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Search results

  1. Dan(NM)

    Here's a link to some information from the Minelab USA website..
  2. Dan(NM)

    Manticore information..

    This was posted to one of the new Facebook groups for. the Manticore... I cannot guarantee or verify that this came from Minelab ........ MANTICORE High Power Metal Detector LATEST DETAILS JUST RELEASED Our most powerful detector yet, Manticore finds targets faster, more clearly, and in even...
  3. Dan(NM)

    Found Aggie ring returned today.

    5 weeks ago I found a large Texas A&M University class ring. I spent three days searching the internet trying to find the owner. I came across a department at A&M for lost and found class rings. I sent an email with all the pertinent information first. After 3 days I went back to the website...
  4. Dan(NM)

    Large Aggie ring found and returned.

    5 weeks ago I found a large Texas A&M University class ring. I spent three days searching the internet trying to find the owner. I came across a department at A&M for lost and found class rings. I sent an email with all the pertinent information first. After 3 days I went back to the website...
  5. Dan(NM)

    Silver-Gold-Platinum Day.

    With the weather extremely hot and dry here in Central Texas, I've been hanging around the rivers and the lakes taking advantage of the low water levels. Last few times out I haven't had to get into the water because there's so much exposed ground to hunt. I hit two different swim beaches...
  6. Dan(NM)

    Class ring finds it way home 21 years later.

    I found a class ring last week at a lake park. I was able to find the owner rather quickly. I googled the class year and found a link that gave the list of graduates. I sent the owner a message thru Facebook and I asked him if he had lost anything at this particular park. He confirmed that he...
  7. Dan(NM)

    First water hunt with the Legend.

    With all this hot weather, I decided it was time for my first water hunt of the year. It turned into a very productive hunt I was using the Legend with my Blu3 Nemo setup hunting in chest deep water. The first hour and a half was the usual, bottle caps, pull tab and a little bit of clad. All...
  8. Dan(NM)

    Latest Nokta Legend News......

    From Dilek of Nokta: "In the shortest form, the next update will include new features / settings all recommended by users: [] 1) Iron Bias 2)M3 new Multi Freq 3)Pitch Tone 4)Mineralization Meter 5)Mute Function 6)Audio Gain 7)Hearing the sound thru HPs and speaker at the same...
  9. Dan(NM)

    Is there an indication that the WS6 is charging?

    How can you tell if the WS6 module is charging? I see no blinking light, no battery bar, nothing.
  10. Dan(NM)

    Did I find a piece of cut silver?

    So I got out today and went to an old park. Running through the park is a ditch that was dug in the late 1700s by the Spanish. I found this about 20 ft from the ditch. It looks like it was cut in half. It is exactly half the size of a dime. Did I find a piece of cut silver? Only detail I can see...
  11. Dan(NM)

    First Legend Hunt

    I took the Legend out to an old football field in town for the first hunt. I spent a couple of hours when I first got the machine getting familiar with the settings. It's a rather easy machine to learn once you go though the functions a few times. I ran Park mode Multi 1, 2 tones, manual GB...
  12. Dan(NM)

    February's Finds

    The weather has been excellent here in Central Texas. Only had a couple of really nasty days so far. Was able to get out 5 or 6 times this month. All the finds came from public places. I haven't turned my attention to private permissions yet. I've been running the Nox 800 in Park 1....Iron bias...
  13. Dan(NM)

    What's a fair asking price for dug silver coins?

    uary 17, 2022 10:36PM Registered: 6 years ago Posts: 446 I have close...
  14. Dan(NM)

    Park Creek Hunt

    We are in semi drought conditions here in Central Texas. I went back to the park that's been producing quite well. Today I focused on where the water would normally be under normal conditions. I ran my tone break right at 21 because the trash was almost unbearable. I may have left some nickels...
  15. Dan(NM)

    Central Texas Treasures

    Beautiful day here in Central Texas. I drove over to a park about an hour from my house and had a very productive day. I was using the Equinox 800. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
  16. Dan(NM)

    2021 Best Finds

    Here's a few pics of last years finds. All were found in public places, mainly parks in Texas. I did hunt 1 school and 1 baseball field. My specialty is, hard hit, given up on places. I love the challenge of finding what was left behind. I use the Nox 800 and have it set up to cherry pick...
  17. Dan(NM)

    The Legend's Tone sample.

    Nokta has posted a video on the Nokta Facebook page with a sample of the Legend's tones.
  18. Dan(NM)

    The park that keeps on giving.

    I had a very productive day hunting a city park in a nearby town which has been very good to me. Took me 7 1/2 hours to round up all these keepers. The v nickel is the fifth one I've taken out of this park in the last 2 weeks. Ended up with a nickel trifecta to boot. I think I'm going to get...
  19. Dan(NM)

    A nickel kind of day.

    I went back to a park that's been producing some good finds. Today was a very unusual nickel day. Ended up with 3 silver war nickels, a v nickel, an unidentified coin, 4 Wheaties and a religious medallion. I didn't really have a goal this year for silver coins but with today's finds that puts me...
  20. Dan(NM)

    More park silver.

    Here are my finds from my last 2 hunts from public parks from nearby towns. On the first set of pictures, I was able to find four silver dimes, but, somehow I managed to lose a silver Rosie :( . Next set of pictures is from another park where I've done very well. The dates on the v nickels...