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Search results

  1. coinspader

    Ceramic ball

    Yeah I could see it being one of those.
  2. coinspader

    Ceramic ball

    It looks like it was made by someone, it has a raised line in the middle of it
  3. coinspader

    Ceramic ball

    This ball of stone or ceramic material popped up out a hole while I was digging another target, I put the nickel in the picture for scale, anybody got a clue what it could have been used for or what it is?
  4. coinspader

    Whites "Flagship" Detector ?

    In my opinion it would have to be the V3i, but as far as their most popular and used detector I would say the MXT series was top dog. I'm sure this subject will be heavily debated. : )
  5. coinspader

    Detectors that have stood the test of time.

    I have read a few stories about the legendary compass coinscanner, is it as deep as they claim? It is a detector I have never had but always wanted to try.
  6. coinspader

    Detectors that have stood the test of time.

    I own 2 musketeer advantages, one is equipped with the TS 800 coil and one has the TS 1000 coil, I have 2 because I don't like changing coils lol. The Musketeer Advantage is the deepest detector I have ever used and I have used a lot of detectors, including FBS, it's a bold statement but I...
  7. coinspader

    I created a monster

    Haven't tried it out yet, to busy playing with the Legend, I will get out with it soon though, I'm sure it will do well, I have used a lot of Whites detectors over the years.
  8. coinspader

    I created a monster

    This is my Whites ultimate tot lotter, I Frankensteined this puppy together using parts laying around my detector room. What do you think? good ? or Bad? lol
  9. coinspader

    I think I found a steel cent

    The coin with it was a 1903 Barber dime which is much earlier than 1943 but I think it is possible both coins could have been in the same pocket spill.
  10. coinspader

    I think I found a steel cent

    I was out yesterday with my F19 and this came out of the hole with another coin, I thought at first it was a old washer but I started to wonder because of its size if it could actually be a steel cent so I chipped away at it and it indeed could be an old steel cent. Here are the pics I took so...
  11. coinspader

    Great find with the Legend SILVER!

    Got my coil over this nice Barber quarter while using my Legend with the stock 11 inch coil. It was only about 4 inches deep but there were 3 rusty nails in the hole with it, rang up on the vdi at 32-33 loud and clear in both directions and I think it was still there because of the lower...
  12. coinspader

    Legend vs Manticore

    I think it is hard to do any meaningful comparisons until both detectors have been widely used unless you are just comparing features and not performance. I know one thing, Minelab has a way to go to match the build quality of the Nokta machines. I also think accurate I.D. at depth has gone...
  13. coinspader

    Etrac Still Viable?

    FBS detectors are high performers that in my opinion will always be viable, I think it comes down to not only what you find but how much fun you have using them. : )
  14. coinspader

    TNsharpshooter on Youtube anyone watch his Comparisons especially on the Nokta Makro Legend?

    I have been using the Legend a bit and it is finding coins in spots I have been over with many other detectors, that is what I care about, finding old coins. I have no complaints.
  15. coinspader

    Classic III Plus

    Check out the "relic1864" channel on youtube, Keith Southern has a great video on the Whites classic 3+ metal detector, very good detector at finding good targets in amongst iron debris.
  16. coinspader

    New F-75 Question

    Press the menu button until the all metal at the top is highlighted and then just turn the knob counter clockwise, that should put you into the disc side.
  17. coinspader

    Military button ID

    It is smaller than a dime. Thanks for the ID
  18. coinspader

    Military button ID

    Found this button today about 6 inches deep with my Legend, I don't know much about buttons so I am posting these pics to see if anybody knows how old it is. It looks fairly modern to me judging from the shank but like I said I am button ignorant. : )
  19. coinspader

    Equinox 2 on the horizon?

    A new lighter faster FBS platform would be just the ticket, my E2 gets heavier with each year that passes, old age is creeping up on me I guess. : (