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Search results

  1. J

    Did you see this?

    Is there an error in video posted by Minelab?… I seen a short clip of, I guess a release date of 1/12/22 of the Manticore? I believe we are past that time…..right?….. Unless my eyes are bad?
  2. J

    I just had to get it!

    Since I’m getting the Manticore, I had to get this shirt.
  3. J

    Some beach jewelry finds

    Mostly silver!…..Not sure on the earring? Mark is usually on holder, which is missing.The sea was rough so, hunted along the wet sand only. The targets were spread out & sand was soft. I’m certain I missed some deeper targets due to conditions (well sanded)!
  4. J

    A:M beach hunt today

    Mentally I was thinking rings but, the beach gods were thinking differently today!…..I found one nice 14k gold cross. A gold plated bracelet. One silver bracelet & silver earring….. Bonus find find was the pair of Maui Jim sunglasses while detecting (eye find) with mask & snorkel. A couple...
  5. J

    Coil covers for the GTI 2500?

    Is there coil covers available for the imaging coils?
  6. J

    The GTI 2500

    Just wondering what you all think about a $225.00 price, on a like new like condition one. It comes with the 9.5” & 12.5” coils and some other accessories too. The story is, is the person who owned it gave it to his neighbor before he died. That neighbor posted it on FB market place because he...
  7. J

    More beach finds

    1 gold ring, Finally! & 1 silver ring. A pair of good condition Ray ban…… A couple $ change & usual aluminum trash.
  8. J

    Some more beach finds

    To the left are 3 silver rings & to the right are 2 junk rings & one piece bracelet. These were water finds & found with the D2…..The watch is a cheap one but, still works. That was found with the Vanquish along the shoreline.
  9. J

    Some beach finds ( warning, no gold)

    2 silver rings & 2 junk rings . 2 junk earrings & 1 stainless steel necklace with a mystery metal heart.
  10. J

    Some more beach finds

    Hunted last night at the tide line. No gold was found but, I managed to scrape out these out though. Can’t believe I actually found the complete set of earrings that are made from Jamaican coins! The 2 other hoop earrings are silver. The black tungsten ring is nice though! I found a similar one...
  11. J

    On the right trail!

    Man!…. I thought I was going to hit the jackpot at the beach last night with all the targets I was finding but, all teasers!…..I believe the black colored ring is silver though?……My bonus find was the fake gold coin 👍
  12. J

    Last night’s beach spin

    Found 3 rings but, they are nothing special! Entertaining to find anyways.
  13. J

    Another for the collection.

    Found a Tungsten carbide ring with my Deus 2 at the beach last night
  14. J

    Better than nothing!

    Finally was able to get out & do some beach hunting last night. Managed to squeeze out a silver ring!….Of coarse I found all the typical beach finds that everyone else encounters too…… This ring was found over a foot deep while using the beach sensitive program, no discrimination used….. This...
  15. J

    Update app for Mac/Apple?

    Anyone know if you can do updates for the Deus 2 with a Mac pc?
  16. J

    Deus 2 arrives!

    Anyone else get theirs today?
  17. J

    Which coil?

    Are the aftermarket coils any good with the X-terra or, not a good idea?……..I understand Minelab doesn’t support the idea though.
  18. J

    Once again 705 owner.

    Well, I wasn’t in the market for a new detector necessarily but, like most , you always find yourself looking for good deals. Yesterday I was looking on F/B market place & stumbled across a posting of a new 705 for $140… I immediately responded to the post & asked all the typical questions. The...
  19. J

    Beach gold

    A nice 14k with diamonds found at the beach with my Equinox. I’ve had a gold dry spell lately. Only been finding non significant jewelry last four hunts but, today was the day.
  20. J

    Last night’s, low tide , beach hunt

    First hunt in months, at the beach, gives up two 14k white gold. What a great start!