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Search results

  1. ronaldj2

    Pieces of China and pottery

    Looks like the remains of a porcelain door knob.
  2. ronaldj2

    Old Miners Cache

    Just saw your post today.. Really cool. Man it is always so much fun exploring.. Nice finds. HH
  3. ronaldj2

    Hello CMD Bros & Sisters,

    I was also wondering how Ma is doing. I pray she is doing well , my mind ponders on the many posts she has made thru the years. She never did waiver in her faith in Jesus, and also spreading or sharing the gospel to the many readers of this forum. There are many who have been offended and...
  4. ronaldj2

    Some help please

    Mixed materials for sure..
  5. ronaldj2

    Settle Down Dude

    Even for young old coots (56.5 yrs) lighter is better...
  6. ronaldj2

    Prayers needed for my daughter, Tami, as she is having too much on her plate to keep trying to take care of me while an ill Senior Citizen,

    I'm certainly praying Ma , you are a mainstay on this forum as well as a prayer warrior yourself. I pray for the peace of God that transcends all understanding. While we are in these fleshly bodies we are subject to the aging process and all of the aches and pains that come with it. I pray...
  7. ronaldj2


    We are certainly in Gods judgement process .. He is a righteous God and cannot just wink at what is going on. Just look at whats going on in the natural realm that we are able to see. Severe droughts all around the globe, pestilence, famine and all of the other stuff that was mentioned. It...
  8. ronaldj2

    Broken ears on stock coil

    Thanks for the advice the washers are in good shape. Also going to put a stiffener on my 6 inch coil even though it doesn't get the amount of stress as the 11 inch.
  9. ronaldj2

    Broken ears on stock coil

    Unfortunately I am going to have to get an ear stiffener for my 800 Nox. Noticed one ear broke , I still have the ear just need to get the stiffener and I have some JB Weld for plastic. I think a redesign by Minelab should be done. Im outside the warranty , woulda coulda shoulda gotten a...
  10. ronaldj2

    Heavy Metals...

    Thats great.. I didn't realize you were doing saltwater dives. Never did any real diving . Have done some water detecting salt/fresh shallow stuff. Glad to hear that you recycle the batter waste and also reusing the lead for diving weights ( smart idea) .. HH
  11. ronaldj2

    Heavy Metals...

    You posted as I was typing ... Nice job on the rings..
  12. ronaldj2

    Heavy Metals...

    Glad you take the trash with you as well , Helps you for the next time you go out. Gold rings ? HH
  13. ronaldj2

    Fresh Water Beach Hunt

    Not bad.. Silver in any shape or form is always good.
  14. ronaldj2

    Prayer request......

    Thanks so much for the update.. Glad he's home . God is so good !!
  15. ronaldj2

    First outing, a couple questions.

    Had my machine a few years now, and I am still learning some tweaks and whatnots.. The ground can change dramatically from place to place , what worked 2 miles ago may not work anymore. I like a good challenge. HH
  16. ronaldj2

    First outing, a couple questions.

    Here's a little story about EMI and what my brother and myself encountered last year. We were metal detecting some old carriage roads out in the middle of nowhere , there were old homesteads and cellars along these roads. We came to an area that looked like an old road or at least thats what...
  17. ronaldj2

    Tooth Cap

    They're not teaching it because its so good . No repeat customers. more trips to the dentist equals more moolah for ADA.
  18. ronaldj2

    Prayer request......

    Praying for your friend Mike Branch as I am writing.. Praying his body responds well to the antibiotics and treatment.. Speedy recovery in Jesus name.
  19. ronaldj2

    Hi all. Many prayers needed, please…..

    Always here to pray when someone asks , If I can still pray I know Im alive.
  20. ronaldj2

    Ghost Signal

    I agree with the big deep target, it has happened to me on several outings. Most of the time its very rusty iron . I don't like to abandon good signals , but I have had to walk away from some of them. always leaves me wondering what it was !!