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  1. J


    They, they? Do you ever re-read any of your posts? Yeah, probably not, there are a lot of them. Have fun you all, I'm out of here for a few days. HH jim tn
  2. J

    Equinox 900 Compared to Manticore

    It is, it's inert Florida soil/sand. I have the Nox 600 and did dig a true and buddy verified 10" deep large cent this past spring. Otherwise, 8-9" on dime/cent sized targets is about it and like you, that's on a good day. My dirt is (F 75) 2 bar, so rather mild over all. HH jim tn
  3. J

    outdated Nox 600 ends 2022 with a bang !

    Nice finds and that ring looks petty good. It very well could be a winner. HH jim tn
  4. J

    Wish I Knew What It Was Attached To

    Neat find! Good luck in learning what the piece was attached to and in locating a family member. HH jim tn
  5. J


    My time is more Important, you have to many to read them all. HH jim tn
  6. J


    DigDog, just curious, what Minelab's have you owned? HH jim tn
  7. J

    Well that didnt work on pennies…..

    Coin cleaning in my perspective is for two reasons. One, for display and two, is to make them presentable enough that a bank will take them. Cleaning and rolling them yourself takes care of the presentable problem. If by chance one gets a key date I H or wheat cent, weigh the costs of having it...
  8. J

    Equinox 900 Compared to Manticore

    NASA Tom says in his ground the 800 will hit a dime in his test garden at 14" and the Manticore 14.2". However, the Manitcore audio is stronger and more consistent I d and is also less emi prone. 900 depth wise probably the same as 800? HH jim tn
  9. J

    Who is going to buy an Equinox anymore

    "Who is going to buy an Equinox anymore" I just can't help but wonder why you really care. You keep mentioning about the problems they've had and that they are over priced. Or do you just like to reiterate the same old thing? HH jim tn
  10. J

    Few finds end of year

    Nice way to end your year. Good finds! Digging is now done in the land of 10,000 lakes. Wife and I grew up in Moorhead. HH jim tn
  11. J

    Love Token

    That's a neat find. pssg! HH jim tn
  12. J

    Excited about new Equinox

    It's true! Its' on their web site. HH jim tn
  13. J

    Minelab Manticore

    Thinking the same thing. It really is a good detector and If priced right would be a good up grade for many detectorists, however. While I'm not sure I agree with doing a 700 and 900, they are an up grade from the 600 and 800 and give us a couple more options to choose from....and that's a good...
  14. J

    Minelab Manticore

    "Patience grasshopper." They have only been in testers hands and just today can they began talking much about the detector. Once they hit the dealers within a few days we'll be flooded with all kinds of tests and hunts. You haven't sounded very interested in one, anyway, so why the big rush to...
  15. J

    Minelab Manticore

    If I'm not digging some trash, DigDog, I know I'm missing some good targets. Yesterday I almost passed over a low coin reading on the Nox highly suspecting is was a crushed bottle cap or at best a zinc cent. It turned out to be a small 925 marked ladies ring. For turf hunting, if the Manticore...
  16. J

    Two Wise Statements made by the Resident!

    Well, yeah, just tell it like it is. Good job! Now we just need a new septic tank! HH jim tn
  17. J

    Morgan Silver Dollar + Barber Quarter Pocket Spill!!

    Glad you were able to get out and two more grand hunts. Whopper silvers don't come along all that often, nice hit. Good hunts all around. HH jim tn
  18. J

    Manticore presale going for 2k online

    My new detector fiscal years starts Jan 1st, 2023, so I'm good to go. You will have a good idea on its merits before I get my hands on one, however. HH jim tn
  19. J

    Old And New

    Neat finds. Good you knew what they were. Me, they would have ended up in my junk pail. Ron, good luck finding one on that Colonial spot you hunt!:D HH jim tn
  20. J

    Manticore presale going for 2k online

    Keep on guessing, DigDog. Me, I am going to have to try a Manticore. HH jim tn