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  1. C

    Got out in the mud and ...

    ... found a few keepers. The weather was cool (but wet) and it was good to make a few recoveries. Good luck and HH. CCH
  2. C

    NOT a CIVIL WAR item but ........

    .... It is ALWAYS a great feeling when you can pickup a little "POCKET CHANGE SILVER" at the local supermarket. Here's your change sir. Why THANK you. LOL. This makes my day every time ! Thanks and happy hunting. CCH
  3. C

    A few keepers from Virginia :yikes: ...

    We found a little sweet spot. Think it was confederate. Here's a few pics from Culpeper VA finds. Almost complete spur, Pile of minie balls, large piece of shoulder scale, my favorites: Dropped Gardner and ring tail sharps, plus a small pistol bullet, medicine bottle neck, brass scabbard...
  4. C

    Warm up hunt ....

    Went to Culpeper VA for a CW hunt. (more to come). Got there a day early to test out the GPX in the pm at Cedar Mountain. This was the results of my warm up hunt. 1935 merc, Williams cleaner, buck balls, fired minie, rivet etc... Thanks. CCH
  5. C

    Nothing to brag about....

    My friend Yoda and I got out the other day and hunted an artillery site. I got a few case shot and a cannon ball frag along with a brass ornament piece. An ok day of hunting is better than a good day at work. Thanks. CCH
  6. C

    A few finds from Culpeper VA ...

    Yoda and I went on a hunt in VA. We had a blast. Here a few of my finds from the 2.5 days I hunted .... Yoda found the Rhode Island coat button. I love the ringtail sharps. Lots of .69 cal drops. I found a flat button too. Some carved lead. Rain didn't stop us. LOL. GPX4800 did...
  7. C

    Got out today with ....

    an old hunting buddy Yoda and a REP from one of the major metal detecting manufacturing companies. We got out for a few hours in LA. Put fresh batteries in the detector and got after it. Beautiful day and some good CW finds. Various bullets, Gardner, sharps, burnside. Gun parts, barrel...
  8. C

    3 Piece Shaler Bullet

    Dug this 3 piece Shaler in Culpeper VA last year. When I found the top and button , I dug every signal until I found the middle at about 18" down. It was a good find in the hot VA soil. CCH
  9. C

    This Civil War forum is ............ :confused:

    ... starting to pick up some steam :detecting: We appreciate everyone posting their finds. GL. HH. Merry Christmas diggers :wiggle: CCH
  10. C

    Shenkle Shell Fuse found today

    Just the fuse was found by DP but it was a real beauty.
  11. C

    Silver , Union Lead & Confederate Buttons

    We had a great hunt yesterday. I found mostly union lead , KSHollywood found a SLQ , and John aka La Gold had an outstanding day finding 2 confederate buttons VMI cadet and script I. They will clean up nicely. Great hunt and we had a good time seeing each other. CCH
  12. C

    Our relics from 11-12-16

    Yoda and I made a few finds in Southern LA. It was a beautiful day. We hadn't made a video in About 3 years. Just wanted to say hello. Thanks. CCH
  13. C

    Some of my finds from Culpeper VA

    All - Here is a pic of some of my recent finds from the Culpeper VA hunt. Had a great time, saw some amazing finds, but I need to clean these up by removing that red hot dirt off them when I get some free time . My favorite finds were the dropped .69 and the complete shaler bullet which is 3...
  14. C

    Waiting on Cooler Temps ...

    95 degrees here today with 90% humidity. :ranting: Hotter than heck ! Waiting on cooler temps to try out my new relic machine. Hoping to find another one of these Seated 1/2 dollars..... Thanks. CCH
  15. C

    One of my favorite CW finds of all times .....

    Found by some friends of mine in Culpepper VA (Lee and Verge) .... Drummer boy stick holders WOW..... I was fortunate to take this fine picture. LOL
  16. C

    Yoda and a Big One !

    My buddy Yoda ( he fries the best chicken in the south) with one of his "many" CW projectiles. This is a 30 lb parrot dug somewhere south of Arkansas. LOL. CCH
  17. C

    A good day near an old Plantation Home ...

    Dug these about 2 years ago on separate hunts but on the same site. Not much activity on this particular forum lately so I thought I'd post some " i remember when moments " .... LOL. CCH
  18. C

    A few years ago ...

    I hadn't posted anything in so long. Here's one of my favorite finds made by me and my buddy Yoda about 2 years ago. 30 lb parrot. It was way way deep. lol. Thanks. CCH
  19. C

    My other hobby ...

    Happy Hunting
  20. C

    Drummer boy plate

    Drummers plate / regulation drum stick holder. That's what I call it. Found by 2 diggers at DIV 29 in a pit in Culpeper. Lee Shrader (L) and Glen Heath (R). Amazing find.