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    Garrett GTI 1500

    I heard that back in it day, it was not a real deep machine, but a go to machine for many. Anyone here ever have a Garrett GTI 1500 ? Any tips or tricks with the Garrett GTI 1500.
  2. W

    HF 9x5 coil charging

    I put the coil on charge with the charging clip, but the light stays on and will not blink so I do not know when the charge cycle is complete. Has the coil gone bad ?
  3. W

    EMI cut down

    I went out to a place today and the EMI was so bad I could hardly hunt. One last resort was to increase my frequency to from 14 khz to 74 khz and the EMI was really cut down, but still there. Has anyone else had anything like this happen ? Thanks
  4. W

    Try Standing a U.S. quarter straight up at five inches deep

    Try Standing a U.S. quarter straight up at five inches deep in the dirt and see if your machine can find it. If it finds it you are doing something right, If it does not find it you may be going to fast or ...
  5. W

    MI6 pinpointer running to hot

    I went out today and was having problems with my MI6 pinpointer acting strange. Somehow I had set the sensitivity to high and it was acting up. But after checking a few things out and lowering my Sensitivity I was back on track. Can not imagine how I got thru all those years before without a...
  6. W

    Prayers for my sister and my friend who both have Cancer

    Request prayers for both my Sister and my friend who have cancer.
  7. W

    Xp deus gold prospect

    Has anyone had any experience prospecting with the XP deus and the 9x5 hf coil yet ? Thank you
  8. W

    xp deus hf 9x5 coil

    I run the xp deus with the 9x5 coil running it at 15 khz. will running it at higher frequency get better depth for coin shooting? Thank you
  9. W

    Metal detecting in the Rain

    Can I hunt in the rain with the XP Deus and the ws-4 headphones. what do you have to make sure is in a plastic bag or ??
  10. W

    After charging the ws-5 headphones the night before

    I went out to go metal detecting and they are DEAD the next day. This has happened on more than three occasions and I have checked to see if they was on or off when I charged them. Any ideas ? Thank you
  11. W

    Charging the WS-5 headphones

    When plugging the charge cord into the WS-5 headphones sometimes it seems to be a bit of a challenge. Trying to get that charge cord in there just right after a day of hunting just seems difficult enough to make me put off charging them. Any ideas ? Thank you
  12. W

    Which coil would handle the beach better

    I had a friend go to Crescent city beach in Northern California and they told me that the xp deus did not do well with the stock coil. I was wondering if the HF elliptical coil would do better . Any thoughts on this? Thank you
  13. W

    New to Minelab Equinox

    I am new to Minelab Equinox and would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you
  14. W

    Mi6 pinpointer help

    I turned on the mi6 pinpointer and it just started beeping continously and would not stop till I turned it what. How do I reset it or get it to go back to hunt mode.
  15. W

    First time out with the HF 9.5" Elliptical and found Gold

    I went to this newer park with a friend of mine, and I told them on exiting the car " there is nothing here". I set of my machine to run at 55 khz, and after hunting finding some change I get this 62 on my machine. I dig down about 3 inches and there is a 4.2 gram gold ring. It is 14 ktp The...
  16. W

    How to carry multiple coils for the xp deus

    If I carry a hf coil and a regular coil together will it hurt the coils ? How do you them in a vehicle ? Thank you
  17. W

    XP deus HF Elliptical coil

    A friend of mine got the XP DEUS 9.5" Elliptical High Frequency Search Coil and seems to really like it as it has Great separation due to its size and shape. So far we have just been coin shooting around northern California. Are there any other advantages other than Gold hunting I can look for ...
  18. W

    Nice thing about learning a new machine

    You dig targets that you normally would not dig trying to figure out what the new machine is telling you. I have found a few cosmetic pieces of jewelry, but nothing real...yet
  19. W

    Bottlecaps and the xp deus

    I went out with the xp deus today and no matter what the number said, it was a bottlecap. I have been out several times this last week and I have found, quarters, dimes, nickels, copper pennies, zinc pennies, a silver ring, and a gold plated necklace. I have also found my share of trash and...
  20. W

    something cooler than ws-5 headphones

    I am looking for something cooler than ws-5 headphones at a cheaper price than ws-4 wireless. Can anyone recommend anything that might be cheaper and still be wireless ? Thanks