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  1. T

    WSA ll xl headphones

    Tracking says they’re at the post office! Kinda of looking forward to trying them out! Our poor little post office is under staffed so probably won’t see them today. Will give a report on what I think when I get to give them a spin
  2. T

    My Deus2 coil has shipped!

    Got word yesterday that my 11 inch Deus 2 coil has finally shipped. I know a lot of others here have been waiting for their second coil for the D2 and sounds like merchandise is moving!
  3. T

    Settle Down Dude

    I tell myself! Been into all the hype, videos etc over Minelab’s new detector and start feeling inadequate and insecure and getting a serious dose of detector envy! Ah! Went out this morning for a quicky with the D2 and feel much better now! I’m sure the Manticore will be a cool machine...
  4. T

    That Spectra V3i

    Been thinking of selling it . I have the Deus2 and 1 and they are what I use. Before I put an ad up I thought I should take it out and give it a spin. Damn that is fun machine to use! Found a presidential dollar coin where I’d been hunting with the Deus. Not very deep and I just must have...
  5. T

    9 inch hi freq vs 9 inch eliptical hi freq

    So I am primarily a dirt hunter. Live in the Pacific NW Have the Deus 1 and 2 and use the 2 primarily. I do have the 9 inch HF coil for the 1 and wondering if the benefits of the eliptical hf coil would add anything to my ability to look for gold jewelry. I see it offers a higher frequency...
  6. T

    Took the V3i out for a ride

    Been at least a couple years. Crazy chatter and EMI like noise regardless of coil or program. Did a reset and it acted normal again. Of course lost custom programs but I kind of remembered what I had set up. Weird thing though was on polar plot I was just getting a blank screen. The axis lines...
  7. T

    Greek coin from 466 BC

    Well just a replica. Found one early in the week in a little park I hunt at. Yesterday in another section of the park I found another. Someone is losing their replicas! Anyway I just thought it was kind of weird finding two. Both about 4 inches. Rang up at 91 on the D2.
  8. T

    Screen Protectors

    Fairly new Deaus 2 owner. I can see a screen protector on the remote but can't tell if the headphone module has one. Hope so as it is already a little scuffed. Thaks!
  9. T

    My new Deaus 2

    Just got it 2 days ago. Bought the Deaus1 last fall just before the announcement the 2 was coming out. My impeccable timing once again! I suppose I should have been tuned in. Anyway.. no regrets! Been a sitting on my ass all winter and just started getting into learning the one which is...
  10. T

    Question on changing coils

    Only had my Deus about 3 weeks and still in learning stages. Liking it a lot but pretty sure that what is happening when changing to a different coil isn’t normal. I have the standard 11 in lf, the 9 in hf and I just got the 9 in lf which is when I think this situation occurred. What happens...
  11. T

    Date of Manufacture by serial #

    Have been advertising my MXT and potential buyer is asking about date of manufacture. I’ve been searching for any data base available that might help with that am striking out. The serial number sticker on my V3i clearly says what year manufactured but not the MXT. Anyone know any sources? I...
  12. T

    Freq doesn’t save

    Only had my Deus a couple weeks and enjoying trying to learn its language. Tried to set up a custom program with a couple changes just to learn how. I set the frequency up to 4 but event after saving the Program it reverts back to 12 when I go to basic then back to the custom . I know I saved it...
  13. T

    Just ordered my XP Deus

    Looking forward to learning a new machine. Mostly do coins and relics. Any tips for starters out appreciated!
  14. T

    Wireless Headphones on AT Max

    Thinking about this detector and wondering from users if they are happy with the wireless headphones on this unit. Have the Nox 800 and my trusty old Whites V3i and spoiled on the wireless headphones. Or any general comments regarding this detector. Have never used a Garrett but thinking I...
  15. T

    Type 1 type 2 Equinox?

    Are there type 1 and type 2 Equinox models? I ask because I’d like to buy a cover set but type 1 or type 2 is an option. My used Equinox should arrive today or tomorrow. Is there an obvious way to tell the difference? Thanks!
  16. T

    Back at it!

    Hi There Back after a couple of years. Life happens right! Anyway been out hitting it hard in my rural area where I've NEVER seen another detector. Use a V3i and feel like I'm hearing what its saying most of the time. Have picked up lots of clad. 1 gold plated ring and yesterday a little...
  17. T

    Coil Test Bad on RX 15 but ???

    Friday I was out at lunch time working my fairly new V3i with the 6 x 10 eclipse. It started acting erratic on pinpointing. I'd go to pinpoint and it went to overload even when not over the target. Then started acting very erratic in search mode as well. I run in auto track mostly but gb...
  18. T

    Found this a few months ago but..

    Just got around to taking a pic. Was with my MXT about 5" deep in a parking strip adjacent to an old military base, now a park. Looks like a Navy insignia to me. What you all think?
  19. T

    programing without coil

    Curious as to whether you can have just the control part on and do program adjustments or what have you with no coil connected. Have a new V3i and spend considerable time sitting in my truck in ferry boat lines and would like to be able to just have the control box and touch pad in the cab and...
  20. T

    Wireless + wired headphones?

    Does the V3i have the ability to utilize both wireless and wired headphones at the same time? Or does one cancel the other? Thanks!