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Search results

  1. R

    Have the Legend for a couple of weeks

    Rick, yes it is real bargain, but the best part is the detector. I have found it to be performer. Going to be a long winter waiting.
  2. R


    I have tried both ways and I see absolutely no difference. 90% of the time I do not ground balance and have had great success. The Legend is an awesome detector.
  3. R

    One of my better days

    Fabulous hunt. The Etrac does this kind of thing for unexplained reasons. Makes a person wonder what was different this hunt?
  4. R

    Do any of you all own both a legend and equinox?

    I have had both the 800 and 600. Currently I have an Etrac and Legend 1.09 version. Both the Nox and Legend are excellent detectors and both are deep. In my opinion, the Nox hits deeper coins with more authority than the Legend. I have found 8 plus inches deep coins have very weak audio. The Nox...
  5. R

    Old park pops out a keeper!

    That is one of the best dug nickels I have seen. Great find!
  6. R

    How many class ring have you ever found ?? What is the oldest ?

    Mark, there truly are many who do not appreciate the honesty and effort the finder takes to get the ring back to them. My very first return was like that. The fellow came roaring into my drive. Took the ring and roared off without so much as a "thank you or I can't beleive this has happened"...
  7. R

    How many class ring have you ever found ?? What is the oldest ?

    Mark, I have found 7 with 3 being gold. The oldest was 1952 man's gold. It still had the yarn and finger nail polish on it. The fellow was still alive and he told me he gave it to his girl friend to "go steady". She lost it the first day she had it. I was able to return 6 or the 7, It is one of...
  8. R

    1956 Gold Class Ring! and Other Silver rings / Silver coins and merchant tokens

    Just curious to what the gold class ring rang in at. My gold finds with the Etrac have always been real close to nickel numbers. This is the first year I have not dug a gold ring. Your finds continue to be some of the best on the forum. I always look forward to your post's. I am sure it will be...
  9. R

    Etrac Still Viable?

    Yes it had rained the night before. We have had 60-75 degree weather here in northeast Ohio. We had not had any rain before this particular rain. Some detectors do "come to life" with damp ground. I never paid too much attention to it when using a FBS detector. One thing I have noticed with my...
  10. R

    Memorable Day with Etrac

    I have been detecting for over 26 years and today, I had one of my best days variety wise. I started the day off with a deep wheatie and my second coin was a real beauty, a clear date 1928 Standing Liberty quarter. Two more wheats before a Buffalo nickel. Ten feet away, a nice mercury dime...
  11. R

    Sunray in-line probe for equinox

    Jimmy, it sure looks nice. I have had many on various Explorers and they worked great and were very durable. The specs showed up to a four inch range. My old Sunray probes on my Explorers were about 2-3 inches max range. I thought Sunray was out of business? they should sell a ton of these probes.
  12. R

    Whites "Flagship" Detector ?

    In my opinion, the XLT is White's greatest detector. I have several friends who still use this detector with great success. They work great and are one of the most durable detectors ever made. They sure have had many good detectors over the years. It is still hard for me to see them gone. Most...
  13. R

    Just wanted to show what a little help from Elmy done for me.

    Really nice coins. The Etrac is a great detector and Elmy is great guy. A great combination!
  14. R

    Detectors that have stood the test of time.

    The factory had a fire and they stopped production, but an employee I believe named Steve Goss took over the operation, It was really the end of a great company. Anyway, I sent my detector in and had it "juiced up" by Steve before they completely closed. . They had two models of this detector...
  15. R

    Detectors that have stood the test of time.

    Compass Coinscanner and Fisher CZ5 were two great older detectors that will still work. I traded a Whites QXT Pro for the Compass with a 8 inch and 12 inch coil. That detector had the sweetest tones I have ever used. I sure wish I had kept some of my past detectors, but being "poor" meant...
  16. R

    Etrac-Pounded Park What Happens Next?

    I have been using my new Legend for the last couple of weeks and I am starting to believe in this detector. I found a handful of wheat pennies and loads of nickels with the Legend at my favorite park. Last Friday I decided to grab the Etrac and grid some small areas of this park where I have...
  17. R

    Pulled a deep one today

    Thanks. My settings are almost the same as yours. I am really liking this detector. Have a great fall detecting.
  18. R

    Pulled a deep one today

    Great find. I am finding coins at this depth routinely and as you say, pretty accurate tones and numbers. What are you settings?
  19. R

    Ground Balancing the Anfibio

    Dean, pump the coil until it beeps once. It will keep beeping if you keep pumping it.
  20. R


    I have found most all of the coins from the 1800's to present, but without a doubt, in my personal opinion, the Mercury dime is the prettiest designed coin. Not at all rare, but pretty non the less.