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    Memorable Day with Etrac

    I have been detecting for over 26 years and today, I had one of my best days variety wise. I started the day off with a deep wheatie and my second coin was a real beauty, a clear date 1928 Standing Liberty quarter. Two more wheats before a Buffalo nickel. Ten feet away, a nice mercury dime...
  2. R

    Etrac-Pounded Park What Happens Next?

    I have been using my new Legend for the last couple of weeks and I am starting to believe in this detector. I found a handful of wheat pennies and loads of nickels with the Legend at my favorite park. Last Friday I decided to grab the Etrac and grid some small areas of this park where I have...
  3. R

    Etrac Still Viable?

    I had a cool morning so I took the "old" Etrac to my heavily hunted park. I was not expecting much, but was hoping for at least a wheatie or two. Recently, I get skunked at this park at least one out of three times. The glory days are long gone. The first two coins were old, green wheats that...
  4. R

    Two Times Out with Repaired Etrac

    I got my Etrac back from the repair center a week ago and I have used it twice for a total of four hours. First, it is great to have it back functioning like new and I have so much confidence in it, that it would be hard to use another detector. Last Tuesday I only hunted for less than two hours...
  5. R

    Got Etrac Back From Repair

    Well, it took a month to get my Etrac repaired, but all seems good now. When the tech finally got my Etrac in his hands, you could not ask for a better experience. He kept me informed daily and was not ready to send it back until he was sure it was functioning correctly. Good news was no...
  6. R

    Broke Etrac

    Last winter I started looking for what I consider the best coin detector I have ever used, the Etrac. I finally found a low use, mint condition Etrac from one of the forum sponsors. I could not wait for spring and I was not disappointed. I immediately started finding silver and wheat pennies...
  7. R

    High Voltage Warning

    I have been using the stock re-chargeable battery on my Etrac for the last two months with no problems. This battery was brand new in March of this year. Yesterday when I powered the Etrac up, I got a warning saying the voltage was too high and the detector would not power on. I turned it on...
  8. R

    First Try of 7 Inch Concentric Coil on Anfibio Multi

    Finally a break in the weather, so I hooked up the new 7 inch concentric coil on my Multi. I mainly hunt coin in parks, fairground, and schools so I am bombarded with all sorts of modern trash. These places are absolutely loaded with every sort of pull tab and bottle caps. I have tried many dd...
  9. R

    Teaching A New Guy About Detecting

    Last week I sold a metal detector to a local young man. I spent about an hour showing him how to use it in my test garden. Mind you, this guy has never swung a detector and I did not feel that he had even a basic "grasp" of what I was attempting to teach or show him. Yesterday I got an email...
  10. R

    Apex Software Version

    I am looking to see what software version my Apex has. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. R

    Miccus 71 Phones

    Several years back, I bought the Miccus 71 wireless phones for the Equinox 600 I had. As I remember they were exactly like the Minelab wireless phones. They worked perfectly with the 600. I sold that detector to a local guy. He called me last night and told me the phones were acting up. I...
  12. R

    The Effects of Ground Mineralization

    First, let me set the scene. I have my favorite go to detecting place and I have had great finds and many finds from this park. I have had several detectors that plain would not ground balance here. I never really knew why until I started using detector with ground mineral...
  13. R

    Test Garden

    I know some people don't like or believe a test garden is a good idea. I would rather use a garden than air tests. I planted my garden years ago and when I get a new detector, I can play with the adjustments, swing speed, and etc over actual coins buried at different depths. I have always had...
  14. R

    Had A Strange Dig

    I got out to my favorite park Wed. and had a rare type of dig. I got the perfect 12-13 nickel signal on the 800 Nox. When I stuck my Lesche digger in the ground to start digging, it sort of cut with no resistance. In short order, I figured out that I was following the outline of someone's...
  15. R

    Headphone Adapter

    I got a headphone adapter for Xmas for a backup to the wireless phones. I hooked it up today and it does not work. The manual (page 58) states" screw in adapter and headphone icon will appear on upper right screen" I am not getting the icon, nor are my wired phones working. Has anyone used the...
  16. R

    Gold Numbers

    I just read a post in the "todays finds" forum about a person finding a palladium ring with his Nox. He said the numbers were 8-10. I had usually avoided these numbers as I am looking for coins. Nickels ring up 12-13 in my ground so this is why I have avoided digging these numbers. Two weeks...
  17. R

    Pushing the Depth Limits of the 800

    The 800 continues to amaze me when I find older coins that are not all that deep, but have trash in the same hole. This usually happens to me at least once or twice a day. I have several parks where I have to have raw depth to get to the older coins. Finds are getting few and fewer in these...
  18. R

    My Old F5 Is Back

    I recently bought my old F5 from the fellow I sold it to a couple of years back. It came with the stock coil which is just OK in my bad ground. Thanks to a forum member, I just got the 11 inch dd coil. This coil works great and today's short hunt verified just how good this combo is. I use three...
  19. R

    Private Home Hunt with Apex

    I am not a "door knocker" so I am a public place hunter. My nephew just bought a late 1800's house and he gave me the go ahead to detect it before he gets it fixed up. There is a round about driveway and I started on the side closest to the main entrance. Clad coins were showing up every three...
  20. R

    First Apex Hunt

    Had a beautiful fall morning so I took the Apex for it's first hunt. The first park had knee high grass. I really wanted to use the Apex here because it is not heavily hunted and there are usually scads of clad coins. A good place to get the feel for a new detector. I did find five copper...