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    Manticores shipping

    My dealer left me a text said there shipping to his distributor he has no idea of the quantity but said it would be pretty soon when he has them . sube
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    Pennies high ringing

    Years Material Weight (grains) Weight (grams) 1793–1795 ~100% copper 208 grains 13.48 1795–1857 † ~100% copper 168 grains 10.89 1856–1864 88% copper, 12% nickel (also known as NS-12) 72 grains 4.67 1864–1942 bronze (95% copper, 5% tin and zinc) 48 grains 3.11 1943 zinc-coated steel (also known...
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    Things i have learn running the 13 x 17 coil

    I mosty hunt dense thrash but every now and then i strap on the monster and take it for a spin . One thing you can cover ground (BUT) i know when not to use it when the iron becomes to dense the machine gives no tone and no ID just a spray of dots on the screen . What happens is your always on a...
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    Road trip iowa

    Got out for 5 days (HOT) detected 3 days 95 degrees 91 had to take breaks just miserable. Found a seated dime the back is wiped 1851 how long was this circulating came in at 12.40 solid both ways .My friend check with nox he said he got nothing but random #s and tones said why are you digging I...
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    Detectors unfinished before release

    Seems to be the future of metal detectors sell machine first make your money then update all the problems after the customer gets it .Deus had 10 years to develop the deus 2 why all the updates (DON"T THEY HAVE TESTERS ) Legend nox ctx all need updates why. Give a example ctx they had to update...
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    Road trip illinois 3 days

    First hunt of the year . Since my ground is still frozen went on a road trip started in northern illinois found 3 sivers and some wheats ground was still froze from 3 to 7 inches top 3 was thawed so farther south i went . Different settings opened it up most coins were with iron as can be seen...
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    Why no IDS show en in the nail test videos

    All the videos of the elevated nail next to a dime it hits it they say WELL WHERE'S THE ID WHEN IT COMES OFF THE NAIL WHY DOES NOBODY SHOW IT. I hunt fairgrounds and parks ID is important to me I just can't dig every non-ferrous hit so where's the ID I can tell you what the nox ID is on a...
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    Deus 2 park hunt when well it happen

    I see relic field beach and water hunts when well we see a trashy park hunt i mean one with pull-tabs can slaw aluminum foil and everything else people throw away in the parks . I would like to see the id of all targets and how the machine audio is in all that trash . Someone do a park hunt like...
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    Who well be first

    I watch a video by paystreak superfreak talking about a voice command metal detector .Alexa set bin 1 to 15 for tone alexa change to mode 21 and so on . Just a matter of time the time saved would be great no more button pushing who well be first . sube
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    Spent a weekend in some norther IL fairgrounds

    Only 1 oldie 1881 indian 2 1918 mercs 1 was a s some dateless buffs and a bunch of wheats . 6 inch head i found 1 merc that only gave a 12.40 low most of been some iron there but hit 12.40 both ways a little shaky but repeated both ways hope you got out . sube
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    Nox nickel hunts

    Been hunting with the nox in my pounded places i have dug 7 pieces off junk for each nickel beavertails bottel caps and pull-tabs they all read 12 to 13 not any different from the nickels only 1 wheat .Not much left here was fun anyways no high tones left .sube
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    Was handed this today county park

    AUTHURIZATION The portage county parks commission is approving authority for determining the appropriateness of a maintenace plan for burial mounds in portage county parks . The parks department has reached out to representative of the ho-chunk nations , menomonee nation, as well as the...
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    Sink rate dry wet and frozen

    I mainly hunt trashy spots so i use the 6 inch coil, dry conditions what happens to the ground it shrinks giving more depth and less aggressive iron falsing . But a pain to dig or you just can't dig case in point south dakota coming back from a trip out west hunting well i could not even put my...
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    How i hunt with a 6 inch coil

    Not much happening here l'm still hunting but short hunts in places i have hunted for 50 plus years . Still finding wheats and silver dimes . Gotta say not getting any easier but coins are still there and will stay there till the super detector comes out Don't hold your breath it will be a...
  15. S

    Another hunt before the snow

    Another hunt before the snow comes same place behind the back stop of the ball diamond 5 of the coins came from a area 6x6 feet .I have hunted here for 50 years same dirt same spot .Why where the coins still there pull-tabs nails bottle caps foil and the real culprit was the chicken wire old...
  16. S

    First hunt of the year

    Two hour hunt at local ball diamond not the greatest hunt but good for the first one ,hope you guys got out weathers going to get bad for a week so had to go .sube
  17. S

    ILLINOIS and IOWA fairground hunt

    4 day hunt but only hunted 2 1/2 days rain and wind kept me from hunting all 4 days . 3 fairgrounds all gave silver only 1 Indian but lots of teen wheats there bad but part of the game 12d 11s and 10s good dates but pitted bad .That seated dime came in at a astounding depth of 1/4 inch deep...
  18. S


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    ctx 12 line separating non-ferrous from non-ferrous

    Made a quick video crappy at that but better than nothing hope you get something out of it .Going elk hunting for 3 weeks when i get back i will make a better video with more information then this one .This is only part of it but since this the best time of the year to hunt cooler temps and...
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    Nox separation video

    I talk about this in April on this forum not much talk about it so i made a video . Seen to many videos of false information leading to how good it separates or any machine . Once we get to 5 inches separation is gone the coil is seeing 2 targets and not one it has to pick one target or a...