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Search results

  1. Mark kus

    Truly Blessed this year!!!

    We just did a half bath and now installing a new pellet stove. Well we ordered the stove and pad for the floor underneath and one day out of the blue a. Ox shows up with the stove piping we need we never ordered or payed for??(!! Then today we get a call ftom our closing attorney we bought our...
  2. Mark kus

    MI-6 issues

    Volume changes can barely hear it with headphones on works fine fully charged go and press on button dead probably 2 years old frustrating to say the least are the batteries the same as coils? Thanks Mark
  3. Mark kus

    Another new minelab????

    Friend sent me this anyones guess??? The dates what gets me ?
  4. Mark kus

    Morgan dollar find! shield nickel!

    These finds are from a few small hunts as I’ve been busy finishing up a half bath in my home. A old flat button a eagle medallion probably military a small piece of sterling jewelry $12.75 in clad Got the 186? Shield only my second ever in a yard of a state owned home now unoccupied and the...
  5. Mark kus

    Back on the river dime trifecta big silver !

    A couple of hunts one river and old hotel I’ve hunted before one area was cleaned up so it gave up some mercury dimes . The 1947 walker one mercury dime and 3 rosies one barber two Buffalos and the v and two silver quarters and musket balls and part of a trigger guard were all river finds my...
  6. Mark kus

    Notching and masked signals lowers VDI

    Very good point
  7. Mark kus

    Now that a deep detector 12ft!

  8. Mark kus

    Mi-6 volume?

    It seems my pinpointer is not as load as it once was anyone have this issue? I usually use it with just the tone no vibration. Thanks Mark
  9. Mark kus

    Back on the river more silver!

    Went back Saturday after fly fishing early low tide was 9:30. Covering the same spot going slow I found 4 more silver coins two SLQs a barber dime And right next to shore on the surface a 1962 Rosie two Buffalos and a 1899 V nickel and a musket ball , This spot amazes me every time I go! And I...
  10. Mark kus

    Weekend finds silver and gold almost!

    This was a combination hunt my river spot and the old school got the barber dime very worn no date one silver Washington and one mercury 1944 and two Rosie’s. Two gold filled rings could tell because they rang up high but both look gold! One nice military button not sure what era it’s from...
  11. Mark kus

    Equinox finds a GW inaugural button

    My friend Wayne found this at a park near us in a circle area entrance to a park right next to where I found a silver half !! I may even have passed it up as it rang up a 21 on his nox lol I happy that he found it saves a piece of history!
  12. Mark kus

    Washington inaugural button found?!!!

    I did not find this my friend Wayne did he found this in the park near where we live where we have found many coins He sent me this picture of an eagle and I looked at it and I thought it was a copper at first and then he told me there was a shank on the back and I remembered it being an...
  13. Mark kus

    Weekend hunt dime trifecta clean silver!

    Saw this school last fall mountain bike the air line trails and went Saturday well I saw one area in the far corner that looked like an un disturbed grassy area,By that I mean no fill and old looking grass well it paid off I found lots of clad and 9 silver dimes one Canadian 1952 Then I moved to...
  14. Mark kus

    Old yacht club gives up lots of old silver coins!

    These were from several trips on a local river spot that was a old yacht club we had over 50 silver coins 6 halves 2 barbers one seated and 3 walkers. Some coins were on the surface all below the high tide line these are all my finds the halves were all just under rocks one Spanish half Reale...
  15. Mark kus

    The new Minelab Manticore!

    Here we go!!!!
  16. Mark kus

    Back on the river 19 silvers! Lots of barbers! Dime trifecta!

    Hit the old spot again and the moon low tide was just what I needed to uncover more coins! I was able to get out farther this spot is tough to wade and dig just too many big rocks so I use only a shovel. The total was 5 barber dimes 8 mercury dimes 3 rosies 2 barber quarters 1898 1912 one...
  17. Mark kus

    Unexpected results from a silver dollar and a silver half?

    I checked to see what I heard was correct used general mode with a modern silver dollar and a walker you would think the silver dollar would come up 97 not the half?
  18. Mark kus

    Back on the river for more silver trifecta!

    Went out Saturday morning 5 am working the low tide line only had about 2 hours to hunt but managed 7 silver dimes two Buffalo’s and some clad. Im going in the water there this week with the 6 inch coil it’s easy to swing under water. Two barbers 1909-1911 Mercury 1917 1937 1943 Rosie’s...
  19. Mark kus

    Unbelievable silver hunts 3 halves well 6 with my friend joes also Spanish KG 22 silvers at the river Wednesday!

    This was about 7 hours total in the same spot 2 in one day. Some of these coins were on the surface in between the rocks! My 3 halves were all just under rocks joe found his old n the water one was a 1874S which had a mintage of 380k.and a walker and a barber also. I also found the sterling...
  20. Mark kus

    Back on the river for more silver seated barbers SLQ.

    Well I had to go back and it was dead low tide at about 8am I got there at 7. I started down from the spot we hit on Thursday and I had three barber dimes in minutes! As I was walking along I saw a coin on the surface a 1919 SLQ! No digging that one as I walked the waters edge I had a high tone...