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Search results

  1. coinspader

    Ceramic ball

    This ball of stone or ceramic material popped up out a hole while I was digging another target, I put the nickel in the picture for scale, anybody got a clue what it could have been used for or what it is?
  2. coinspader

    I created a monster

    This is my Whites ultimate tot lotter, I Frankensteined this puppy together using parts laying around my detector room. What do you think? good ? or Bad? lol
  3. coinspader

    I think I found a steel cent

    I was out yesterday with my F19 and this came out of the hole with another coin, I thought at first it was a old washer but I started to wonder because of its size if it could actually be a steel cent so I chipped away at it and it indeed could be an old steel cent. Here are the pics I took so...
  4. coinspader

    Great find with the Legend SILVER!

    Got my coil over this nice Barber quarter while using my Legend with the stock 11 inch coil. It was only about 4 inches deep but there were 3 rusty nails in the hole with it, rang up on the vdi at 32-33 loud and clear in both directions and I think it was still there because of the lower...
  5. coinspader

    Military button ID

    Found this button today about 6 inches deep with my Legend, I don't know much about buttons so I am posting these pics to see if anybody knows how old it is. It looks fairly modern to me judging from the shank but like I said I am button ignorant. : )
  6. coinspader

    Relic mode depth

    I was going to sell my D2 because I have a D1 and I didn't think I needed both of them, well I took it out tonight for what I thought would be my last run out with it and decided to put it in relic mode just for kicks. I got my eyes opened big time, the D2 is crazy deep in relic mode, I pulled...
  7. coinspader

    13" Detech Ultimate on my E2

    I finally decided to try an Ultimate coil on my Explorer 2, I was always a little hesitant to do so because of the high trash and iron content in the park where I hunt most of the time but I strapped one on my E2 today and low and behold I nabbed a nice little Barber dime about 8 inches deep in...
  8. coinspader

    Button identity

    I found this small button with the Dues 2 a couple days ago and was wondering if anybody here knows what it is from, it looks pretty old, it is a one piece button, looks like maybe it was a cuff button judging by it's size.
  9. coinspader

    Legend video posted on my channel

    I got out a couple days ago with the Legend in my hunted out park and I got it on video. It did very well and I got some old coins including some silver. Special thanks to Woodbutcher for lending me his Legend to try out, I enjoyed using it and may get myself one in the future. Enjoy the video...
  10. coinspader

    1235X to 1236-X2 depth comparison

    I currently own a 1235X and I am wondering if I will get the same depth as a 1236-X2 ? this has probably been brought up before several times I'm sure. : )
  11. coinspader

    What detector does this coil go to?

    Bought this coil on feebay and the seller told me he used it on his Whites M6, I don't think it is a Whites coil, it doesnt fit my DFX which I bought it for.
  12. coinspader

    Any military button experts out there?

    I had the little Whites Classic 3 plus out today working the naily area's of the old park and I came across this target about 5 inches down, it is a small military cuff button but I am not a button expert so I don't know how old it might be, I am sure somebody on this forum would know.
  13. coinspader

    Nice find with an Omega 8500

    I took my recently acquired Teknetics Omega 8500 out today to try it out for the first time and I got me a bucket lister. I was using the 5x10 DD coil in heavy trash, I dug 4 holes and found 3 coins, this was one of them. I didn't know what it was until I got home and gave it a clean. It is...
  14. coinspader

    GTI 2500 with treasure talk

    I need some insight on the above mentioned detector, I have a chance to get one in awesome condition. I don't have any experience with the gti 2500 so I would like to know if anybody could give me some info on how they do in trashy sites and in sites that are loaded with iron. Any input would be...
  15. coinspader

    Nice find with the Explorer XS

    I don't post here very often but I thought I would with this find I made yesterday with my Explorer XS. A great condition Walking Liberty half that was about 11 inches down in a spot that me and my friend have hit many times with lots of other detectors including other FBS units. It read high...
  16. coinspader

    VX3 screen replacement

    Anybody here replace a scratched screen on a VX3 or V3i , I bought a new one for my VX3 and was curious if anybody had any tips on performing this operation
  17. coinspader

    I am stumped on this one

    I have found 4 of these over the years and they are usually pretty deep, it feels like it is made of lead, a couple of the other ones were kind of bent up so I assume they are made of lead. Anybody got a clue what it is?
  18. coinspader

    Uploaded an Etrac video

    Hey I put a new Etrac video on my youtube channel "coin spader" It was a pretty good hunt with a surprise bucket lister coin popping up if you want to check it out. m.
  19. coinspader

    X terra 70 observation

    I have an X terra 70 that I just acquired and it seems to run much smoother and have more solid ID's than the 705's that I have owned over the years, I thought the internals of the 70 and the 705 were pretty much the same as far as the processing goes, Is this just my imagination? Or did I get...