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    Put the Anfibio 11 Inch Coil On your Impact and "light up" your fields

    I put the 11 Inch Anfibio Coil on My Impact today for first time , a small cut out at the top of shaft is all that is needed so you can push your coil wire through and just wrap the coil lead round your shafts. The Signals were coming through in abundance LOTS. Got some signals that were too...
  2. C

    Nokta Impact Pulls Coins Out Well With 5 INCH DD.

    I have recently hit a heavily worked out patch of trashy can slaw land with the impact in deep mode with 5 inch DD Coil. I was finding the combination of deep mode and 5 inch coil REALLY does sniff out deeper higher conductive coins for some reason it works a treat. Give it a try you won't fail.
  3. C


    I wish some new detector technology would give us genuine extra depth. I need to get 12+ inches on a tiny silver coin. I don't see any real increases in depth ever coming for a long long time. Not until a NEW detector technology comes. I think the really deep coins will one day be found with...
  4. C

    Simplex updated to 2.76 Hot!

    I have updated to software version 2.76 today , The sensitivity bars have now been increased from 6 to 7 bars, This gives a much hotter response on the deeper targets. The seventh bar is a" boost mode" which absolutely fantastic. This will get you extra depth for sure. A NEW deeper park...
  5. C

    Jars full of tabs collected.

    Some years back a metal detector dealer once told me " you must dig tabs to get the good stuff" I am not saying he was a liar and maybe it is true. My jars are crammed with tabs now. The treasure's have eluded me though :(. The hunt goes on though . I have actually become a collector of pull...
  6. C

    Just downloaded latest software for simplex. I like it.

    The thing i like l most about the latest software is the ability to save discrimination settings when powering down the machine. Hard to believe it never came with the earlier software version but it makes it a much better detector now ... The tests i have done with depth on planted coins...
  7. C

    Florida Beaches.

    How many gold rings does the average Florida beach hunter find in say a week if detecting say 4 hours per day. I live in the uk and dream of searching such beaches as florida.
  8. C

    What is a good Video Movie Maker software for you tube.

    I have been using Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7. I find it barely acceptable and limited with what it does. I want to put some nice "flashy" effects on the video's like others do, so what can you recommend.
  9. C

    Anfibio Tracking Setting in Trashy Site.

    What number work best in trash...
  10. C

    Explorer 2 Ring Programming.

    Tomorrow i am" teaching" my Explorer 2 the signatures of around 25 different RINGS. I will be using the learn accept feature. Gold and Silver RINGS will be my targets. I will find trash yes. I may get lucky and find another GOLD RING.
  11. C

    Best Frequency For Cupro Nickel Coins,

    What is the deepest frequency on Coins composed of Cupro Nickel.