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    disappointed, I thought Garrett better.
  2. W

    How to Avoid Steel Crown Caps and most Aluminum

    Great video and looking forward to the use of this method. I believe this will be a BIG advantage for me
  3. W

    9" HF Coil

    I put the 9x5 HF coil on the Deus and have not taken it off. It is lighter than the stock 9 inch coil, better separation of targets. I have it set on the deep program running at 14 khz . Being a small coil, you can find a good target right next to a junk target.
  4. W

    Garrett GTI 1500

    I heard that back in it day, it was not a real deep machine, but a go to machine for many. Anyone here ever have a Garrett GTI 1500 ? Any tips or tricks with the Garrett GTI 1500.
  5. W

    People watching, Entertainment for the cost of a Quarter

    I went into a Indian Casino around Sacramento Ca. I seen a couple of coins on the ground and stopped to pick them up. One of the Security in the Casino came over and told me that any money that is laying on the ground is the Casinos. That if I picked it up I could be escorted off the property...
  6. W

    Police scanner enthusiasts.

    After listening to Police scanners for many years my last police scanner just quit. So I made an investment and got a uniden sds100 portable scanner and love it so far. It is a lot different from any of my past scanners from Radio
  7. W

    HF 9x5 coil charging

    I forgot about it for 10 days. I put it on charge this morning and it blinks as it should.
  8. W

    I have had to quit a site because of dogs ripping my holes out.

    I have been to parks and seen Squirrels digging up places that we dug a couple of days ago.
  9. W

    HF 9x5 coil charging

    I hope I don't hurt it by charging over night as I charged it and fell asleep
  10. W

    HF 9x5 coil charging

    I put the coil on 6 hours ago and it still continues with a steady light
  11. W

    HF 9x5 coil charging

    I put the coil on charge with the charging clip, but the light stays on and will not blink so I do not know when the charge cycle is complete. Has the coil gone bad ?
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    Need prayer for surgeries

    Prayers always
  13. W

    First finds with my new Deus.

    Great finds for your first hunt with the XP Deus
  14. W

    Coil Depth Question

    Depth for me is not always found in the size of the coil, but the ability to find targets hidden by other objects buried close by also called masking. I have found my Best finds ever with the smaller coils made by the detectors manufacture. I have gone to parks with the Biggest, baddest coil...
  15. W

    went to the river

    don't let those boots fill up with water
  16. W

    Please help me decide

    I am not sure where you live, but sometimes what works for others may not work for you. Do you know if there is any metal detecting clubs around where you live. You might want to go check out what others in your area are using. What they might have on a table selling for a fraction of what they...
  17. W

    Try Standing a U.S. quarter straight up at five inches deep

    Yes on any machine. Make sure the top of the coin is at five inches standing straight up and not higher. Sometimes we will be in such a hurry we will miss it.
  18. W

    Detech 13" Ultimate coil?

    Do you have any pictures of you and your friends detecting or of you finds? You might find a picture of that coil attached to your machine. Maybe credit card purchases receipts.
  19. W

    Discerning the sounds of silence,and other things.(One Hand Clapping)

    I use the Excal just for water hunting and its ability to give me tones is great. I learned to find Gold not pull tabs thru the years, but still dig pull tabs just to see. This is one machine that will always be detecting in the water with me and I have been offered cash money for it , but will...