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Search results

  1. C.J.M.


    Well here it is another year and times are worse and its not looking any better.It is what it is God bless us all and pray for better times :thumbup:
  2. C.J.M.

    Looks like this forum is really dead.

    Yep ,this country is going through a state of depression due to this socialism government we are under! Beetle Brain Biden is giving millions to many countries for climate change and yet we are paying outrageous prices just to live on!! Biden has throw all common sense out the window and the...
  3. C.J.M.

    Pinpointers What’s your favorite?

    I had both black and orange one --the black always won out. :thumbup:
  4. C.J.M.

    F75 Coil Question

    I have the perfect coil for you----Cors 9.5"x 5.5" d.d. coil ,works great.Will take $80 shipped. cjm
  5. C.J.M.

    Update on Ma Betty......

    Inn JESUS name raise her up Abba father.:please:
  6. C.J.M.

    Salute to our Veterans

    Salute to our Veterans and God bless them all including all those service dogs that gave their lives to protect us.
  7. C.J.M.


  8. C.J.M.

    Happy New Year & Some Changes

  9. C.J.M.


    RICK I have a pristine 9.5"x 5.5"d.d. coil works perfect/Will take$84.00 shipped.
  10. C.J.M.

    prayer request.......

    lord raise her up in JESUS name.
  11. C.J.M.

    Hello CMD Bros & Sisters,

    I sent Mike a note he should know.:blink:
  12. C.J.M.

    10k White Gold and Sapphire Ring Found

  13. C.J.M.

    Hello CMD Bros & Sisters,

    May the Lord bless you as you go through life prayers for you on the way :thumbup:
  14. C.J.M.

    Pick up a old cutlass II today.

    Sure miss those good old days with the many Tesoro's I had . Wish for a resurrection of those good old days :sadwalk:
  15. C.J.M.

    Prophetic Visions by Perry Stone

    Folks this pastor is for real the visions GOD gives him do come true its all coming to pass. Just stand by and see it come before your eyes in due time. https.//
  16. C.J.M.

    TVA shut down any metal detecting down on there land !

    I have the answer for you moved the the Texas gulf coast around the Port O'Conner area and get buried in Spanish silver!! All you need is a small flat bottom 14---16'boat
  17. C.J.M.

    Maybe a little help for those with back problems.

    To late for me had 12 major surgeries 4 of them on my back couple on the neck,complete right shoulder replacement and other ones.:stretcher: Worse part is that I am turning 82 in a few months:thumbdown:
  18. C.J.M.

    Sorry folks........

    Prayer for your daughter and John .
  19. C.J.M.

    Happy Birthday Mike - -

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE :clapping:
  20. C.J.M.


    Sorry unable to get this on due to this ancient PC, but here it is .Its closer than you think!!