .The last hunt I could hear the faint targets disappearing .I also kept my sweeps much closer together than I usually do .I...
  16. dirt doctor

    Finally got out !

    I had about an hour and a half to hunt this evening so I hit my close by , hunted to heck spot . I dug all my signals which were very far and few between . The 1979 nickel was my second to last target ( I thought it was going to end up to be a coinless hunt ) . The Peters 12 Ga. head...
  17. dirt doctor

    Another 2+1/2 hrs.

    I got out again a couple of nights ago and found this " spinner" ( which is now my Grandsons ) and a very oxidized 1955D Wheat . I also found about eight pieces of junk which I didn't add to the picture . I'm hoping to get out at least once this weekend .
  18. dirt doctor

    Finally , another trip

    I went to one of my very tired places and noticed three mounds of dirt that weren't previously there . There were also a few smaller evergreens that had their lower branches removed , giving me some access to dirt I could not previously get too . The dirt piles only gave up a quarter ...
  19. dirt doctor

    Back to swinging !

    It's been a long time .Two hrs. the other night in one of the places that got me sick of detecting ( a neglected sports field that now has knee high weeds in almost all of its entirety ) . It was fun , I'll probably be hitting a beach on my next hunt .I dug a lot of junk also ( not pictured)...