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Search results

  1. woodbutcher

    Maybe you were there

    I recently bought a few tesoro machines from different individuals that aren't on the forums,as far as I know. One tesoro I bought was from a person that his father was a Tesoro dealer,and this one was his dad's personal machine. But anyhow, we messaged a few times and he gave me some insight of...
  2. woodbutcher

    Where to get a ground balance and threshold pot

    Where would somone get a ground balance or a threshold potmr for a Tesoro? Are they universal, aftermarket or something else that'll work? Thanks . For a umax detector
  3. woodbutcher

    Looking at bigger Racer coils

    Anyone have any experience with the bigger Racer coils? I see a tornado, makro makes a big one too. Just looking, and seeing if anyone has experienced more EMI, better depth,etc . Thanks ...Also ,anyone got one catching dust let me know I might be interested in buying it..
  4. woodbutcher


    With the wireless module, can I plug in my regular gray ghost headphones that have a 1/4 end of do I need specific headphones to use the wireless module for the 3030.. thanks
  5. woodbutcher

    Pulled a deep one today

    Large cent is toast but I was really surprised it was left in the ballfield I've literally pounded for years. Legend nailed it along with a few bullets ,nickel and a old penny. The legend is a very deep machine,but not only that it's accurate at depth .
  6. woodbutcher

    Why so many people dumping the Deus 2

    Seems to be a huge number of used Deus 2 machines hitting all the classifieds over the last 6 weeks,, especially the last two weeks..I know I sold mine for two reasons,,one the control box wouldn't stay on the stem mount and second was the 11 inch coil was so prone to EMI it was unusable in...
  7. woodbutcher

    Red racer coil fix

    Got broken stock coil ears on the original red racer,,,both are broken off..Anyone have this problem,and what was your fix? Thanks
  8. woodbutcher

    Where can I buy this anfibio part

    I need that little square plastic washer type thing that fits in these stock Anfibio coil,,can’t find it anywhere..
  9. woodbutcher

    Few with the equinox

    Hit a area last night and again this morning. 1890 ihp,old medallion,,old boot thing , some odds and ends,a lot of wheats I didn’t take pics of too. Nice old spot..
  10. woodbutcher

    Bucket lister

    This year has been slow for me,haven’t been out much but this week I’ve managed two good hunts resulting in a mercury dime,and a bucket lister holed coin. I live across from a old church yard,,usto be a woman’s rectory ther in the very late 1700s,,then a Catholic Church in the 1800s,,Both tore...
  11. woodbutcher

    Legend in modern trash

    Saw a video TN sharpshooter did,and one calabash did with a piece of foil next to a silver quarter.. legend was blind to the silver coin in anything but 4 khz..I hope nokta makro will address this issue
  12. woodbutcher

    Question on warranty registration

    I’ve been trying to register my Legend on Nokta site for the warranty..every time I fill out all the information and push the red submit button nothing happens,,screen stays the same,no acknowledgement that it’s been registered,just the form I filled out stays on the screen..Anyone else have...
  13. woodbutcher

    For those who updated to 1.08

    Can you set tone breaks in pitch? I’m assuming no,but I could be wrong and I see nothing about it either way online. Thanks
  14. woodbutcher

    Can't upload version 1.07

    Did everything right on the update,,up until the end and then it stops searching for the machine?? Anyone have any info or help on this?
  15. woodbutcher

    Makro Legend and the equinox 800

    I’ve been looking hard at this legend,and it does look good. I’ve ran the equinox 800 quite a bit and I think it’s a pretty good machine. I don’t have either tho at the moment. Just my Deus...So I was thinking and looking,and a used 800 with no warranty is right about the $650ish range...A new...
  16. woodbutcher

    Sef coil question for vx3

    I look up some SEF coils, and some say for mxt,dfx and m6.... Then others say v3i,vx3 and mx5.. I'm wondering why the mx5 Is listed with the vx3 and v3i? I assumed mx5 would share coils with mxt. So, my next question is I saw a few sef coils for sale for a mxt. Am I right in thinking they won't...
  17. woodbutcher

    Little hunting with the safari

    Hey guys, somone needs to breathe a little life into this Safari section. Took the Safari out to a local ballfield,nothing great but it really cleaned up on what was left. Best find was some green wheats,change and a chunky cheese token..But the Safari is such a great machine,I’ve had...
  18. woodbutcher

    Got some naked pics in my message box

    As much as if like to view them I'm not opening up the message. So,I didn't know how to make the mods aware, but I got a message in my box asking me to rate some naked pics
  19. woodbutcher

    Tesoro Mojave coils

    I was thinking of adding a coil to my Tesoro Mojave ,I only have had the stock.The machine is a lot of fun to use,but I’d like a DD coil for walking the coil back to pinpoint,was thinking about a sharpshooter or maybe one of those Tesoro 8x11 inch. My question is has anyone used a nel coil on...
  20. woodbutcher

    Large cents,flat buttons and a buckle

    Hit a old corn field today for about an hour, finds were good so I'll go back another day. 200 + acre farm I got permission at so I'll be there awhile..will post pics with dates when I clean them up