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Search results

  1. kschae4

    Anyone in the Vilano Beach-St.Augustine Fl,area?

    Recently moved down from the Asbury Park, NJ area and looking to detect. Sure seems to me that there are way too many rules against detecting in city parks and schools depending on what county you're in (St Johns Cty) PM me if interested....HH
  2. kschae4

    Remember to check those arm cuff hand screws for tightness

    Never experienced this with the Safari, but I lost the arrm cuff hand screw and couldn't find it in the general area where I thought it would be. The big orange box store has a good replacement. HH Ken
  3. kschae4

    Larger coil thoughts ?

    Hey Folks, I wanted to get an idea of what coil larger than the 11" pro coil that people prefer for Safari . As primarily a field and woods hunter, I opt for depth for those deeper relics. Been looking at both Detech Ultimate 13" ( Sasquache suggested this ) and the Detech 12”x10″ S.E.F...
  4. kschae4

    The Barber will now see you

    Dug a variety of finds Sunday afternoon .1897 Barber and Westclox pocket ben made between 1933-1942 top the bunch,
  5. kschae4

    New Jersey Colonial Copper

    Wow....Sunday afternoon allowed me to cross off a longstanding coin from the wish list. Found my first NJ copper from a former corn field that had been good for coins and relics through the years.. In addition, saved a few flat buttons, all with shanks still intact. . Heavy equipment had...
  6. kschae4

    Time hasn't been kind to this KG III

    Love going back to hunting former corn fields where brush and grasses have been cleared.... Can't get a date or "head type" off this toasty KGIII. Too bad father time and the soil wasn't as kind to it as the '10 wheatie found in the same area .Thanks for looking.
  7. kschae4

    Okay, I'll put my two cents in......

    Got out New Year's day and found my second two cent piece since I took up the hobby. The 1864 had been soaking a couple of weeks in olive oil,as I try to determine if it is a small or large motto. Strange that it was found a couple hundred yards from an 1865 that I found 12 yrs ago. :shrug...
  8. kschae4

    SEF continues to impress

    Got out after dinner tonight and the SEF 8x6 did not disappoint. Towards dark, target bounced initially from 39 down to 37. Rescanned and from a different direction saw tid at 37,38 with that flutey audio. Down about 7-8 inches out popped a '51 wheatie, ran the coil again, reading of 37, 38...
  9. kschae4

    New SEF 8x6

    Just got an 8x6 this afternoon and was looking forward to testing it out at a well-hunted park today. Rain ended early this evening and the SEFs maiden voyage did not disappoint as this1907 Barber was freed from it's resting place. Until I get more comfortable with the 8x6 in pinpoint mode ...
  10. kschae4

    worn coil

    Well, after the first two coil covers wore out, laziness got the best of me as I had neglected to buy a third coil cover and now have an exposed pro coil causing occasional falsing when over targets. Anyone have any pr oven repairs(epoxy fill ,other ? ) to suggest until I can get a replacement...
  11. kschae4

    First gold ring of the year.

    Rustydigger got in touch with me a couple of days ago to advise that a county park we've hunted over the last couple-three years had one of the former corn stubbed fields cleared. Rusty couldn't make there Saturday ,so I hit part of it myself Saturday morning. The detector gods must've decided...
  12. kschae4

    Two firsts for me- Minie ball on New Jersey beach and Barber quarter

    Well, was I ever surprised to find these two beauties. First smile came last weekend when I jumped into a sidewalk tear-out where our destoyed boardwalk from Superstorm Sandy is being replaced. If I recall correctly, New Jersey never had an official battle or skirmish on our soil. Guessing a...
  13. kschae4

    Cleared lot silver

    Got out briefly Tuesday evening after work and hit a just cleared 200 x 100 ft lot that will eventually have condos built on it. No site or GC manager on site to ask permission, so I went for it. Original mansion appears to have been razed in the 1970s and much of the trash was heaped in a...
  14. kschae4

    Last couple of hunts -boardwalk rebuilding

    Some of the better keepers from scanning dirt mounds from Super Storm Sandy boardwalk rebuilding. Miraculous Mary medal (not silver), '07s Barber, '64d Rosey, '20 & '49 wheatie , cool skeleton key, (before and after electrolysis ), crushed valve stem . Stats: low trash, relic mode...
  15. kschae4

    Under the boardwalk....

    well, technically not, since the boardwalk was destroyed during Superstorm Sandy. These finds were in the remaining fill dirt brought in by 1960 prior to the boardwalk's construction. I tend to hit this area after each nor'easter, seeing what erosion has left me to pick through. Cool Huyler's...
  16. kschae4

    Second seated dime of the year

    Sunday afternoon I hit an old city trash-strewn park hoping for some old silver. Got fooled often by Old English 800 malt liquor bottle tops reading 38-89 in relic/ferrous mode. Near dark , I snagged this 1891 toasted seated dime at 8-9 inches. No beauty by any stretch, but it did help the hunt...
  17. kschae4

    First seated dime of the year

    Met Up with Rustydigger at a large county park for my second hunt here. The first hunt, last Sunday netted a nice '35 Wash qtr (tdi 38-39) hollow point and rifle casing. Today's hunt in the old corn field, I pulled a 1876 s seated dime (tdi 37-38 ) shotgun shell, three aluminum cylinders, half...
  18. kschae4

    remote controlled plane weights ?

    It's the first time I've ever found one,let alone a bunch of these type of soft metal weights. They were all found in a section of a county park that allows remote control airplanes to be flown several hundred feet away from the soccer fields. Could they be stabilization weights for the planes...
  19. kschae4

    Back to the park-assorted finds

    All items except large brass item on top are from the county park where I'm donating the artifacts to their small musuem. Best coin find so far is a worn 1907 Barber dime. Also found my first crotal bell which has three horseshoe imprints on both sides. Broken pin doesn't have any silver...
  20. kschae4

    Assorted finds

    Been making it a point to seek out the park ranger on duty each visit to a county park to introduce ourselves (Rustydigger) and myself. Wanted to ensure that we would be happy to donate any relics that would link the park to it's previous use as farmland that could be displayed in their local...