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Search results

  1. nwdetectorist

    New version NOX / Old version NOX

    I believe from what I have seen on a YouTube video that demonstrated leakage in a container of water, occurred around the maglock charging port. My EQ800 I noticed after seeing the YouTube Video looks to be a heftier and deeper recess around the maglock charging port. IMHO
  2. nwdetectorist

    Sunray Freedom wireless headphones

    OUCH! I read up a bit on the Bluetooth LE, or BLE. Now my head feels like 'Krafwerk' song Computer Love spinning on a 78 rpm instead of the standard 45 rpm single. Oh, how it hertz, but... ...
  3. nwdetectorist

    Minelab Manticore

    IMHO --- Tones still rule, even with my bad hearing I can tell when a VDI does not match up with the tones I am hearing. For example, in some parks (read this as soil conditions too and wet/dry etc.) the VDI on my EQ 800 will contend the target is in the penny range, yet the tone tells me it is...
  4. nwdetectorist

    Sunray Freedom wireless headphones

    I sure hope they have good volume. I will be watching this thread to see what the verdict is. TOO MUCH DIRT --- NOT ENUFF TIME nwdetectorist
  5. nwdetectorist

    Welcome to 'Crack Alley' i.e. Portland, OR downtown river beach...

    Yeah, I have it in a baggie and perhaps later today I will see about where to safely dispose of the drugs. There is a police precinct very nearby and they may have a drop box. Otherwise, I will contact social services local hotline to ask where to go. thanks for reminding me doyle
  6. nwdetectorist

    Welcome to 'Crack Alley' i.e. Portland, OR downtown river beach...

    Well, it is not nearly as bad as the national news would have you believe. That being said, we sure see a lot more disheveled and heavily drugged folks wandering the streets. Truth be told, the police whine they are understaffed because of financial cutbacks and turn the other cheek so to speak...
  7. nwdetectorist

    Welcome to 'Crack Alley' i.e. Portland, OR downtown river beach...

    Welcome to 'Crack Alley' i.e. Portland, OR downtown river beach... ...I got out for a few hours this am at a central downtown riverfront beach. I did not find much but some spare change, a couple of kids toys and small case; complete with crack pipe and container of crack. Ok, THEN! HH and...
  8. nwdetectorist

    Lesson possibly painfully learned.

    OH, how well I know that feeling of 'should have left it be'! I found a nice (like just lost from the bank 1872 IH Penny. Heavily encrusted it was found under a sidewalk tear-out in old inner city area. So, I soaked it, and soaked and soaked it in hydrogen peroxide for week after week after week...
  9. nwdetectorist

    Lower tone pitch for hearing impaired

    I remember with my White's XLT way back when, that I could shut off the 'modulation' in advanced settings to make all targets more or less the same volume, regardless of depth. I also turned the XLT tones down lower to make targets easier to hear. So... ...I don't have enough hours under my...
  10. nwdetectorist

    Nox to legend

    IMHO --- The Simplex is a great machine, but if you are after jewelry I would think the SMF (simultaneous multi-frequency) of the NOX or the Legend is the way to go. You will lose out on what I believe to be very important extras with the adjustments of tones, tone breaks, etc. with the Nox 600...
  11. nwdetectorist

    ML80 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Lag Time

    Yes! Ditto on the lag time for the ML-80 headset. On another detecting forum I found out about the following Falwedi Bluetooth Headset. My experience in the 3 months or so of using (approx. 20...
  12. nwdetectorist

    Has Anyone Ever Painted There Coils

    OK then; what about my Coiltek 10" by 5" that will not keep the coil cover clipped on? I used zip ties to keep in in place but am thinking to coat the bottom of coil with marine epoxy or similar to protect coil and not worrying about the skid plate. I did coat an Excalibur 8" coil years ago with...
  13. nwdetectorist

    Spectrum XLT --- Engineers Report

    Hi Wade Yes, I am still looking to obtain copy of this booklet. thanks, doyle
  14. nwdetectorist

    Spectrum XLT --- Engineers Report

    Nah Monte; don't have one now. I did a few years ago and was thinking of having one again. The part of the book I remember most is the VDI number explanation of how not all ferrous vs non-ferrous numbers were accurate; and how some non-ferrous numbers bled down into the -15 or thereabouts on...
  15. nwdetectorist

    Can't upload version 1.07

    A 'driver' in simple terms and pretty much exactly what it does: The driver is like a translation tool from one computer language to another (on the hardware, software and firmware levels). A driver, drives the communication process. So... if you do not have the correct drivers installed, your...
  16. nwdetectorist

    Leather Monkey aka Leather Monk --- Leather Crafting Practitioner...

    thanks; much appreciated relearning an old hobby dating back to 1967 :)
  17. nwdetectorist

    Sharpening My Digger --- A How To Question

    Sharpening My Digger --- A How To Question Ok, so I like to have my Lesche Digger razor sharp when I go out to look for possibles. My question is; what do my fellow detectorists use to keep digging tools sharp? Due to arm, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries; and drought like ground matrix...
  18. nwdetectorist

    10X5 EMI Issues

    I do the ground balance and noise cancel and have lowered the sensitivity but my 10x5 in certain older neighborhoods with older wiring i.e. not well-shielded power to homes in areas where I detect. What other issues might there be. Here is a link to an explanation of EMI that I take heed of and...
  19. nwdetectorist

    Detector Rental

    Sometimes 'metal detector rentals' can come from places that have nothing to do with detecting and/or treasure hunting. Perhaps as I have seen here in Portland, OR in the past; there was a rental place for industrial tools and they also rented metal detectors. The other place I have seen rent...