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  1. N

    Any ideas about this piece?

    kinda like the solar clothes dryers you can order. you get a clothes line and pins
  2. N

    Britain pulls out of Red Chinese 5G contract apparently over purposely virus infected test kits from Red China...

    by: FOX8 Digital Desk Posted: Apr 1, 2020 / 03:49 PM EDT / Updated: Apr 1, 2020 / 03:49 PM EDT Coronavirus test kits that were to be sent to...
  3. N

    Neil Cavuto is an idoit

    ""Even the people on Gilligan's Island listened to the PROFESSOR, NOT the millionaire!"" And they are still on that island
  4. N

    Neil Cavuto is an idoit

    Sorry to hear he has cancer, definately deserveses consideration. I watched him flip out, Holden Caulfield panic style. I got a tetanus shot by a guy like him for drinking out of a mountain spring, never go on a hike with a hypochondriac with DR behind his name ;)
  5. N

    Neil Cavuto is an idoit

    This guy doesn't get the premise or doesn't want too. hydroxychloroquine was never brought up as a cure for corona victims. It's not going to help corona patients who are older with advanced symtoms and he knows it. He asked the stupidest leading q's to a "expert" doctor, "would you take the...
  6. N

    So, now there's a committee to elect--not a president, but a VP:

    You can pass down decree's all you want but unless you got the gestapo or china's People's Armed Police your not going to stop anyone from keeping a roof over head or from helping family and friends from the same. LIFE GO'S ON IN MICHIGAN, NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA. Prohibition is a good example...
  7. N

    Closer Look at Fauci....Crimes against Humanity?

    Imagine any of them bring your neighbor:cautious: (the Nadlers) , like a nosy PIA neighbor on a sitcom.
  8. N

    Mikie, can you check up on this:

    12 ga. would be the one gun you'd want if you had to pick one to feed and protect your family
  9. N

    Closer Look at Fauci....Crimes against Humanity?

    leaders? you must be so proud of the DNC awesome leaders. shumer, nadler, pelosi, beto, feinstein swalwell BIDEN. At least joe has an excuse now, he's legally out of his mind.
  10. N

    So, now there's a committee to elect--not a president, but a VP:

    I cant stand a few guy's i worked with but they did the job well, about how i feel about Trump. It's going to be like a rerun of election night when all this crap they pulled comes to light, long faced and teary eyed anchors if they show their faces. Top tier dems can lie on a dime so nothing is...
  11. N

    The "TOUGH" Questions: LIKE...

    What a bunch of wanabee's. I think the media sends these clowns to the briefing room so they don't have to pay day care:cry:
  12. N

    Closer Look at Fauci....Crimes against Humanity?

    Midlake, really! Oh if only you had your president! Hillary-ous would be jailing all anti chicom discontenters while ignoring the virus till her staff started droping around her. Then martial law till we starve in our houses.
  13. N

    Closer Look at Fauci....Crimes against Humanity?

    I wonder if we could fight off cuba the way our Gov't is so discombobulated. You can't find a single consistent response. Like a barn raising with 20 guys. half Amish and a mix of union, non union plus 5 engineers from 3 generations. 50% of everyone don't like the customer. The guy with the...
  14. N

    Closer Look at Fauci....Crimes against Humanity?

    IF you cant get it by eating bats why are mice spreading other viruses. Feces i was told. So they must like their bats unvained.
  15. N

    remdesivir has a similar black market version from china for cats

    Thanks now i need an asprin. Truth or fiction? Sentence starters say's it all . As for, it wasn't clear, assuming, however. best quote o found is this, ( Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, he knows, have a potentially fatal side effect: They can cause a type of irregular heart rhythm that...
  16. N

    As our Country begins to awake Depending on age and condition

    Listen to this doctor tell his story and get past the guy behind the mic, (OPEN MIND)
  17. N

    remdesivir has a similar black market version from china for cats

    Gilead has another drug that was developed for a cat disease but refused to market it because it might interfere with the human drug’s FDA-approval process for ebola. Remdesivir has a small but clever modification that makes it better at entering cells, but it and GS-441524 work in exactly the...
  18. N

    Farmers the struggle, the corruption, the government.

    only thing i know is the ranchers and pig farmers were getting screwed for at least 5 years on price. Plus they can sell meat from other counties and ship here with the money they stole from our farms and ranch owners and not reveal country of origin . And while i am a trump voter i also work...
  19. N

    FBI strategy on Flynn

    Steve next time Trudoe gets yappy just pull that Trump hat out of your back pocket and wear it proud!