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Search results

  1. Larbear2

    A bonus to go with the clad

    Just more clad coins today and a couple junker rings. Started out with the F70, but noticed some dark rain clouds moving in quick, so I switched it out for the AT PRO for the waterproofness. Found the ten dollar bill while searching along a fence line at a little league ballpark. So, does...
  2. Larbear2

    Nothing but clad but i still had fun

    I went metal detecting to a high school that has been very good for large amounts of clad in the past. This school has also given me 3 gold rings and a few silver rings. Usually it is only clad. I don’t hunt it too often so the clad has time to accumulate. In most areas, the grass is thick...
  3. Larbear2

    First silver Washington in quite some time

    The other day I noticed that a house was being torn down and the lot was getting scraped. There was still equipment on the lot and part of the house was still standing. I told myself that I needed to keep an eye on it and search it when I could. I didn’t get back as soon as I should and some...
  4. Larbear2

    back up plan paid off

    Yesterday I drove to a freshwater beach an hour away. This beach is small but can be productive if I am the first one to search it when summer is over. That doesn’t always happen so I needed a backup plan in case someone had already ransacked the beach. Which is what transpired, the beach had...
  5. Larbear2

    Interesting comparison: durability of clad coins vs. 90% silver

    Last Friday I drove to a fresh water lake to search a boat launch/swimming area. This particular lake has some brackish water, kind of marsh like in certain areas. I think the mineral content might be high as some of the clad comes out with corrosion, some kind of a crusty dried powder look...
  6. Larbear2

    3rd clad half found in last 2 weeks

    Got out yesterday to the park where I found the last clad half on Sept. 1. I was using the F70 again and got my coil over another clad half, vdi 88, down 3 inches. It came out very reddish in color, it’s ‘93 or ‘98, have to tumble it to find out. Found a little over $5 in clad and a couple of...
  7. Larbear2

    Assortment of U.S. one dollar coins found in 2022

    While tumbling some coins yesterday, I saw that I had found three varieties of US one dollar coins this year. I saw that I was missing a Sacajawea one dollar coin. Today while on my way to the credit union to cash in some clad, I stopped at a basketball/tennis court/ picnic area and did some...
  8. Larbear2

    Change in settings leads to silver rosie and ihp

    Got out yesterday afternoon to search a sportsfield with the F70. I had searched this field a handful of times before and came away with one small sterling ring and a sprinkling of clad. The targets seemed far and few between. But the place looked like it had some potential, some old soccer...
  9. Larbear2

    Digger 27

    I saw on another forum where digger 27 passed away in June 2021. I am not entirely certain, but was this the fellow that posted as REVIER on this forum? He posted a lot of information about the F70 and also the Compadre. I really enjoyed his posts, lots of good information.
  10. Larbear2

    AT PRO wanted a turn

    I had a good hunt a few days ago with the fisher f70, finding some clad and an IKE dollar coin. I think it made the PRO jealous and it wanted to go for a hunt. So we went to a different town, to a large sports field. While searching the soccer sidelines, I found a Susan b Anthony dollar...
  11. Larbear2

    BIG coin, little bitty ring

    Got out yesterday for a 3 hour hunt at a local elementary school. There is a disc golf course on the grounds along with a softball field and playground equipment, I spent 95% of my time searching the disc golf area. I was finding a fair amount of clad which included a couple quarter spills...
  12. Larbear2

    Just clad today and a visit with the police.

    Got out for an afternoon hunt, had trouble deciding where to go. My regular hunts are giving sparse returns because I have hammered them so much. Decided to go to a grade school a short distance away in another town. I was nearing the end of my hunt, was searching for another 26 cents so I...
  13. Larbear2

    Avon sterling skeleton key ring

    Got out today for what was supposed to be a water hunt, it didn’t work out that way. Even though water levels were down for the winter, along the river the drop offs were deep and the water was super rocky close to the shore. I was limited to searching dry ground, rocky swimming areas with...
  14. Larbear2

    Some 925 from recent hunts

    Big ring in the middle of the first picture was found in the water. Others were found at schools/sports fields and narrow band at a park.
  15. Larbear2

    Water hunting fun

    Got back to the lake where I had found the 10k wedding band a couple of weeks ago. I had noticed that the water level was down from the previous time I had been there. Evidently at this beach, to the left of the dock is more of a fishing area than swimming, while to the right of the dock it...
  16. Larbear2

    Got a 925 ring today, baseball field find

    Needed to go to a store today for a few things. On the way home I stopped at a baseball field that doesn’t see much use anymore. I did a few passes in right outfield, center and left outfield. It seemed to be better in right field so that is where I did a not-so-tight grid. And that’s where...
  17. Larbear2

    Found a 10k ring while checking my chest waders

    The last water hunt I did, my chest waders leaked way too much. So yesterday I did some Aqua Sealing and today I went to check the results. I went to a local swimming area with the AT Pro to see if the local water hunters had left anything behind. I got a signal, the vdi seemed pretty low...
  18. Larbear2

    At Pro finds old class ring plus silver ring

    It was a beautiful fall day so I decided to take advantage of that and get out for a couple of hours. I had the 5x8 coil on the Pro, first stop was a park by the river. Found the silver ring within the first five minutes of the hunt. After that things slowed down and it was just a little bit...
  19. Larbear2

    A couple Oregon silvers

    The wife wanted to visit her friend in Oregon, so we made the trip from north Idaho to Sandy Oregon (near Portland). Being unfamiliar with the area, I hunted a couple of schools and parks in Sandy, and a downtown city park in Gresham. Ended up with 7.60 in clad and a 925 spinner ring. I went...
  20. Larbear2

    F19 finds gold ring

    Happy Father’s Day everybody! I got out yesterday afternoon for a 2 1/2 hour hunt. I had not used my f19 for awhile so decided to use it for the last couple of hunts. Started out at a small park where I found most of the coins, then went to a soccer field. Found a few more coins there and...