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  1. B

    Taking the Plunge!

    Major life changes for the wife and I. We have been planning to travel full time in our retirement years. I am retired, and my wife is eligible, but she had decided to continue working, mainly for the health insurance. I have been coaxing her to go ahead and retire, and we would find some...
  2. B

    It appears the insurrection has begun in Tulsa Oklahoma

    The leftie communists has already started clashes with Trump supporters according to news sources. They also trucked in a "Trump death clock" that displays projected covid death numbers under his leadership. As if the President is responsible for this pandemic, I question what the democrats...
  3. B

    You’re having a bad day when you wake up to this!

    This year seems to be in the 10 year cycle for severe storms here in southwest Missouri. As some of you may know, we had hail the size of golf balls that lasted for 10 minutes three weeks ago. Destruction beyond belief as the hail was driven by 80 mph straight line winds. Yesterday morning...
  4. B

    Some well armed duck hunters from the U.S. could probably take Canada The title to this thread came from the first comment from a reader about this situation. Seems like "Black Face" Trudeau just erased the public's right to defend themselves. Sadly, we...
  5. B

    You’ve got to love Nancy!

    She provides a lot of good entertainment.
  6. B

    What really set the virus ablaze

    Just listening to Mark Levin this evening. He was talking about New York City's initial response to the virus. They shut down a large number of subway trains and busses. Therefore, more people had to concentrate upon the remaining trains and city busses that were still running. The close...
  7. B

    Some people will receive paper checks for the stimulus

    For those who didn't have IRS refunds direct deposited, their 1200 dollars will come in the form of a United States Treasury check. Donald Trump mandated to have his name imprinted on these checks. The treasury Secretary's signature is still on the authorized signature line. So, it was...
  8. B

    Obama endorses Biden. Mail in voting coming to America!

    Yes, now that Bernie has seceded from the race and endorsed Biden, the reluctant Barack Obama has had no other choice than to endorse Biden also. With the corona virus pandemic causing fear with the American citizenry, a solid push is being made for mail in voting. A system of voting that is...
  9. B

    How will your life change?

    Two short months ago, hardly anyone had heard of the Corona virus. It now consumes our every aspect of life, unfortunately. Our freedoms have hopefully been temporarily suspended. I say "temporarily" with hopes that things go back to status quo. Some, were boy scout prepared for such a...
  10. B

    The lockdown is becoming long!

  11. B

    Martial Law?

    Read an article about Italy. They are attempting to impede movement of its citizens by using police checkpoints. The article also stated that looting has begun. The U.S. now has 3300 national guard troops activated in 28 states to convert hotel/motels into makeshift hospital/quarantine...
  12. B

    Municipalities are banning the sale of firearms due to Corona Disarming law abiding citizens, all the while they are releasing violent prisoners due to Kung Flu! What does suspending gun sales have to do with a pandemic? What does hoarding...
  13. B

    Sitting in the Toyota service waiting room and overhead this:

    A lady sitting close to me was talking to another gentleman. She said she was going to take a trip to Texas next week and has canceled that trip. Said she had heard on a radio station that gas shortages are starting to happen and that rationing will begin. If there is a thread of truth to this...
  14. B

    The hoarding has begun here in Southwest Missouri

    Went to our Wallyworld this past eve. Needed bleach for my wife’s uniforms. The bleach shelves were entirely empty along with Lysol disinfectants and others. Toilet paper is being hoarded or sold on the black market. Suspect other goods will be next like food, bottled water, baby formula, and...
  15. B

    Crazy Joe Biden calls a factory worker " to go outside".

    At a Joe Biden rally, an auto worker started asking questions about Joe's stance upon the second amendment. Psychotic Joe became extremely angry when he was challenged by one of the peasant, smelly Wal-Mart shoppers. Joe called the constituent a "damned liar", and went into a tirade about his...
  16. B

    They just don’t make them like this anymore.

    What a man he was. Lots of Brits still missing him today.
  17. B

    Recommended gold and silver buyers?

    Selling some gold and silver finds. I would appreciate you guys telling me of reputable buyers. Thanks Bulletman Shalom
  18. B

    Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all!