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Search results

  1. coinworld

    Unique Gilted button 76

    Got out today to a civil war camp in N Virginia that’s been pounded through the years but the Deus2 is a beast in depth and in iron separation; I ended up with a .54 round ball, a civil war period brass wedding band, a rubber 4 hole button; and a flat gilted button with the backmark; IRKELSO...
  2. coinworld

    Deus 2 Continues to Outperform

    Howdy Deus 2Diggers- What a beautiful day today mid November with temps in the low 70s here in Virginia. This was the first time with the Deus 2 at this battle site we’ve pounded for 10 years., with just over 6 months using this machine info love the performance. I finished with 2 dropped.58...
  3. coinworld

    First Fall Hunt with the XP Deus 2

    My buddy and I got out to a new site we’ve researched the past year and decided to search a different section of this site in Virginia. It is so rewarding when the research pays off what the OR maps show. I finished with 7 bullets ; 4 dropped .58 and 3 dropped .58 Confederate Gardners. The...
  4. coinworld

    Settings for Deus 2 Relic Hunting

    Howdy Deus2 Users- I’ve been using the new Deus2 Beast 😆since mid February 2022 and have approximately 3.5 months under my belt and I am very pleased with my civil war relic bullets/buttons and coins I’ve recovered thus far having used the original Deus. I don’t civil war/colonial during the...
  5. coinworld

    First impressions Using Deus 2

    I ponied up and purchased the Deus 2 In February after waiting for almost 4 months when I purchased it and received mid February. Initial observations : 1) Iron separation I believe is much better than my original Deus which I had used for a year. I live and dig in Virginia primarily civil...
  6. coinworld

    Deus II Continues To Out Perform

    Got out today to a site we located about 10 years ago in N Virginia that we thought was pounded but surprises still await. The day started very slow to get any signal lol but I finished strong with recovering my 3rd US Federal Breast plate, but my first plate with the Deus II. The Deus II is a...
  7. coinworld

    XP Deus II is the Real Deal

    Diggers- I usually do not dig on Sundays but since my digging buddy could not dig yesterday we dug today. It was cold today for early April but we both managed to snag a few bullets and flat buttons. I sure love this new Deus II I am certain the tones are much more clear than the original Deus...
  8. coinworld

    Deus II is Smoking

    Got out on Friday to a civil war site in PA that we’ve been hunting for the Past 5 years that continues to produce; the 1838 Seated Dime was a surprise and my 2nd silver for the year with my new Deus II. I dug 5 .58 caliber drops and 1 fat boy .69 drop; big rivet and 2 flat buttons . The 1838...
  9. coinworld

    Used XP Deus I includes HF coil, WS4 WS5 waterproof plus 11 DD coil

    Purchased Jan 2019 but did not stsrt detecting with the XP until Dec 2019; detector comes with 9 inch round HF coil, stock 11 inch DD (brand new-never used) manual, headphones small WS4 and waterproof WS5, Remote Controller, plus all charging cables. I recently purchased the Deus II so I no...
  10. coinworld

    Maiden Hunt with Deus II Did not Dissapoint

    My buddy and I got out to a new site today in Northern Virginia and I took the Deus II on her maiden hunt; the Deus II-did not disappoint. We stumbled into a colonial house site, bricks and broken glass in heavy iron everywhere. I finished after about 5.1/2 hours today with a nice General...
  11. coinworld

    The XP Deus II Has Landed!

    Happy digging XP Deus II users! (And soon to be fit those of us who live in the US) 😆. Got back from digging yesterday and my wife showed me what Mr UPS man delivered while I was out digging. I think I would have hugged the UPS man if I was here when the parcel 📦 was delivered. Keep the faith...
  12. coinworld

    XP Deus II Relic Program

    Howdy Deus II Diggers- This is primarily for Calabash but my question; for those of you that have the Deus II - what are your experiences using the Relic mode program? I exclusively civil war relic hunt here in Virginia where I live and am glad that Deus has developed a program specifically for...
  13. coinworld

    Vintage Avon Sales Representative 10K Gold pendant engraved with woman’s name being returned to surviving relative

    On Saturday I dug an interesting item near by in N Virginia where I live; a vintage Avon Sales Representative pendant marked 10K Gold with the lady’s name engraved on the reverse: Mrs. M. P. Collins 1944. This is the first personalized anything that I have ever dug and also the first gold find...
  14. coinworld

    ***XP Deus II YouTube Video***

    Hello XP Deus Users- Not sure if anyone has seen the first XP Deus II YouTube video by Gary, but it's out-a little "teaser" of XP Deus II coming attractions-seems to "mirror" the basic platform of our current XP Deus machines-thoughts? Here is the link: Can't wait till XP Deus France ships...
  15. coinworld

    ***Preferred Deep Relic Program with Deus***

    Happy Thanksgiving Diggers- I have been using the XP Deus as my only detector since November 2019 and I have been extremely happy with the performance no complaints. I have found more period coins, bullets, civil war buttons (including 5 Confederate I recovered-4 last year and a beautiful...
  16. coinworld

    Mississippi “A” Coat button

    First day out relic hunting this season in Virginia and the good Lord blessed me with a good one-Mississippi “A” Coat at about 4-6 inches down. I dug nothing but trash the first 5 hours abs decided to go into the woods and within 15 minutes I got a good hit solid 72-74. I was thinking button...
  17. coinworld

    XP Deus is Killer on Silver

    Hello XP Deus Users- I’ve only been using the XP Deus for about 15 months now since selling my Nox 800 but am very pleased with the depth and performance I am getting with this machine. I dug my 2nd Liberty capped bust dime (1835) a few weeks ago where I dug my first capped Liberty capped dime...
  18. coinworld

    1834 Cap Bust Dime

    Was digging on Saturday and dug my first silver coin of the year and my oldest US silver coin to date-1834 cap bust. I was using Deus Fast on my XP Deus and she locked on this coin solid 90 at about 4 inches. Man I love this machine!
  19. coinworld

    ***Cleaned up Enfield Bayonet***

    After a week in the electrolysis bath the Enfield Bayonet cleaned up real purty...After careful examination it appears the tip is not broken off as I initially had thought; it appears the “user” used the bayonet as a possible digging/gardening tool as the tip although there appears to be...
  20. coinworld

    ***Gotta Dig That Iron****

    I was on a group hunt in South Carolina this past weekend at a huge track of land that had known Rev War and Civil War activity; although it was easy digging in the sandy loony sugar soil, I was unable this time to sniff out any buttons at all on this trip with my XP Deus using high frequency...