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    What is the Best WAY to determine depth with the Deus 2

    I have the regular Deus. The horseshoe is on the screen but I have never paid attention to it. As a matter of fact, I rarely use the remote at all. If the signal sounds good, I dig it, If the signal is small and faint but it is out of the hole in a couple of inches, it is tiny. If the...
  2. P

    smaller coil for the orx

    It is probably because of the electronics wouldn't fit. Or it could be they couldn't find any advantage of a 6" over the 9x5. The Deus and Orx are known to be outstanding at separation. The 5 inch width will get between trash that a 6 or 7 inch won't. It separates like a 5 inch round DD but...
  3. P

    Morgan Silver Dollar + Barber Quarter Pocket Spill!!

    That big old Morgan looks like a dinner plate! Super finds! Very well done. Congratulations
  4. P

    Vanquish 540 vs Nokta The Legend

    This is my personal opinion. I have been wrong before and I have been right before. I have both. To me, the Legend is heads above the Vanquish. For coin hunting, both are about equal in SMF but 4khz in some instances gives the advantage to the Legend. For low conductors like small Romans...
  5. P

    First spin with the new t2 12” coil

    Nice finds. The T2 doesn't get near enough respect in my opinion.
  6. P

    What is it?

    It is definitely not a horse shoe. My guess is that it is a bracket to hold ax, shovel, pick, etc. on side of covered wagon.
  7. P

    Reloadable 223/5.56 brass

    Very true! I have broken pins in RCBS dies by inadvertently trying to remove crimped in primers. The Lee decapper and anvil are very effective. I can't imagine breaking or bending one of those unless the pin or flash hole is off center. I do avoid using picked up brass though. There are...
  8. P

    Where to send pinpointer for new battery?

    I understand. Just checking! Not everyone reads the instructions.
  9. P

    Threaded plug jack

    He is a detectorist from Canada with his own website and instructions on how to modify certain detectors. He posts on this forum and if you send a personal message would probably help you out.
  10. P

    Where to send pinpointer for new battery?

    You are most welcome. Be aware that LED blinking means it is charging. When fully charged, it blinks once every 4 seconds. When you turn it on, if it is fully charged you will get 3 blinks, 2 mean 60% charge, 1 is 30%. I hope this helps.
  11. P

    Looks like software issue with Legend

    Judging a detector after a person's adjustments is not trustworthy as to the efficacy of the detector. It only indicates how effective the person's adjustments are.
  12. P

    $40k Ring return (not me)

    Since it was on Fox news, I would think the insurance company will investigate.
  13. P

    Where to send pinpointer for new battery?

    Try another charger and outlet too. Another thing to try is to after the PP says it is charged, unplug and plug in again. if that doesn't help: Email: They will tell you where you can get it serviced. You can, like they say above, purchase a new battery and...
  14. P

    Quiet time

    My mom used to like to tell the story about how, on a deer hunting trip with my dad and a couple of uncles, how she and a couple of aunts, none of which were hunting, took a walk down the road from camp and were talking away like usual. They said a group of deer watched them as they walked by...
  15. P

    Reloadable 223/5.56 brass

    I would say that a person can usually tell during resizing whether the primer is crimped or not by the effort needed to push the primer out of the case. If that doesn't tell you, trying to push the primer in the case will!
  16. P


    Thanks for the info sir. I don't think most people realize the advantages of using a threshold based all metal mode. I just wish the Legend had a no motion option too, like my Impact. I watched a video some time ago of Dilek telling us they changed speakers at some point and that if someone...
  17. P

    Nokta macro legend

    Old thread but here goes. People go to the individual manufacturer threads usually for help and encouragement or information about this brand detector. The only info and advice was to get a Legend. How does this help a Garrett user? If I want to know how good the Legend is, I will go to the...
  18. P


    Thanks for the advice JCR. My soil is very mineralized. I will for sure try it out. When I first got my Deus, I laid a quarter and an aluminum tab on the floor about 6 or 8 inches apart. At 18khz the tab was much louder. When I switched to 4khz the quarter was louder. It was quite an eye...
  19. P


    I got the pro pack. The 6" coil is okay but I have other small coils I like better so far. I wish it would have been like the second coil in the Impact pro pack. A pointed DD tip gets between trash better than a round one, in my testing anyway. People keep saying Nokta is working on a 9x5...
  20. P

    Learning curve?

    Buttons? The F75 only has one easy to push button, two dials and a toggle. I have a similar T2 and think the build quality is very good.